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The Vampire Obsession and Me.

I’m a fan of many things. But I’ve never been a “super fan” of anyone or anything. Unless owning at one time all of Mariah Carey’s c.d.’s a “super fan.” I’ve never sent a fan letter, I never had her picture up all over my walls. In high school I was “obsessed” with *ahem* Tiger Woods. And even went so far as to put him on the “guest list” for one of the dances as a joke. I had his pictures in my locker. I loved playing golf and followed his rise to domination. Then I found real men to obsess over in college. ha!

I’ve always been intrigued by vampires and vampire stories. I know a lot of people who don’t like Ann Rice but I have always liked her writing and devoured almost all of her books in the Vampire Chronicles. It wasn’t so much that I wanted a vampire to bite me or fall in love with a vampire but it was just a good book to read that didn’t make me have to think about anything.

I read the Twilight books because my sister had one and said they were good. So I read it. And yes at first I did “fall in love” with Edward. But as I kept reading I could tell that these were not well written books, the characters were not very developed and they just seemed kind of hollow. They were super easy for me to read, because well, they’re for teens. But I kept reading because I wanted to know how it was going to end. I borrowed the last couple of books from my old neighbor and read them in an afternoon. They left me with no sense of anything really and I’ve forgotten most of it. I tried to watch the first movie and had to fast forward and kept getting up to do other things. And I also kept trying to change the channel yet I was watching it on a DVD. Anyway I have yet to get to watch the second one. It’s in my queue but I keep pushing it down because really I don’t have an interest in it.

So after hearing so much about True Blood on twitter I decided to put it at the top of the queue and check it out. And now I’m hooked. I get two disks at a time that usually have 2 to 3 episodes on them and I watch them all at once. They keep me going because I want to know what the hell is going on! They totally threw me off, usually I can figure out “who did it” pretty quick and I had no idea until the episode where they reveled it who the “killer” was. That impresses me. I’m now addicted to True Blood. It has sucked  me in; to be punny.

So now I wait, I sit and wait probably until Monday to get my next two videos. And when I get done with the second season I will sit and be sad that I don’t have HBO to watch the third season.

In other news: We’re looking into Weight Watchers, Barb, and I. She has a couple co-workers who are doing it and losing weight and looking good, and now we want to try it out. I know so many people that it’s worked for that I just have a feeling that if we do it, it will work for us.
Oscar had his 4 year old check up yesterday. He’s 41 inches tall and 41 lbs. A pound an inch! He did really well and didn’t freak out until the two nurses came in and we had to lay him down to get four shots. So today he’s being pretty mellow and has a bit of a fever which is to be expected. And pretty nice for me that I don’t have to worry about him messing around.


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Already Ahead of Schedule!!

So I set my schedule yesterday. I decided to just tackle the terminology for the chapter today, and I did that, then I moved on and I did my assignment for the day, that I want to turn in but I can’t until they grade my other assignment. So I did two other elective assignments while waiting. I keep looking on my page to see if they’ve graded yet but they haven’t. I’m mad. I’m mad like this: ggggggrrrrrrrr! if I could make an angry little face I would.
My shoulders still hurt, I think I hunch over too much with out noticing. I think its because I lean back in my chair too. Its an automatic thing.

Barb had her first day at work, and she came home so happy it was rediculous. She was a regular chatty cathy! All the way home telling us what happened and how wonderful this casino is compared to the one in Burns. She reminds me of a kid most of the time. She’s so wonderful. She even missed me and Oscar even though she had so much fun at work. I missed her. I didn’t have near the amount of time on the computer as usual. Which is probably a good thing. Vampire Wars is getting updated a lot lately so its slow. And I’m getting mad at the game because people are attacking me so often that I don’t have enough time to attack anyone to get my stats up. They keep knocking me down.

Thanks to Amber by the way for starting to “follow” me. I’m feeling less losery by the day!

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My best friend the Super Spy.

She’s such a good spy that I don’t even know that she is one. I have this theory, because I’m really bad with secrets that my best friend V is really a spy and she just hasn’t told me because I’ll tell everyone. See I’m already doing it and I haven’t proven it yet! The thing is she’s always complaining about her job and sometimes when she is I just imagine her putting all her spy gear together while she’s talking to me. She’s saying “man I have to find another job” all the while she’s tightening up her silencer on her .45. I’ve come to this conclusion because we were watching “Lie To Me” which is an awesome show by the way, and one of the plot lines had to deal with two people that had been taken hostage. They found out that one girl was actually a spy. HER MOM DIDN’T KNOW!! The dad knew, because well he could keep a secret obviously, but her mamma didn’t! And I told Jesse, “I swear if Oscar becomes a spy I better know about it because that is AWESOME!” And he responded “He couldn’t tell you because you can’t lie, or keep a damn secret.” And its true. However! There are certain things that I keep very secret. That I don’t tell anyone and I probably never will tell. Its just that most of the time I can’t do it. See my problem is that I can’t lie and if someone asks me a direct question I HAVE to tell them the honest truth. I have too many tells, I can’t even lie on the phone! Its terrible. I’m like Tommy from Trainspotting. I never do drugs and I never lie. So after talking about Oscar being a spy I decided that V is a CIA spy like she’s always wanted to be, she just can’t tell me because I would immediatly go onto my blog or on to facebook or twitter and say “OMG MY BEST FRIEND IS A SPY!!!!” And then she would be fired.

I started twittering. Yeah I said it. I’ve started following random famous people just because, I honestly don’t like twitter. But I like to say things that pop into my head and know that no one is really reading what I’m typing. Kinda like this blog! Its boring honestly, and I don’t understand how people get twitter messages to other people. It makes no sense to me! So I’ll probably get bored of it, unless they start putting games like Farm Town on Twitter.

I am a Vampire farmer. That’s right. Facebook has all sorts of silly games that you can play. My lovely sister Katie got me started on FarmTown. Litterally she got it started for me, she also “friended” a whole bunch of people from my home town which kinda peeved me at first, because I liked being a facebook snob with my 45 friends. But then I got over it because my farm was prospering. Then one day…

I saw it…

An ad on the side of the page that said “Join Us.”

And I became…A…VAMPIRE!!!

And not a wussy Twilight vampire either. A cool Vampire. Here I’ll show you what I look like as a Vampire:

Yeah in the dark of night this is what I look like. Do you see me? Hanging out on the streets of Vegas in my ripped jeans and my no shirt. All my awesome arm tattoos? That’s right you better be scared.
So in this Vampire game you attack other Vampires. But there is a code. You don’t attack another Vamp three times or more in a row. Or you get sent to the “Hit List” where other bigger stronger Vamps can “kill” you. You can also bite other Vamps. When you can’t hit list them.
I love it. I don’t know why, its not the most exciting game but I play it all the time. This is why I can’t have an office job. I get stuck on these games and that’s all I want to do. I can’t leave my computer all day or I get worried that people are attacking my Vamp and I’m not able to defend myself.
Anyway, just a warning, if you’re playing a game on facebook watch out because you might get addicted. You might end up a Vampire.
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