November 27 The Girl can’t help it…

November 27

The Girl can’t help it…

“You know this ain’t the first time
This has happened to me, this love sick thing
I like serious relationships
And a girl like me don’t stay single for long

‘Cause every time a boyfriend and I break up
My world is crushed and I’m all alone
The love bug crawls right back up
And bites me and I’m back”


Oh Fergie…why can’t you just stay single for a little while…give the guys a break! I’m wondering why everyone is going back and sampling from oldies.  I’m not a big fan of the oldies.  I don’t like Sean Kingston I don’t like the music in his songs.  It bugs me.  I like Fergie, but the first time I heard this song, I heard that one verse and it instantly bugged me.  I’m still wanting to get the whole CD for some strange reason.

So on the Hills, last night, it was the first time I felt bad for Heidi, and I was yelling at the TV to tell her to run, run far away from Spencer the duchebag and his ugly weirdo sister.  I love when people get into battles they have nothing to do with or have no idea what happened.  And that bastard “Justin-Bobby” needed to sober up a bit and stop grabbing boobs.  “Oh I didn’t make out with that girl!”  “No you just grabbed her boob on the way out of the club”  And where the hell was he going?  It wasn’t like anyone else was leaving.  What a dick.
You know why I like the Hills?  Because I have no drama in my life.  I watch these stupid shows because nothing like that will ever happen in my life.  I just float along with my boyfriend who doesn’t talk to anyone but his co-workers and my child who doesn’t ever get out of the house.
It finally snowed last night, I’ve been dreading it…I tried to take the boy child out in the snow, but it didn’t work, the snowsuit we have for him was too small, and so are the boots…I didn’t really want to freeze his little feets off…So we checked it out for a couple minutes and we were back inside.  Surprisingly he didn’t protest!
Moving day draws ever closer, We’ll be signing papers on Friday and be moving in that evening and cleaning up Saturday.  The grounds manager was supposed to do a quick check of our place this morning, but the snow has stopped that!  I cleaned and everything!!  So now I’m just hanging out and not leaving the house for fear of Spokane drivers….


There is not that much snow on the roads people!!  What is your problem?!  Sometimes I think over the spring summer and fall people forget that it snows here, and go retarded or something.  They actually have video of some poor soul who doesn’t have a snow car or traction trying to get up a hill.  Another reason for my unwillingness to leave the house.  Oh and Jesse’s penchant for pulling the e-brake to slide around corners.  I keep telling him he can dent his own car, just leave mine alone.
I hope everyone’s day week month whatever is going well and continues to do so!

100_0653 Love and Hugs!


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