In Depth Look

Okay not yet but there will be!

And I’m going in reverse order for some reason. Don’t ask just go with it. Okay here we go:

Me…Where I came from, (family)
100. My mom and dad have been together for almost 40 years. Don’t know if they should be but they are!
99. Lots of people who know me know this…I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers.
98. I’m “bigger” then both my sisters. Taller and fatter. I’m awesome!
97. I’m “bigger” then my youngest brother. Not taller though. Just fatter. We were at one time an equal amount away from 200lbs. But instead of going down I keep going up.
96. My family is all above average height.
95. My mom had ten kids in her family.
94. My dad had 3.
93. Due to my mother’s awesome memory, I have 3 birthdays. Well due to my dad too. My real one is on August 2nd. But mom gets confused because my brother’s b-day is on the 4th…of January, and by the time August comes around she forgets and thinks mine is on the 4th. Then one year my dad thought my birthday was on the 10th, which is my nephew’s birthday. So when I turned 19 I ended up being 21. And got a beer from my sister for it!
92. All of us except my baby brother, who’s not really a baby, has kids. I’m the only one with just one.
91. Oldest sister has 3 boys. I don’t know their ages. Just the oldest because well he’s been around the longest!
90. Second oldest has two. Girl/Boy combo
89. Oldest brother/younger, has two. Boy/Girl combo.
88. I was the oldest when I started having kids. At 27.
87. I’ve said this before, but I grew up in one house. Mom, dad and oldest sister moved there and then never left. I don’t think they’ll ever leave. Unless one of us wins the lottery!
86. My parents never smoked. My mom swears she’s never tried weed.
85. Might need some back up on this but I think ALL of my siblings and I have “tried” weed.
84. One of my dad’s favorite movies is Easy Rider.
83. We all have a very dry sarcastic wit, that we got from our dad.
82. We all have a very sick sense of humor, that we got from my mom’s side of the family even though she tried to keep us from getting it by keeping us from her family.
81. We are all super competitive. Yet we all have low self-esteem. Mom has yet to figure out why.
80. When we were all older we pissed dad off so bad that he stopped going to church with us. On Christmas Eve.

Weird/Gross Things That I’m admitting.
79. I bite my nails. Really bad.
78. I have bit my toe nails. (recently??)
77. I chew/smell my hair. It’s a weird compulsion thing that I have done forever. I like to smell my hair. I do chew on it, but I don’t swallow it, oh and I hate having a single hair in my mouth. That’s weird.
76. Awkward situations in movies/shows make me uncomfortable.
75. I fart all the time. But not in public. I gross Jesse out all the time. Yet he still likes me!
74. When I was in school, High School, and before, I would NEVER go to the bathroom at school because I was afraid the fire alarm would go off and I would have to run out with my pants down.
73. I was petrified of the fire alarm until 6th grade. Even after that though, I wouldn’t go to the bathroom.
72. I had a dream recently that a dog was trying to hump me. And not my leg, but actually trying to hump me.
71. I don’t poop very often. Like sometimes I can go three days before I have to go. I have always been like this.

The Early Years of RandaDawn
70. For, I believe, at least one year of my life I was Wonder Woman. I have told this before but I like to brag. I mean I watched the show (I remember an episode where WW was spinning around tied up in a chair to transform). I wore under-roos that had the stars on the butt and the top like W.W. And I would not answer to Miranda, or Randa. When I was almost done with the phase, my awesome uncle made me wrist cuffs, headband and lasso (Lassoop, I called it) and I was thrown right back in. Mom was “overjoyed” to say the least. The sad thing is, there is only one picture of me as W.W. and that was a Halloween picture from preschool. Mom thinks that the reason she has no evidence was because she got wrapped up into watching me play this character she forgot to record it.
69. I used to also pretend to be a dog. So much so that I wore holes in the knees of every pair of pants I had. The went on well into 3rd grade.
68. I would pretend to be a dog in Church and I barked at the Priest, and I also lifted my leg to a pew…My sister was so glad to be related to me.
67. My best friend when I was in kindergarten to 4th grade was a boy named John. I would say his last name but then you would google him and get to make fun of him about how we used to play My Little Ponies and SheRa all the time. That’s right. He had the greatest room EVER. It was huge! I want to go back to that house to see if it really was, or if it was because I was small.
66. He stopped being my friend in 4th grade, and we were never really friends again, and I never really knew why. It was probably because I turned into a total bitch.
65. I met John’s “roommate” at a friend’s wedding a couple years back. He wanted dirt about him, I told him about the ponies. It came as no surprise to him because apparently John is gay. I had no idea, honestly. The last time I saw him he was a total Frat guy. I also told his roommate to make sure that if John tried to say that the Ponies were his sisters, to call him on it. They were his. He even had the castle. Man I miss those days.
64. One day when my mom went to the store my sister was being mean to me so I packed up all of my ponies and “ran away” all the way to the weird fern bush in the front yard, where I pretended I had a fort.
63. I don’t have many memories before the second grade. I can remember my first grade teacher, but nothing about the first grade.
62. My first memory of school though was getting pushed in the swings by my sister’s friend and thinking that I was going to go over the bar.
61. My first second grade memory was of two boys talking about my friend who was “the new girl” and how she was “the cutest girl in the class.” That always made me jealous, but I still liked her.
60. That friend and I would go on to get into a lot of trouble together. Not real trouble just dumb stuff.
59. I would play pretend so much by myself that I hardly remember much of my family when I was little.
58. I used to fall asleep before dinner and then get woken up by my sisters and think it was the next day.
57. My sisters liked to get me to talk in my sleep a lot too. They would ask me questions, which would end up getting me hit by one of them.
56. I never noticed until a little while back but my mom had a pattern to our names…The girls had M names, with the middle name having 4 letters, and the boys had A names. Which is interesting because my dad has an M name(well not his “given” name) and my mom has an A name. hmmm.
55. My grandma used to say “Colder then a Witches Tit” and I never knew that was a bad saying until one day we went to the grocery store and I said it really loud and she shooshed me. I didn’t know WHY it was a bad saying, until High School. Yeah, I’m slow.
54. I was the typical shy 3 year old, but when someone asked me “What does your mom call you” I said “Her little food and farter.” My mom’s proudest day with me.
53. I was the shortest girl in my class until I think 7th grade. Then everyone stopped growing and I kept going. I still wish I wouldn’t have stopped at just 5’9″ though.
52. Oh! I got a wart on my tonsils! Right around the time my youngest brother was born. I remember mom was gone and I had to get a shot in my butt. And it actually choked me, I remember not being able to breath at times. My oldest sister told me that she told dad that I stopped breathing and he said “Oh she’s just snoring” and then I got the shot…Then I had to go to Bend, (Closest big town) to the doctor and he went in and snipped it out, then teased me. He asked if I wanted to keep it and I was all for it, but no, I didn’t get to keep my tonsil wart.
51. I only had one boyfriend before meeting Jesse. His name was Jason, and I was in the fourth grade. My sister told me he was using me for our Nintendo. He broke up with me because I wouldn’t wear a stupid bracelet that he bought me. I also never kissed him. I wasn’t very sad that he broke up with me.
50. We had a Cocker Spaniel named Muffin, who would follow me to the bus stop almost every day. She also laid in the middle of the road a lot, but never got hit by a car. I also had another dog named Rascal, who “ran away” or so THEY told me, but then when I was older my oldest sister said “Oh he probably got ran over or something.” They’re so cruel to me.

Things that irritate the shit out of me
49. Open cupboards. This is inherited from my mother.
48. Chewing with your mouth open/smacking. Just eww…shut your mouth.
47. Saying “them are cool” This is a current irritation. Seriously? Does that even SOUND right in your ears? Because it makes mine bleed every time you say it.
46. Whiny voices.
45. Baby talk.
44. The word “hubby”
43. People who talk incessantly about “date nights” and how awesome they are.
42. Rude ass people.

The Musical Edition. My all time Favorites
(Music I love to listen to)
41. Eminem
40. Dr. Dre
39. Lady Gaga
38. Mariah Carey
37. Beyonce
36. Josh Groban
35. 112
34. Jagged Edge
33. OutKast

Things I want to do before I go
32. Visit haunted houses around the country.
31. Go to Africa to the Cheetah Conserve and help with the cheetahs.
30. Get married in Vegas at the Luxor.
29. Lose 100lbs.
28. Adopt a kid. Or foster 10. Okay not 10 but a couple.
27. Have an honest to goodness career.
26. Coach a basketball team again.
25. Buy a house.
24. Wear high heels. I’m talking stilettos.
23. Have all my friends together at least one more time.
22. Visit New York City.
21. Visit Savannah Georgia.
20. Go to Canada.


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