February 27 Finally its happened to me…

February 27

Finally its happened to me…

So I have the Internet for reals now at my house.  And now I can get back to blogging in real time and I think Oscar’s bed time is going to be moved up just so I have time to do this more often.  Now we just have to hope that my computer can handle this until I get wireless Internet and can use the PS3.  Its already crying at me that I’m using it too much.  It might be the 20 songs that we downloaded in 5 minutes.  I’ll have to transfer them to the PS3.  Have I mentioned that enough yet?  We only have one game so I was hoping to get the net on it so I could use it more but for now its just holding music for me.
So for a bit of an update…
I have now bought plane tickets for the three of us to go to San Diego on the 22nd of March to visit V before she moves to New York.  Its bad enough that she’s far away from me now, but NY!!  She’s going to be in a different TIME ZONE!!  What am I do to?!  We’re excited though, it will be the first trip to Cali and first plane right for Jesse and Oscar.  Jesse’s great grand ma lives in southern cali, and so does his great aunt so we’re hoping to visit with them for maybe half a day while we’re down there.  We want to get a picture of Oscar with his Great Great Grandma, who by the way is younger then my Grandpa.

I got my hair cut and dyed a month or so ago, it was super cute, the first day, but I can’t fix it like my uncle can…
100_0801 100_0802 it is no longer this cute, you could see my roots ohhh three days after…my hair grows way to stinkin fast.

My dad is turning 60 in May!  His sister who lives here in Spokane, well close anyway, is throwing him a party up here, so the family hopefully will be able to come up for it.

My sister Melly might be moving up here at the end of May, I keep my fingers crossed.  I’m excited about that I’m trying to get her an apartment here so I’ll have her super close to me!

I’m hopefully getting a job for real at the end of March when we get back from our trip.  I need to get one, we’re hurting for money.  If anyone out there wants to throw some our way I won’t argue.  I keep thinking about playing the lotto, but I never get out of the house.

My mom is going to be up the first part of summer for a couple of weeks…I’m sure that will be a fun time!  She’s bringing gramps up to visit everyone up here and she’s letting him stay for a couple weeks, he’ll stay with my uncle Joe and she’ll stay with us!  Good thing we have this extra room!

I have fallen off the exercise wagon, but I am still eating less and trying to stay good in that fact, I have however drank soda on occasion.  Not too much though I swear!  I started doing some walking exercises to get me ready for all the walking I will do when we go to SD.  Soooo EXCITED!!

Anyway Its getting late and I need to get some sleep, I’m sure Oscar will be up bright and early like usual.  Hopefully he’ll take a longer nap tomorrow.  I have the internet now I want to use it!!  haha!

Love and hugs!


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