November 25 Thanksgiving and Moving!

November 25

Thanksgiving and Moving!

So I’ve finally found the Windows live writer, and I’m trying it out today.  I’m hoping that it will make this easier to post and put pictures with my blog.  I’ve been trying to download a game that I’m addicted to and its not working.  I’ve tried several different things, I even bought the darn thing and now I have to wait two weeks for the CD to get here.  I can’t find it in any store so its alright that I have to wait.  I just didn’t want to.

Thanksgiving was alright.  I have to admit that I like Thanksgiving at my parents house more then at my aunt and uncle’s.  It seems to be more cheerful at my mom’s house.  Even with my dad kicking the dog once in a while.  Anyway here is a picture of Oscar in his Thanksgiving outfit, that he got from his Great Grandma Mary.100_0630 He was very happy to be all dressed up and cute.  He’s always cute.

100_0631 Here’s Oscar with his Auntie Jane.100_0638 And here he is with his Uncle Joe and his Uncle Dan, Dan is the one holding him.  Can you tell that they are brothers?!  This is the only picture I’ll ever get of my Uncle Joe, he does not like cameras.  I did get a picture of Jesse and Oscar, but none of me!  100_0640 I will probably stay out of pictures better then Uncle Joe.

So after a couple of flip floppings we are going to for reals move next door to the new apartment.  Last week I was stressing over the money and then Jesse said “Nope!  We’re doing it!”  So we’re moving, If anything I will suck it up and get a night job.  For some reason here you have to let them know if you are going to school, so I’m going to talk to the manager and tell her I’m going back to school in the spring or summer.  I don’t think it will mess with the situation, if anything it will help with rent and everything.  Right now we have moved the computer to the living room…100_0649 See its a little cramped right now.  In the new apartment we will have an extra room for the computer.  It used to be in our room but we were having trouble stealing Internet…but for some reason its not helping to be here in the living room either.  Some day we’ll actually pay for my internet.  Some day.
Well I will leave you with one more picture…I love that I can finally do this!!

100_0643 Love and Hugs!


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