January 11 Weight loss and complaints

January 11

Weight loss and complaints

Okay so I’m trying to loose weight right?  Well I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing all these people on TV who have lost millions of pounds.  “Oh I’ve been heavy all my life and now I’m a size 2!  yay!”  I haven’t been fat all my life.  I gained over 100 lbs in 10 years.  Most of it after I graduated college.  I can say that I only gained around 15 lbs in the four years at college…and then life hit me and for some reason I gained a million pounds.  Sometimes I feel like the lady on Fried Green Tomatoes when she says “I just want to get it over with and get REALLY fat.”  I have no idea what I weigh right at the moment.  I know that my size 22 pants fall off of me, sometimes…and sometimes they dont.  Like right out of the dryer I have to suck it to get them on but then after a day or so they fall off…but my other pants don’t do that.  And then I heard that skinny bitch on the view who’s probably back down to a size 6 after having a baby say something about wearing her pants that don’t fit her until they do.  And I’m now trying that.  I’m in my 20s and they’re killing me.  But maybe they’ll convince me to do something more.  I have been doing more dancing around the house and sweating.  I’m feeling pretty hopeless about the whole thing.  I just don’t get how people can do it!  This one lady went from 300 lbs down to god knows how skinny and she says all she does is 200 sit ups every day.  My cousin says she lost 50 lbs since last feburary and all she did was start working.  She doesn’t even work out or eat better!  WTF!?  I work out every other day, I eat a lot less then I used to, I drink more water, and I see no results.  Nothing.  I think my biggest problem is I just want it to go away, right now, not in a year not in 6 months, right freaking now.  I wish I could get my stomach stapled but you know I bet that wouldn’t even work for me.  I’d probably just stay the same.  “they” say that if you cut out 500 calories a day then you can loose up to 3 lbs in a week…where’s my 3 lbs?!  I eat small little meals through out the day I cut down my carbs I eat salads and not with ranch either… I drink as much water as I remember to do and yet I’m not getting anywhere.  Maybe with this extra money I will get a membership to a gym and just start going to that every day.  But then I hate the gym because I hate people looking at me… I really want to find a basketball team to join, and I did look but I looked to late and found a team but they needed someone at the begining of december and I found it just last week.  ugh.  I just want to snap my fingers and go back to the weight I was at the end of college.  I look at my friends and they’re all still skinny and pretty and here I am a big fat slobby asshole.  I gained 50lbs in a year.  I couldn’t even blame it on having a baby either because I gained it AFTER I had him.  When I went into the doctor the nurse said “well you did just have a baby” and I said “yeah a year ago, and I gained this after he was born”  “oh…well”  yeah lady I’m a fat lazy fuck.  I haven’t had fast food in a while though.  I did break down and have some a couple weeks ago…I blame my period…but I really haven’t had a craving for it lately, give me a week though and we’ll see.  I just wish I could be one of the success stories I see on the Today show.  I want to go on there with my old pants and my new size 2s.  haha.  Yeah right, I will never ever be a 2.  I was thinking about being anorexic, but I don’t have the drive to do that, plus I have a family and friend base that wouldn’t let me get away with that.  I’m sure if I did a drastic weight loss I’d have 10 people on me saying “are you eating?!  what are you eating?!  nothing!!”  I have gone 4 whole days taking vitimins every day…which is a huge feat for me.  I can barely go 3 without just forgetting about it.  Anyway sorry for the sudden bitch fest.  I’m just tired of these weightloss adds.  I want to meet these people in real life…and ask them how long it took them because no one ever says “this took me 3 years to loose 300lbs”  It always seems to be “well I was fat last week and LOOK AT ME NOW!”  jerks.


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