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Pictures from the new Camera

Okay he’s contained, safely in the bathtub, yeah, yeah tell me how safe that is. I’m right out side the door and I keep yelling at him anytime he’s quiet. Oh and I keep telling him not to drowned I know that helps too.

So! here are some pictures from the new camera. I want to show you all what I had for dinner the other night and share with you my awesome “lil’ smokies” dinner. hahaha….(I’m totally mocking all of you that do “recipe” posts right now. I am)

First start with a package, or two, or three of awesome little Smokies. mmmm….little smokies…
Then add your favorite BBQ sauce. I go with Original because I’m boring. And lame.
Now this is the tricky part…Put these two important ingredients into a pot, TOGETHER. Okay wait, You need to remember to keep this at medium to medium low. Because if you walk away with it on medium high, the bottom will burn to shit and you will loose half the smokies…I don’t know this from experiance…or anything…
Mmmmmm look at those little smokies!!
So there you go, there’s my awesome reciepe for Little Smokies. And now some other random photos from the new camera.
Here’s Oscar “petting” his “caterpillar” or french fry as normal people call them.
He’s in training to be a P.J. Party DJ. Yup yup.
This is honestly the BEST picture I have ever captured of a cat. Do you see her tongue sticking out?! Are you kidding me?! The whitness of the fur throws off the exposure but whatever. I don’t have photo shop. Any rich twitter friends wanna send me that?
So this camera has already proven itself to me. Go back through and look at previous photos. Can you tell the difference between 2 megapixels and 6? Because I kinda can, and I am no photographer. 

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Typing Quick Before the Kid gets into anything else…

Seriously I haven’t been on the Computer in two days. Because every time I tried Oscar would get into shit. Like right now? Okay a little bit ago, he was in his grandma’s bathroom, elbows deep in the toilet playing with a toy. Awesome! Before that he was in her room messing with god knows what. He said he was “drinking water” but I don’t believe it for a second. At this moment I have no idea what he’s doing. And that scares the crap out of me.

I don’t know what’s up with me but I haven’t been liking being on the net or the computer lately. I think it’s because I’m mad at my Medical Transcription class. They’re total bitches about grading and make me feel like I was never taught how to write a sentence. I have even reread their chapter on grammar 5 times now to figure out what the fuck I’m doing wrong every assignment. I have yet to figure it out. Seems as though they change the rules for EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ASSIGNMENT. So why train at all? If the rules are different for EVERY different transcription what the hell am I doing here?? And the shit that they get me on is REDICULOUS and doesn’t change the structure or meaning of the fucking sentence.

I apologize for all the f bombs. I know I don’t really throw them around that much, but as you can see I’m super angry at the moment. If it wasn’t an online class I would go into someone’s office and punch a bitch right in the face. I swear to God.

Other then that life has been super fantastic. Everyone is home with my parents except me. So I’m throwing myself a pity party here. I’m a saaaddd Randa. We’re supposed to go over to my Aunts for Christmas dinner so that should be interesting fun. Work is going splendidly I got notice that I am now a permanent employee, and my mother already has her delusions of grandeur for me. “You’ll be upper management in no time!” She’s the only mom who would be proud that her daughter is a manager at a W.M. So yeah, I still like going into work, everyone at this one is actually pretty pleasant to work with. So I guess that’s a plus. And paying bills feels really good.

I got a new camera from a super cool Twitter friend, that I can not stop bragging about. It’s been tons of fun taking pictures, and I’ve already sucked a set of batteries dry. Which apparently isn’t hard to do! But hey I’ve got a lot of random picture of Oscar now! YAY! He hates loves the camera.

Anyway I need to get going, I typed this furiously and fast to get it all out there, and now it’s back to chasing and yelling at a kid who doesn’t seem to want to just sit still for just half a freaking second.

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Total Blogging Block

I need some help. I need something to blog about and I’ve got nothing, I really want to write SOMETHING but my brain isn’t working. It must be because I don’t get to hang out at home and surf the internet all day. Who knows. All I know is right now I’ve got NOTHIN’
But if I have to say something I will say this:
Get your ass out there and watch The Hangover. Single handedly the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I had tears running down my cheeks by the end of it.

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Offensive Thursdays?? Or…topics suggested by Leslie

(If your in a hurry skip down to the end for the important update)
I need something to write about on Thursdays. I got confused and almost did my “list” on the wrong day! So I figure since last Thursday I wrote about something, that might have been offensive, but then it ended up not being offensive because I was scared to put the offensive part in, I would try it again. But the stupid blogging blog has me in a choke hold. I don’t know even know where I would start to be offensive. I’m just not that person. I’m also not a person that gets offended very easily. Except by big things like: bigotry and hypocrisy. Those two things really offend me.

Leslie gave me some blog ideas here they are: unicorns doing somersaults and million dollar homes not having laundry hook-ups.
Can you imagine a unicorn doing somersaults? I think that would be physically impossible but not impossible for a mythical creature such as a unicorn. But I think that the horn would get stuck in the ground and then it would do an awkward head stand. And now I’m picturing an upside down unicorn, with its big ol’ butt sticking up in the air, I bet it would be pissed so its legs would be kicking all crazy like. Then I think another mythical creature would have to come to its rescue like an elf or something, but the elf would have to bring friends because just one elf could not help a unicorn in this situation.

And now a word to the rich: If you are buying a home that costs you over a million dollars maybe you should make sure that is is move in ready because really? Do you want to re-mod a house that already cost you a million dollars? If I were looking at homes, even in the 75K range, if it didn’t have washer/dryer hook ups I would move on to the next. I don’t even like renting houses or apartments without w/d hook ups.
I also saw one of those HGTV shows were the people were moving into a 600K house that didn’t have updated appliances. I’m not talking about last years models I’m talking 80s models. I would move on, because really you’re spending THAT much do you want to put even more into the damn thing?! My million dollar home would be move-in-ready, and if not I wouldn’t buy it. I think though if I had a million dollars to spend on a house I would build from scratch and it would end up not costing me that much and it would have it’s own energy source. Also I have beef with those 600K people because they won the lottery and then they remodled the house that they were in and then they moved out, to a house that cost over what they made in the lotto. Is that smart? In my opinion I don’t think so.
Also a word to HGTV shows that are about selling houses. Okay a word to the people going into buy the houses: “THE CURTAINS DO NOT COME WITH THE HOUSE!” Neither does the furniture! I understand if a house is too cluttered, that I get. But really? Why comment on the pictures on the wall and the couches when clearly you are not getting those with the house.

So! I waited this long to get to the good part! I finally got a call from Wal-Mart and lo and behold! I am not a terrorist, and I am now going to be an employee! Which means money! Yay! For at least 120 days, that’s my “contract” ha! Unless they want me longer. But now that gives me 120 days to get done with my class and get hired for a good job. So time to get to work! I start with my training tomorrow and then on Saturday, then who knows what I’ll be working. I’m a little anxious and excited at the same time.
I haven’t heard the whole story yet about my dad but last time I talked to mom she said dad told my aunt that he would only have to pay a $50 deductible. But mom didn’t know for sure. So I probably shouldn’t say anything just yet till we know for sure. But as of now, it sounds like it won’t be costing as much for his meds, which is a good thing.

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