February 06, 2005 “The worst pregnant women…EVER”

February 06

“The worst pregnant women…EVER”

Yup that’s what my aunt Jane says…and you know what?  I dont argue that fact, not at all.  So the emotions have been running well wild, and in their own direction when ever they feel like it.  I’m in between angry and crying hysterically for no reason whatsoever.  I am controling it at work, however, at home I watch as many sappy movies as possible to get the crying out, then I get grumpy with jesse because he’s annoying and I want him to leave me alone, and he thinks its hysterical to poke at me.  Yeah he was that kid when he was little poking at the rabid dog.  jerk.  at least he doesnt take it personal when I tell him I hate him.
I need to win the lottery.  But I’m not lucky.  I’m considering giving my dad money to play the lotto for me.  If he would just give me the numbers.  Seriously he’s a lucky guy.  When he had his Polaris dealership he would go to the district meetings and they would have raffles, he would come home with sooo many things!  And at our church bazzar yeah…he’d win tons of door prizes.  I told him he needs to play the lottery and he just laughs.  No really dad, play the lottery.  I however am not lucky.  I try the whole mind over matter thing “I am lucky, I am lucky, I am lucky” it doesnt work.  Every time I go to vegas I come back broke.  I’ve only been three times but only once I won $100.  and then lost the rest of it.  My friend in Burns and I would watch the Soprano’s on Sunday’s then go to the casino and spend 10 bucks…she would leave with oh at least $40 and I would leave.  So yeah Winning the Lottery is the new plan.  I just need to find someone lucky to cut in on the deal.  Stinkin dad.  I always think about what I would do with lottery winnings, and we’re talking the 400 million lottery here.  This is what I would do with it…
First off, I would fund my mother’s dream of having a home for her special needs girls when they get out of highschool.  She’s been wanting to do this for a while and keeps comming up against road block after roadblock.  She wants to have a house maybe four bedrooms, with a big kitchen and a living room where the girls in the town can live and be “on their own” all while having my mother’s watchfull eye on them.  It would be basically two houses, one for mom and dad and then one for the girls separated by a couple of doors.  This came about when one of the girls that mom has known forever finally at the age of 28 got to live on her own, she had her own apartment and was doing good.  a man stalked her and raped her.  which is pretty tragic for anyone.  So mom decided that it wasnt going to happen again.  She wants a house that the girls can run themselves yet be safe in.  So that’s the first thing I would do.  I would build and fund mom’s entire project.
Second I would fully fund my dad in whatever venture he wants to do.  I would love to see the man just putter around and rebuild old cars, that would be wonderful.
I would give to all of my siblings the most money I could legally and as tax free as possible.  I would set up college funds for all of my neices and nephews, and I would also set up “scholarships” for anyone in the family that wants to go to school.  Or is going to school.
All of my aunts and uncles would get the same amount of money, as much as a gift without being taxed.  My aunt jane and dan would probably get a little more because I love them more.  haha.  plus my aunt jane has done more for me and jesse then most of the family.  My uncle Joe would get a lot from me because he always helped (begrudgingly) when I needed it.  But I think I would help him pay off his enormus debt and if he ever wanted to move his salon I would fund that for him.
Jesse’s family would get the same deal.  I would move his mom where ever she wanted to go and buy her a house, and if she wanted to start her own business I would fully fund her, I would also pay off any debts I possibly could for her.  I would give his sister a full scholarship to any school she wanted to go to no matter where or how much.  I would pay off all his brother’s debts (he had quite a bit of hospital stays) and pay for his schooling if he wanted to continue.  His youngest brother would get a scholarship too if he decides to go to school and would probably get anything he asked us for.  The rest of the family would be up to jesse to decide if he wanted to give them any money.
All of my friends from college would get what ever the hell they wanted. This does not include friends that “come out of the woodwork”  I would have my own personal jet so I could go and visit everyone when ever I wanted and go where ever I want to go.  The only two people in burns that I would give any thing to are my two very good friends Talia and Felicia, they would get anything they wanted as well.  All the rest of the people from burns could kiss my ass.  And I would tell them that too.
I think though I would stay here in spokane just so we could buy a huge plot of land and build our dream house and jesse would have his acreage to have a paintball course and motorcycle course for when my brother alex comes to visit, and I’m sure when jesse’s mom comes to visit she would use it too.  and in the winter time we would snomobile on it.  I think I would have to buy a house in San Deigo on the beach so I can go down and stay for as long as I want…even though I know I could just stay in a hotel.  or with v.
I would go and visit Africa…the whole thing.  I would start at the top and work my way down.  All this with our kid of course!  Who hopefully we could keep from being too hauty about having money.  I know that jesse would still make them work for it.
I would give a half a million dollars to Gonzaga but only if they used it for education and not sports and not more housing.  I would be very specific in my donations.  Also they would have to give me my diploma, and date it 2001.  I believe I had a bad advisor who did not help me count my credits correctly my senior year leading to the two missed credits.  Who misses just two credits anyway?!
I would fully fund anyone (Zewbby) running for presidency that would actually do the country good.  And I would buy any votes I could! haha.
I would then invest as much money as I could so that I would be making money off of my money so I could live in comfort and my kids could live in comfort for the rest of my life and their lives and possibly the grandchildren as well.
I’m sure jesse would still work because he loves what he does.  Me I would travel around and visit with people, until i got done visiting everyone.  then I would try and figure out what to do that would make me happy.  besides sitting on a beach doing nothing.  Because for a while that’s probably all I would do.  And play with my kid.  No nannies for me.
So that in a nut shell is what I would do if I won the lottery.  Oh yeah and I would some how get my mom on the Oprah show because she loves loves Oprah.  So yeah.  that’s it.  I’m sure there’s a lot more that I could think of…but I need to get back to work!

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