Little Quips and Talking to Himself

Oscar being an only child. And being my child. Talks to himself. A lot.
We had to go see the nurse the other day because Jesse was freaked out about a spot on Oscar’s leg. I knew it was excema, but Jesse was convinced it was something more sinister, because it didn’t go away in a day. So I called it in and visited the doctor’s office for the first time in over a year. Yeah that’s right, my kid hasn’t been to the doctor since I tortured him by putting him in a study for a new vaccine. That was just a little bit past his 2nd b-day. And I thought I had gotten him an appointment for his 3 year check up but apparently I didn’t because I never got a call about a reminder the day before. So yeah we missed that one. Anyway! The kid never gets sick for longer than half a day so he doesn’t need to go see that evil doctor. Except yesterday. Which was just to see the nurse. So I told him. “We’re going in to see the nurse so she can look at your spots on your leggies, okay?” and he says “Okay!” I left early because I don’t know how long it will take me to get to the office from Airway and we got there early. I was talking to Leslie on the phone in the parking lot while I waited a bit to go in. And Oscar…well he was talking to Spiderman.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to see the nurse!”
“You’re going to see a nurse?”
“Yes because I have rashes”

All talking to himself. He did really good until we got in the back room. He was weighed and measured. 40lbs and 41 inches tall. When we got to the back he decided that he didn’t want to be there and started wimpering.. “I wanna go home now.” But the Nurse Practitioner was wonderful and calm and just took a peek at his spot and gave us a prescription for some lotion and that was it! And she said “Do you want a sticker?” and Oscar replied “Yes, I want a tiger sticker!”

He spends most of his time telling people about Battle Force Five. Which is a Hot Wheels show that he loves. He knows the whole theme song and sings it with gusto. Or with this weird voice that I wish I could replicate, but I can’t. And sometimes if you ask him what his name is he says “NO! I’M BATTLE FORCE FIVE…FIVE…FIVE…” He has to put the echo in there for some reason. But most of the time he says it in such a voice that people can’t understand him. I barely do. But it’s because I’ve heard it five million times that I know what he’s saying.

He will also say at random times. “I’m not Oscar, you call me Boogie Butt” or “I am Oscar Samuel!”
“mom, mom, I am not Boogie, you call me Turkey Bird”
“mom, mom You call me Punkie.”

We’ve been going swimming at my Aunt Jane’s apartment which has been fun. He has to try new things and before doing so he has to say “Wait! I have a new plan!”


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