December 27 Here I go again on my own…

December 27

Here I go again on my own…

Walking down the only road I’ve ever known…Like a drifter I was born to walk alone…
But I made up my miiinnndd….I ain’t wastin no more tiiiimmmeee…
no idea where that song came from in my brain it just appeared.  and then a quote from Empire Records comes to mind “no one knows where idea’s come from…they just appear!”
i’m looking around my desk to see if i have anything to do.  i think i do, i could do a couple things but i dont want to, i want to post an entry about absolutly nothing.  that’s what i like about my blog it really has no purpose other then to fuel my need to vomit out whatever is in my brain.  and to lynn…i will never stop writing what ever comes to my head, i promise.  and to v.d.  “you complete me”  haha!  you have to see the hand motions when you read that.
i dont even know who sings that song that just popped into my head.  i’m waiting to see if i did my job right… stinkin corporate offices.  have you ever noticed in jobs that have corporate offices that they’re all bitches there?  they are.  and then i got a job one summer at the corporate office but i was the office bitch, just like here, but in the place where all the other people in the call centers whisper about…you know you did v…haha.  i’m totally kidding here.  but seriously no one likes the corporate office…because while your in your office they lord over you with their power.  with their HR and their Payroll…and their V.P.’s of New Product Marketing.
I have always wanted a sound track to my life.  I need to have a little boom box that just plays while i’m living.  different songs for different parts of the day or moods that i’m in.  whenever i hear a song i can see what should be the video for the song, and then when the real video comes on MTV…whenever they actually play videos… that’s not what i had in my head.  i should be a video director.  i would kick ass.  they would totally love my videos.
So another addition to my pledge for next year.  i’m sooo doing christmas cards.  christmas cards with pictures and a note about my year.  my sister and her husband did that even before they had kids, they would have pictures with their dogs.  i’m doing it.  but with my cats.  HAHAH.  i can just see mertyl glaring into the camera right now.  haha  makes me laugh.  damn i have to get a digital camera so you all could see the glaring.  she does.  and she talks shit too.  i poke at her.
i’ll have to inlist v in this endevor (how the f do you spell that? did i get it right?)  anyway she’s got all the addresses i know it..  she unlike i keeps in touch with most of the friends from college.  well she at least has addresses…  i dont, because i’m an asshole.  and a bad friend.  its okay i know this.  so yeah christmas next year is gonna be da bomb.  haha.  not really…dont get your hopes up people.  i need a lint brush for my shirt.  i just noticed this.  its bad.
Time to check on some more work…damn stinkin corporate.  had to resend.
Okay I might add to this one later, but who knows.  you know you’ll check back.  HAHA!  I’ve got you sucked in!
its already 12:45…i have yet to go to lunch and i did all that my work requires me to do, until i get the mail this afternoon.  wait it is afternoon techically.  my belly hurts i think my uterus is screaming at me.  its that sort of pain.  yeah that’s right i went there.  and i shared on a blog that my female parts hurt.  i should go to lunch soon, but i’m thinking i’m gonna go to safeway for deli food because they take my checks and that guy that i sleep with…well he stole my debit card…he did ask for it…so i guess its not stealing.  damn i should get two cards one of these days.
I’m thinking its time to watch the dude after work today.  the roomate lost mine so she gave me one for christmas!  yay!  finally get to watch it again!  might have to be a movie watching night, inbetween jesse and i fighting over who gets to play video games.  i have played my new/old game only once but i’ve already beaten four levels…i’m pretty much kicking its ass.  my hands cramped up something aweful though, and i dont remember that happening when i played it last.  but hey it was years and years ago.
so i was looking for places to go and play basketball for cheep in the winter time…and i found out that the damn YMCA costs more then most fitness places…what the devil is that all about?!  isnt that supposed to be a place where cheep people go to get fitness for cheep?  that was a bad sentence.  sorry.
i love that my mom has instant messanger now.  i can talk to her when she’s home and i’m at work its fun but sometimes things get lost in translation…hahah she just called my brother’s advisor at school a “bitch”  its funny to hear mom say that…or type that.  i think its the typing that gets me because she cusses all the time but when you see it typed its just funny
i have found my new favorite show but i can only watch it at my aunts house because i dont have the channel its Mystery Diagonsis.  and i watched a good four or five episodes of it over the weekend.  and i like it, i like all those medical mysteries, and i think sometimes that i have a medical mystery that i’m ignoring.  and then one day i’ll be on that show.  i have mysterious pains all the time, that i mostly ignore for the fact that they go away but then they come back.  like today i seriously think my uterus is revolting and trying to find away out of my body.  i think it might find it through my belly button.  speaking of belly buttons…i hate mine, i hate belly buttons in general..they’re gross and anytime that i’ve ever touched mine it hurts.  and i dont like people touch or poking me in the belly button and i hate seeing people pick at their own.  GROSS.

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