December 15 A little bit of mystory

December 15

A little bit of mystory

Well I always end up writing at least two entries a day.  because why?  things are on this mind of mine.  I’m reading through the wonderful blog of Lynn’s and it makes me want to share more of my story with strangers.
All about me
I grew up the middle child in a family of 5.  both my parents were and still are together…even though my mom did most of the raising.  I had a pschology class in highschool and the teacher was going over oedipus complexes and how girls do the opposite…and i raised my hand “i never did…but my dad wasnt around much”  and he looked at me… and knows my parents and knows my mom and asked “are your parents divorced?”  “nope”  “i didnt think so..huh”  yeah so no daddys girl for me…not till later.  i was definatly my mothers child and keep getting more and more like her as the years go by and surprisingly i dont mind…she is my hero.  my mom was a stay at home mom until my youngest brother went to kindergarten.  then she went into the school system…my dad says its because she cant be without us so if we’re not at home she’ll go to school.  she started in the special ed room as a teaching assistant and is now pretty much the go to woman in the district…she did have her rough times though.  when they begged her to become the “detention hall teacher” at the highschool.  they fired her because the students werent getting into trouble they just wanted to go visit her.  this is because she actually gave kids respect but didnt take their shit.  this was fun for me because it was going on while i was in highschool.  i wasnt the kid embarassed of my mom…i loved my  mom and knew everyone else loved her as well.  so anyway i have two older sisters and two younger brothers.  my oldest sister is 35 the other one is 29, i’m 26.  then my oldest younger brother is 22, and my youngest brother who is honestly one of my best friends…is almost 21.  the best is the genetics of the family… my oldest sister and the oldest boy both have blue eyes and the same personality…the other two the second girl and second boy both have brown eyes and similar traits.  me i’m in the middle.  i’m the one with hazel eyes and curly hair.  i’m also left handed.  if you sit me next to mom i’m a lot like mom both in attitude and looks, sit me next to dad and i’m a lot like dad attitude and looks.  when i was working for my dad one of his regular old boys came in and said “you look like your dad”  and dad said “sorry randa”  but hey its alright.
so my mom and i always got along she’s my rock, she’s everyone’s rock, and i like to think that i’m her rock on occassion when she needs it.  my dad and i didnt get a long.  i always felt sort of invisible to him growing up.  the only time he saw me was when i was in trouble which didnt happen very often…if at all.  i played basketball since 4th grade and in highschool my senior year dad went to three games.  my first home game, my last away game (because mom made him) and my last home game (because mom made him)  my junior year…back tracking a bit he would go and i would ask “did you see that shot i made dad!”  and he would say “i saw that free throw you missed”  aww what a good dad.  the thing that really bumbed me out about dad was that he would play b-ball with the boys all the time…and when i came out to play he would be done…and go inside.  i never understood that really.
my sisters and i are okay close…they both have big family’s well sorta big.  my oldest sister has three boys.  wonderfully terrible boys.  and my other sister has a girl and a boy…who are adorable.  but we dont talk that much.  my other brother alex is a big huge goofball…he’s 6’7 and reminds me of a great dane.  i love him to death we fight and wrestle and now that i have a big boyfriend he kinda leaves me alone most of the time.  he also doesnt mind when i take him to a gay bar…he and his wife are having a baby soon.  i’m soo scared to see what that kids gonna do with a baby!  he’ll be a good dad.  my youngest brother who i get to call baba…because he’s the baby…is seriously the coolest asshole in the whole world.  if anyone out there has a daughter that’s around 21 and can handle a sweet asshole who will tell her the truth let me know.  he told me one day that a girl told him to tell him the truth about why he didnt want to be with her “so i told her…’i thought i could do better'”  i almost slapped him.  the boy has a lot to learn.  but baba and i have way too much fun together.  he one time side tackeled me in the front of costco… “look that guy has the same shoes at me”  i look then i get knocked to the floor.  my mother.  walking quietly away from us…she’s good at that.  haha. (this was when i was 21 by the way)  another time in a store we were with mom…again when i’m older then 13…we had a broom in the shopping cart and we were fighting over it for some reason…and it bent back then whapped my mother in the head.  just smacked her a good one.  and then we were both on the ground laughing hysterically trying to ask if mom was okay.  she just wheeled the cart around us.  honestly i dont know what it is but you get me around my brother and i think i’m 12 again.  i love it.  we used to wrestle around the house laughing the whole time and my dad would be in the same room and when we’d get too loud he would move rooms.  and we’d end up in that room too.  laughing and wrestling.  mom said that he used to just watch in wonder.  he could never do that to his sisters when he was younger…ahh the joy of being young and free.  our sisters friend tried to get in on it and my brother in the best eric cartman voice ever was yelling “NOO ANNIE THAT’S A BAD ANNIE!!”  then there was the time that he and his friend and i were fighting in the living room and we knocked a lamp over.  and i…being 20 or so…reverted back to 10 and got scared of mom.  so aba marches us back to her room to show her and she gives us the look…and i’m scared and aba says “dont give us the ‘we cant have nice things’ crap because i dont want to hear that shit”  and i almost peed my pants.  no one talks to mom like that!! no one!  but i think that’s the perks of being the baby…mom never pinned him to the fence by his neck like she did to my oldest sister.  i never got the wrath of mom because i didnt do anything.  i was the good kid.  i was the cute kid as a little girl.  shy and never wanted to talk to strangers.  when a woman asked me what my name was when i was 3, i wouldnt answer so she asked “what does your mommy call you” and i said “her little food and farter”  god i was adorable!  then when she was trying to potty train me she told me that the store didnt have diapers anymore…so my sister and i went on a hunt for them and found them so she had a worker at the store tell me that they didnt sell them to big girls “i dont wanna be a big girrrlll!!’  and for around two years of my life i was known only as wonderwoman.  this started i believe when i was 3 and lasted till about 5ish.  mom has no photographic evidence of this for some reason so i try to deny it.  i wore the underroos and that was it.  and i was almost out of the phase when my uncle presented me with the “lassoop”, the cuffs and the crown.  and i was right back into it.  my aunt mary would be cat woman while my uncle buck was bug man.  and i defeated them both.  i wouldnt answer to miranda i would only answer to wonder woman.  there was also the time that i mortified my sister in church by crawling up to the preist as a puppy dog and barking at him till he patted me on the head, then i turned around and lifted my leg to a pew.  i wore holes in my pants at the knees because i was constanly crawling pretending to be one animal or another.
In third grade my teacher dashed my hopes of ever being a mother… we did the whole “what do you want to be when you grow up” and i proudly said “i want to be a mom just like mine because she is great” and my teacher looked at me and said “you dont want to be a mom, your kids will grow up and leave you old and alone”  i swear to god she said that…i remember.  so this is the reason why i’m 26 and have no kids.  i’m blaming her.
ARound that same time my dad made me afraid of hights by jumping off a cliff after saying “sorry girls the world is just too much for me to handle”  he knew there was a ledge five feet down…but we didnt…and now i cant go anywhere near a bridge without being scared.
my dad also had good advise when it came to dating “just date a guy with a car”  or when the whole family thought i was a lesbian “hey i dont care as long as she’s cute”  my sister perpetuated the lesbian myth when one of her friends supposidly saw my friend v in the store holding hands…v and i dont hold hands we barely hug…”is your sister you know gay?”  mel answers “probably”  and then asks her brother in law do you think randa seems gay and he says “i dunno but that girlfriend she brought home is hot”  so it took me a couple years to live that down.  and then i met jesse…and that kind of talk stopped.  i always hopped that we would have a gay kid in the family…we have five kids the odds!!  but no no one is…so mom kinda odopted one!  after i got out of highschool one of the boys in the school who everyone knew was gay came out to his very very religious family…his parents promply kicked him out, my mom who worked at the h.s. at the time absolutly loved the boy and didnt understand why they would do that so clay moved in.  the best part was when his dad talked to my dad and said “you know that he’s gay…why do you let him live in your house” and dad said “it doesnt really matter…but its not my decision..”  we also had my aging grandmother living with us who was going pretty senial and clay would spend hours entertaining her.  he also brought flowers home for her from work and when dad got home from lunch he asked “mom who brought you the flowers?’ and grammy replied “oh the cutest little fairy!”  my dad didnt know how to respond and didnt want to look at clay and later clay said “i was so glad he didnt look at me because i was doubled over trying not to laugh”  grammy also gave us another good one… one day she’s talking to mom and says “i think clay is funny” and mom says “i do too that’s why i keep him a round” and grammy says “no…fu..nny”  and mom asks “what do you mean?”  grammy says: “well i have invited him to my bed on several occasions and always declines!”  and mom says “do you think that’s maybe because your 84?”  she never even thought of that!  so wonderful!  she was terrible, i had a friend zach who’s african american and would come over all the time even if i wasnt home and he was in playing video games and gramma was there and when my mom got home she said “ann there’s a negro boy in your living room…do you allow that?”  “yes!! and dont you say that in my house ever again!”  zach once told me “when your gramma dies…i’m not gonna cry”  i dont blame him. she also called my friend roger “the fat boy in the back”  she hated fat people…then when she got worse she told me one time “i like that boyfriend of yours…not the fat one..the other one…he’s cute as a bug!”  and then she forgot who roger was but just called him the fat one and complained that he was stealing food from her plate.  i love old people.
anyway there’s a little glimps into my past and my growing up…there’s plenty more…but i better break it up a bit

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