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(Un)Righteous Indignation

If you hang around and read enough blogs you come to find out that more people are indignant then happy. Everyone has a cause that they are fighting for. They always have something to bitch about and it seems the more time on their hands the louder they are and the less they do about the problem. They sit on their blogs and write and pour their hearts out about their righteous indignation and how it’s not fair, or right or proper, no matter what the topic. As long as it offends their fragile sensibilities weather it be something that is a big matter or something just fleeting. The point being is no matter the size of the matter they will blow it to catastrophic proportions.

What do I do when I’m not writing my daily nonsense? I’m either working or watching tv. I lead a very full life. I also, in between feeding my child the wrong food and drink, read a lot of blogs. I have a good mix I feel but sometimes I look at my reader and say to myself “everyone is writing the SAME THINGS!” And they’re all indignant about the same things that to me don’t seem to matter all that much.

I read post on facebook and feel the same way. Everyone always does the same thing, says the same things, they all have to do the “meme” of the day. “Everyone post thankful things this month!” Yeah I get it it’s nice to see “positives” on facebook. But if you look? Everyone is trying to out positive everyone else. It’s tiring. I should spend less time on facebook and on blogs and on twitter. This would probably fix all these issues I’m having. But then what would I have to be indignant about?

Since most of you (family) don’t read a lot of blogs did you know that there are people out there who write stuff every day about their everyday nonsense and get paid for it? They post over developed over photo shopped pictures and talk about fancy things and they get paid for it. And did you know that EVERY OTHER blogger out there is trying to get paid to blog? Every blogger is a writer in training or something. Or they’re already a writing they’re just expanding. I like reading blogs that talk about wanting to start making money off of their blogs. And they’re crap…I mean crap. I read and I keep wondering why I have the blog in my reader. Because what I write? Is crap. It’s my crap, but at the end of the day I’m not looking to be published. I’m not looking to make money off of this…ever. I’m never going to write a book, memoir, or novel. It’s not in me to do. Firstly because my English writing skills are not up to par at all. I don’t want to delude myself into thinking that anyone besides my family who want to know what I’m up to and my inner thoughts would want to read what I have to write. And secondly because I don’t have the patience or attention span to actually sit down and write anything.

If I ever want to do anything else in my life beyond working at Wal-Mart I would want to go back to school and take writing classes, I’m not talking about just creative writing I want to take grammar classes. I want to be able to write a coherent sentence that makes sense to a reader, with out the help of a grammar check. I think that I write the way that my thoughts are, which are mostly scattered. I don’t really feel like I write the way I speak. You can correct me on this if you want. But I feel that most of the time this is directly out of my head and not out of my mouth.

I will never be a popular blogger. And I don’t have great dreams of becoming one. I honestly just write this for who ever wants to read it. It’s an extension and a censored journal. It’s a journal that I wouldn’t be afraid of my mom reading. Because she obviously does. I think at this point in my life I don’t have that much more to hide. I’ve never been one to hide much though. You know this. Obviously because I’m narcissistic enough to have a blog and believe that people want to read what I have to write.I’m obviously not writing this for my child to read later on. Because you know? That’s a reason why some people start their blogs. For their kids to read later on. REALLY? I don’t get that. Sure he might read it. But listen, I’m hoping that I will be able to instill a good sense of self worth and self assurance in my kid that he won’t care that I told embarrassing stories about him. Because my mom did…and you know what? She didn’t have a blog to write all those stories about me being Wonder Woman, but she had friends, and she had family to tell. And that is essentially what this is. The kid is going to be tortured enough being in this family…my little stories about how he came into my room with his shirt on his legs this morning isn’t going to affect him in the slightest.

I think I’m done apologizing for not writing every day or every week. Because that’s not me. I’m not a writer. I’m me. And I’ll do this blogging thing on my own time when I want to. And you can choose to read it, or not. But I know you will. Because you hang on every word that I write out. I know you do.


Heartburn Pretty Much Ruins Everything

Deciding to blog about nothing is pretty tough. There’s a lot of ideas rolling around in my brain but they never seem to translate on to paper. Or screen as it is. And I know the picture has nothing to do with the title. And the title has nothing to do with what I’m writing but again. It’s my blog deal with it.

So that rose came out of our pretty rose bush out front. Oscar has decided that he now has to bring me in flowers. Thankfully he has a grandma who knows how to cut them. I have gotten a handful of grass as a “flower” and was forced to put it into a “vase” and I use that loosely because it was actually a cleaned out chocolate milk jug from McD’s. Yup we’re class. Don’t tell me you’re white trash and you have a vase. Because we don’t. I also don’t own any curtains. What? You know what else I don’t have? Throw pillows. And I’ve lived with white walls for so freaking long I couldn’t even imagine what color on my walls would look like. I don’t have any decoration in my bathroom. And we have no matching towels. I have a closet full of towels, and most of them are old. I think we have 6 towels that we actually bought ourselves. Yup.

Oscar got a new little play area in the back yard. Jesse actually worked in the yard. It was amazing to see him not playing video games. I kid. I do. Okay maybe I don’t. Barb was the busiest in the yard though. She got all the stuff she wanted done even through bad joint pain. The woman amazes me. Oh and I helped. I DID! I put rocks around the front garden. That was my contribution. I know shocking that I can help out a little.

See all those rocks?? Yup that was ALL me. That’s pretty much the extent of my yard skills. I didn’t want to do anything else, you know show anyone up. So if all goes according to plan we will have uhm veggies in our front yard!


What Time is it?

There is a new cartoon love in our house. And it’s called Adventure Time with Fin and Jake. It’s about a boy and his dog who love adventures. It’s on at 8pm on Mondays There have only been two episodes and I WANT MORE DAMN IT! Oh and it’s not just me. 2 million people watched the first episode. I don’t know how many watched the second, because I don’t do research for this blog. But if you want to watch something hysterically weird you should totally check it out on Cartoon Network. Oscar is totally into this show and I really don’t know why, but he will totally block everything and everyone else out while watching this show.

What have I learned from this show? You can’t break Royal Promises. A little Elephant named Tree Trunks is the sexiest Adventurer alive, oh and old and bonkers. It also has given us new one liners like “I’m farts!” and “MATHEMATICAL!” and “Oh HOLY COW” “Don’t squeeze me I’ll fart!”

You should totally watch this show. You probably won’t love it as much as I do though, so don’t break my heart and tell me I’m crazy.


Things You Totally Wanna Know…

Oh you thought this was going to be all weird but really it’s a trick. I just want to talk about TV. Specifically what is on my DVR in my bedroom, and well I know that you really want to know what I watch, because it’s interesting. Plus it gives me a chance to look up pictures and add to my post just a little bit.

First on the list is America’s Best Dance Crew or ABDC on the ol’ MTV that only has videos on in the morning now because they’re lame. I have watched ABDC since the first season. I love it because I am jealous of people who can dance like these people do. My favorite crew is Poreotix, which is a mixture of Popping, and Robitics. These boys won my heart right off the bat with they’re theatrics and oh, they danced to TAYLOR SWIFT!! It was amazing. They tend to stick to what they do best, theatrics but I think that’s why I like them. They are defiantly consistent. I have the most resent episode waiting for everyone to leave my house so I can just sit and enjoy. My favorite episode so far though was the Lady Gaga challenge. Hands down that was the best out of all of them.

Next on my list is my Wednesday line up of: The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town and Criminal Minds. I love the Middle because of the weird things that happen to the “Heck” family and how they make them so “normal” but so far out there that it can’t honestly happen to a “real” family. Modern Family is hilarious with the exception of on person. And it’s a personal opinion of my own for most episodes. But I love the rest of the cast and the stories are hilarious. Cougar Town tends to get annoying at times but the majority of it I have nothing but love for. Criminal Minds has replaced Law and Order SVU for me. Even though I will still watch marathons of SVU any time they’re on.

I know I’m going out of order for the week, but that’s because I like to be confusing. Thursday nights are the big ones. Community, Parks and Rec, The Office and of course 30 Rock. All of these are HILARIOUS. Community is my new favorite because I love LOVE Joel McHale and even follow him on twitter because I love him so much. All of the characters on that show are wonderful and hilarious the writing is excellent and I just really recommend adding it to your list.

I know I’m such a critic! Ha!

Okay Thursday also brings with it, well it used to, my new favorite Archer. This is absolutely wonderful. According to the anime man in the house it’s the same people that did Frisky Dingo on Cartoon Network’s Adult swim. I’ve only seen one episode of Frisky Dingo but man I love me some Archer. He’s a terrible spy, but he’s got some good lines. It’s irreverent and funny and I forget that it’s a cartoon. And it’s a good one to watch when I don’t have my beloved It’s Always Sunny to watch.

Okay so Monday’s are big days for me too. Because well I’m really excited and mad at the same time because Rules of Engagement is back on and I keep forgetting to set it up to record. I love Patrick Warburton. I have loved him since Seinfield. I think its the deep voice. Plus he’s not terrible to look at and all the characters he plays are awesome. He was even in one of my favorite Disney cartoons The Emperor’s New Groove. And he was great as the voice of Kronk.
Monday’s are also for How I Met Your Mother. Because who the fuck doesn’t love Neil Patrick Harris? Honestly. Now Ted? Ted I could do with out sometimes. But I love Lily and Marshall and I love Robin because she kind of reminds me of myself back in the day. I also watch The Big Bang Theory because I love nerds. The hot girl I think needs to be less annoying but I love the boys.

The shows I miss the most either because I don’t get the channels or because they don’t have them anymore:
Big Love
The Sopranos (I hated the way they ended it)
Always Sunny..I Need new episodes!!
There’s probably more, but I can’t think of them, I will once I hit publish…


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Having Family Here is Fun, Now GET OUT!

Well, my sister is leaving me for good. I made her move here almost a year or two ago, and now she’s leaving me. Which will leave only me out of my hometown. It doesn’t make me sad. That town was never for me. We had some good times though here this week with my mom and oldest sister here. Oh and my three nephews too. My mom somehow got my brother to let her bring his 4 year old up with her, so Oscar got some good cousin time…He’s not selfish like Jesse. Jesse won’t let them take Oscar for a week, because he thinks it’s too soon for something like that. For HIM not for Oscar. He “couldn’t handle it” but he forgets all those times that BOTH Oscar and I were gone for ohhh a month at a time. But whatever. It’s not like I’m trying to get rid of my kid for a week or anything!

The boys made me do some Wii Just Dance almost every night. And uhm can I just say that I KICK FREAKING ASS at Just Dance? Yup. High scorer all around. My sister is mad because apparently I was the only one of the girls in the family to get any rhythm. My youngest brother is a good dancer too. We pretty much tear it up on the floor.

So here are some pictures of the dancing, and maybe some video, if I can get it working. Not of me of course, because although I am a good dancer, I’m too fat for photos or video…you understand.

Okay and if this works right…Here’s the boys dancing to Who Let The Dogs Out on Just Dance.


3, 2, 1, CONTACT!

Okay so tell me, honestly, are you tired of me changing my blog theme yet??

I really have nothing, honestly nothing to write about. I can’t even find any inspiration! My phone has the coolest camera on it though, I will say that. This is what I’ll do I’ll just post pictures from my phone! YAY!

Me and Oscar

A "mosaic" of Jesse

Another "mosaic" He's floating!!

My sister's kids. So cute! I'm gonna miss them!!

And then...BLAZE! Because she's photogenic.

I might be back to write something profound. But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. My sister and mom are coming to town tomorrow! I’m excited!



Date Nights are for Losers.

That’s right I said it. Oh and you know what else I don’t like to hear? People talking about trying to get pregnant by ONLY HAVING SEX WHEN SHE’S OVULATING!! Hey did you know that the more you have sex the better chance you have at getting pregnant?? And do you know how much fun sex can be?? Oh and you wonder why high schoolers get pregnant? It’s not just because their idiots and they forget to use condoms it’s because they’re having sex 100% of the time and condoms are only 99.9% effective. What? Yes I said that to. THAT JUST HAPPENED.
I was really hungry for wings last night. So I made my sister watch Oscar for me, and I made Jesse go to Outback with me. I’m very demanding. I should have just got three plates of wings and had a wing eating contest but I decided that I wanted the steak as well. So I had wings, and a steak. Oh and a healthy salad on the side. Ask me how much weight I’ve lost? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAA. (sorry)
Okay so I’m really content in my relationship. I really like where we’re at, we’re comfy and blah blah blah. The thing that I really don’t like, is having to hear about other couples and their “date nights” I honestly think it’s worse then nails on a chalk board. Or the new bags that Sun Chips are in (SHUDDER). Seriously I get it. I get that you are hopelessly in love and your love is so much stronger and more wonderful then everyone else’s. I on the other hand just really don’t like to do that to other people.

So last night wasn’t a romantic date night that we spend gazing into each other’s eyes and remembering out time together before the baby came along and how much he ruined everything. It was a good dinner, and yeah we talked. But we talk with Oscar around too. We didn’t hold hands because we don’t do that. We didn’t make out in front of everyone in the restaurant because we don’t do that either. We talked about dry wall, and the funny things Oscar did that day. And you know what? It was good. And it was nice to go home and watch a movie together. Because oh wait…we do that already too on a regular basis.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is the whole date night thing might work for other couples but it really doesn’t change anything in our relationship. I don’t feel closer to Jesse because we went out to dinner last night without Oscar. I don’t feel more in love with him, or anything like that. Nothing changed because we went out by ourselves. All it really did was cost us a crap load of money and made me have to pee really bad…(2 22oz beers will do that!)

So please don’t be offended if you feel the need to have to HAVE date nights. I get it. YOU need them. I guess it’s just that we don’t. And that means that you are a loser and I’m better then you. **dripping with sarcasm**