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Paranormal Hobo Ghosts Cats Glee Halloween!

You got that?

I didn’t sleep much last night. You wanna know why? Because I watched Paranormal Activities before I went to work. And then! I watched two episodes of Paranormal State. Which is way worse then the movie because IT IS REAL PEOPLE! Ghosts are real mmkay. And all night I kept waking up expecting some invisible hand grab my leg and drag me out of my bedroom. And what’s worse? Is that if that did ever happen…Jesse would probably sleep through the whole thing. That scares me. I would be drug out to the back yard and killed by hobo ghosts and he would wake up in the morning all refreshed. Jerk. And then when I tell him that I didn’t sleep at all and why he says that he’s not going to tell me anymore because he has before and I ignore his warnings. I have a problem. I have a scary story problem. I’m ready to admit this. Yet I’m not ready to stop listening to the stories.

Another problem that I have with the night time is two cats who have been named…get this…they’re very very original names: “Oscar’s Cat, and Oscar’s OTHER cat.” Yup. I tried to name one Chowder, but Oscar vetoed it. “NO THAT IS OSCAR’S CAT! NOT CHOWDER!” They like to fight with each other all night long. I have scratches on my hands from them trying to hold on when I fling them off my bed. So it looks like the ghosts have attacked me in my sleep but I really know that it was actually my stinking kitties.

My love affair with the show Glee is slowly burning out. I’m just not impressed and dazzled anymore. Now its just like a bad show about high school with songs thrown in. And most of the time the music isn’t all that great. The last new episode I didn’t know any of the songs. Lame. And I’m worried after reading the reviews about the newest one that they do an homage to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m not a huge fan of the movie, but I liked it enough to know when it’s been done wrong. So there’s that.

I have to work the mid shift on Halloween. I’m not too upset about this because Barb wants to take Oscar out trick-or-treating which is great because I hate it. I have always hated it. I don’t like getting dressed up and I definitely don’t like going to other people’s houses unannounced and asking for things. We just don’t have a costume for him. He wanted to either go in his jammies or go as “Lightnening” and when I said “Lightening McQueen?” (from Cars) he said “NO! LIGHTENING GUY!!” Who is a character from a PS3 game his dad plays. The guy doesn’t have much of a costume. Just a leather jacket and jeans. Oh and electricity shooting out of his hands…I don’t know how we would do that for a 4 year old. So he might just have to pick one out at the store. I wanted him to go as a fairy princess…but he shot me down. The boy does not love me at all. On another note I apparently really need a baby girl in my life. Anyone wanna donate one to me? ha!

I have finally stepped it up and got myself a blue tooth for my phone. But my blue tooth is pink. So I call it my pink tooth. I wore it all day even though I didn’t talk on my phone that much. Okay I didn’t wear it ALL day, because in all honesty it kinda hurts my ear. I don’t know how people can keep those in their ears all day.

We took a terrible turn as parents and put an old playstation in Oscar’s room. He loves it. I had to work until 10pm the first day he had it and the next morning he crawled in bed with me and told me he played his game “all night long!” and I said “all night?! did you sleep?” and he said “Yes mom…I was playing my new battle game FINAL FANTASY!!” And he threw his fists in the air. Adorable that I’m raising such a game nerd. My future is bleak. He doesn’t play it all day long though which is good. And I know, we’re terrible parents. I get it. We’re rotting his brains.

I had a co-worker tell me that she doesn’t want kids because they’re all annoying. And I agreed with her. My son? Annoying. But then she had to talk about how he was annoying at this party we went to because he kept going in and out of the house. And then even more annoying…he kept calling for his mom! I mean the NERVE of that three year old! Calling for his mother?? Can you imagine?! I don’t know what she expects.  I get it. I get that people don’t want kids. But what does she expect? So I tell her all the annoying things Oscar does to convince her even more not to have kids. I didn’t really want kids either, but it happened. And I love him to death, I do. But if any parent tells you that they’re kid isn’t annoying at times…is a fat liar. Kids are a pain in the butt. The only person I know that didn’t have a problem with any kid is my mom. And she’s a freak of nature. Or a saint. I’m leaning towards freak of nature though. She still I’m sure thought that we were annoying at times. Just ask her about my sister throwing screaming fits…hahah!

So there’s my update. Nothing new to note. Just that I am SUPER FREAKING EXCITED about Thanksgiving. It’s going to be tons of fun. I love being with my family. Maybe I’ll be able to get a flip camera before then to document the craziness.



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The Vampire Obsession and Me.

I’m a fan of many things. But I’ve never been a “super fan” of anyone or anything. Unless owning at one time all of Mariah Carey’s c.d.’s a “super fan.” I’ve never sent a fan letter, I never had her picture up all over my walls. In high school I was “obsessed” with *ahem* Tiger Woods. And even went so far as to put him on the “guest list” for one of the dances as a joke. I had his pictures in my locker. I loved playing golf and followed his rise to domination. Then I found real men to obsess over in college. ha!

I’ve always been intrigued by vampires and vampire stories. I know a lot of people who don’t like Ann Rice but I have always liked her writing and devoured almost all of her books in the Vampire Chronicles. It wasn’t so much that I wanted a vampire to bite me or fall in love with a vampire but it was just a good book to read that didn’t make me have to think about anything.

I read the Twilight books because my sister had one and said they were good. So I read it. And yes at first I did “fall in love” with Edward. But as I kept reading I could tell that these were not well written books, the characters were not very developed and they just seemed kind of hollow. They were super easy for me to read, because well, they’re for teens. But I kept reading because I wanted to know how it was going to end. I borrowed the last couple of books from my old neighbor and read them in an afternoon. They left me with no sense of anything really and I’ve forgotten most of it. I tried to watch the first movie and had to fast forward and kept getting up to do other things. And I also kept trying to change the channel yet I was watching it on a DVD. Anyway I have yet to get to watch the second one. It’s in my queue but I keep pushing it down because really I don’t have an interest in it.

So after hearing so much about True Blood on twitter I decided to put it at the top of the queue and check it out. And now I’m hooked. I get two disks at a time that usually have 2 to 3 episodes on them and I watch them all at once. They keep me going because I want to know what the hell is going on! They totally threw me off, usually I can figure out “who did it” pretty quick and I had no idea until the episode where they reveled it who the “killer” was. That impresses me. I’m now addicted to True Blood. It has sucked  me in; to be punny.

So now I wait, I sit and wait probably until Monday to get my next two videos. And when I get done with the second season I will sit and be sad that I don’t have HBO to watch the third season.

In other news: We’re looking into Weight Watchers, Barb, and I. She has a couple co-workers who are doing it and losing weight and looking good, and now we want to try it out. I know so many people that it’s worked for that I just have a feeling that if we do it, it will work for us.
Oscar had his 4 year old check up yesterday. He’s 41 inches tall and 41 lbs. A pound an inch! He did really well and didn’t freak out until the two nurses came in and we had to lay him down to get four shots. So today he’s being pretty mellow and has a bit of a fever which is to be expected. And pretty nice for me that I don’t have to worry about him messing around.


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Hobo Ghosts (I will be offensive, just warning you)

The title will make sense later on in the post I swear!
I would first like to thank Leslie for giving me the fodder to fuel this fire. She told me the other day that she doesn’t believe in ghosts. She has good reason, I’m not going to go into it, it’s her story to share. I on the other hand have had ‘weird’ things happen to me that lead me to believe that there are ghosts. Now aliens, I can’t wrap my head around aliens but ghosts, yeah I get that. (ha)
I haven’t had a ton of ‘paranormal experiences’ just one or two. Once when I was sleeping I heard someone say my name and then blow in my face. I uhm haven’t been able to sleep towards the edge of the bed since. When I lived with my uncle in his creepy apartment I swear I had something on my bed every night with me. And then after I moved out and then went back to visit, I woke up worried about my mom because of a dream and felt a hand caress my face.  It didn’t freak me out, it actually calmed me down.
Leslie and I have decided that I’m a freak and she’s awesome about this whole situation. Leading me to talk about all of the awesome ghost hunting shows on television. I will not be discussing Ghost Whisperer or Medium because they’re not “reality” shows. Plus I really like Ghost Whisperer because she wears really fancy clothes all the time and some how in that small town people still don’t know that she can talk to ghosts.

So did you know there there are at least 8 shows that I can find that are regular shows about Ghost Hunting or Paranormal research of some sort. This is awesome to me. I love ghost hunting shows because they think that it’s really scary to the viewer but honestly it’s not. Because everything happens off screen. I can say though when I first started watching Ghost Hunters I really liked it because they did catch things on camera. But then it spiraled out of control. Here’s my list and here’s what I think about them.

Ghost Hunters:

Okay the only thing that they seem to catch lately is spider and bats. There’s a guy on there that is more afraid of spiders and flying then he is of “spirits.” And really do they have to explain what all their equipment is EVERY show? I think I know what a flashlight is for fellas, thanks. And they don’t actually help the people in my opinion. They just say “yeah it’s haunted” or “it’s all in your mind.” And then they’re gone. And I can’t stand most of the “characters” on the show. My favorite line so far is “Well should I start provoking the spirits?” “Dude, these people have had a hard enough life, if they don’t want to come out and talk with us….they don’t … have to.” Pure gold. I wish I could get audio of it or a video clip.  Which leads me to…

Ghost Hunters International:

Okay take the two most annoying people from your cast and give them their own show. Awesome idea! Yeah sure you’re rid of them, but we still have to listen to them. I think that it is a good idea to check out England and the rest of “The Old World” and it has a lot of history and with that possible hauntings but no actual video evidence or very little. Just a bunch more “what was that?!” moments. I say “LAME!”

Paranormal State:
I like these guys because unlike GH if there is an actual haunting they don’t just say “yup it’s haunted, see ya later!” They do ritual cleansing which might work might not, BUT it makes the victim feel better about their house. If I thought my house was haunted I would want it “cleansed” before they left. They do get a lot of video evidence of people being possessed but then you have to ask yourself if it’s all an act or not.

Destination Truth:

Is awesome. I love how over the top they are with their maps and explanations. It makes the show. No matter that when they were looking for a killer dog in Egypt and all they came up with was a fox. But I do give them kudos for going into Chernobyl and checking that out. That was pretty impressive.

A Haunting isn’t so much a ghost hunting as it is ghost stories. The re-creations are awesome and it always gives me chills. But it seems a little over the top at times.

Ghost Adventures:

is where it spins a little out of control. The guys are WAY over-the-top and too into seeing things and provoking spirits. Which doesn’t really lead to anything. Their night vision always just ends up making them creepy. I watched one episode and it was mostly “dudes! and what was that?!” And my favorite was “I just felt something on my leg! Dude! Wanna check it out!!” And he had scratches!! AHHHH!!

And then it all goes wrong with Extreme Ghost Hunters(which I couldn’t find a picture for). Holy lord, who gave three rednecks HD cameras with night vision?!? Seriously oh and they’re not always in the dark in those places like other shows because you can clearly see all the camera lights. They do rituals that they tell you not to try at home and try to scare you with awesome graphics between cuts. It’s bad. Favorite line: “Dudes I’ve never hunted ghosts on water. I don’t know anyone who HAS!!”

Then it gets worse. Last night I found Ghost Lab on the Discovery Channel. Really Mike Rowe? How many shows can you narrate for?! I’ve recorded it for further study but so far, not so scary, not any ghosts popping up.

So with all these ghost hunting shows on now I want to get into the mix. So here’s my pitch.
An all woman group of ghost hunters. And they could all wear pink! Because that’s what women do when they get their own shows.
Leslie and I were talking about this the other day. And she told me that if I had a ghost hunting show she would dress as a hobo ghost and jump out at me at every house that I investigated. And I thought how awesome would that be?! The audience would be at first thinking “why is that hobo ghost sippin’ on Night Train.” And then she would jump up yelling “HOBO GHOST!” and I would say “Oooh Leslie!!” And then from then on every episode the audience would wonder when the hobo ghost would appear.
I have yet another pitch… Little People Ghost Hunters. I’m waiting for E! to get that one. They don’t have a show about little people or ghosts yet….I’m emailing them today. (not really)


No cable day….Oh whatever…

My friend keeps asking me “did you watch…? oh wait, no you didn’t you don’t have cable” she’s taunting me and I don’t like it. I’ve started a new book called “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr. Its a wonderful book that my friend sent me. I’ve been taking my time on it, and I don’t know if its because I’m not used to “adult” books or if I’m savoring it. I think a little bit of both. I’ve been reading a lot of “fluff” lately. A lot of teen books that take me a half a day to finish and I’m tired of that. I needed something to make me think…and this one does just that.
I had an odd dream last night, which isn’t new to me, but I wanted to share it. I dreamt that I went to Janet Jackson’s house and she had four kids and she lived in a bunch of combined trailer houses. And I told her that I was pleasantly surprised and thought that she would be a little more “ostentatious” I actually used that word in my dream. I think that was the weird part of my dream that I actually used large vocabulary, I don’t ever recall doing that in any other dream.
I took back all my cable boxes today to the cable company. I called them first to let them know that I was bringing them back. They weren’t too upset that I was canceling this time, maybe its because I haven’t been able to pay my bill in two months or so. I’ve been trying to cancel for three months, back when my bill was only $60 and I still couldn’t pay that…but they didn’t seem to want me to or let me. So now my bill is $300 and they cut me off…”well now do you believe me?!” I think they’re getting more calls like mine, the lady was very kind about my situation.
But we finally have money coming in at decent intervals and our bank account is in the black again and all of our bills are getting paid, but we have gone out to eat a couple times which is bad, and we’re not making that a habbit again.
I feel like I’m on the edge of a breakdown again. I think this is because I got dependent on my counselor and now that I’m not going any more I have no one outside my life to vent to. I tried to vent to my mother last night but I got no where with her.
Oh and another thing. I think my house is haunted and I think the ghost attacked me last night. two scratches appeared on my arm last night right before I got in the shower. I didn’t notice them until the water hit them and started stinging…they honestly just appeared! Its the weirdest thing, and it leads me to believe that I have pissed a ghost off. I bet its one of Ryan’s “imaginary” friends he’s always talking about. That worries me, I watch too many spooky shows and when that kid starts talking to imaginary friends a little more then necessary I get worried. I told Jesse that if one day I tell him that I’m being haunted he better believe me…and he told me that he would. But now that this has happened he’s not so sure. He asked me “what did you do to yourself?!” Like I would scratch the shit out of my arm on purpose. That’s something that I would do. I forgot to tell him I’m a cutter. I don’t know if that’s clear enough for you but there is the phantom scratch.
I know it doesn’t look like much but it stings like a bitch!
So then I was all paranoid all night and didn’t sleep, which isn’t anything really new but I had a hard time falling asleep. I keep waking up at 3 am too, which I have heard is a very haunting hour. On Paranormal State they call it “dead time” which is spooky. I don’t know why they don’t call it something else less scary.
Anyway besides my phantom scratches nothing really happened this weekend to report. I think I gained all my weight back because I ate a lot of really good pizza on Saturday. I need to do some exercising someday.
Alright. I think I’m done. I know there was actually something important that I was going to blog about today feelings and whatnots but I don’t recall. Maybe I’ll remember later.

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