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The Vampire Obsession and Me.

I’m a fan of many things. But I’ve never been a “super fan” of anyone or anything. Unless owning at one time all of Mariah Carey’s c.d.’s a “super fan.” I’ve never sent a fan letter, I never had her picture up all over my walls. In high school I was “obsessed” with *ahem* Tiger Woods. And even went so far as to put him on the “guest list” for one of the dances as a joke. I had his pictures in my locker. I loved playing golf and followed his rise to domination. Then I found real men to obsess over in college. ha!

I’ve always been intrigued by vampires and vampire stories. I know a lot of people who don’t like Ann Rice but I have always liked her writing and devoured almost all of her books in the Vampire Chronicles. It wasn’t so much that I wanted a vampire to bite me or fall in love with a vampire but it was just a good book to read that didn’t make me have to think about anything.

I read the Twilight books because my sister had one and said they were good. So I read it. And yes at first I did “fall in love” with Edward. But as I kept reading I could tell that these were not well written books, the characters were not very developed and they just seemed kind of hollow. They were super easy for me to read, because well, they’re for teens. But I kept reading because I wanted to know how it was going to end. I borrowed the last couple of books from my old neighbor and read them in an afternoon. They left me with no sense of anything really and I’ve forgotten most of it. I tried to watch the first movie and had to fast forward and kept getting up to do other things. And I also kept trying to change the channel yet I was watching it on a DVD. Anyway I have yet to get to watch the second one. It’s in my queue but I keep pushing it down because really I don’t have an interest in it.

So after hearing so much about True Blood on twitter I decided to put it at the top of the queue and check it out. And now I’m hooked. I get two disks at a time that usually have 2 to 3 episodes on them and I watch them all at once. They keep me going because I want to know what the hell is going on! They totally threw me off, usually I can figure out “who did it” pretty quick and I had no idea until the episode where they reveled it who the “killer” was. That impresses me. I’m now addicted to True Blood. It has sucked  me in; to be punny.

So now I wait, I sit and wait probably until Monday to get my next two videos. And when I get done with the second season I will sit and be sad that I don’t have HBO to watch the third season.

In other news: We’re looking into Weight Watchers, Barb, and I. She has a couple co-workers who are doing it and losing weight and looking good, and now we want to try it out. I know so many people that it’s worked for that I just have a feeling that if we do it, it will work for us.
Oscar had his 4 year old check up yesterday. He’s 41 inches tall and 41 lbs. A pound an inch! He did really well and didn’t freak out until the two nurses came in and we had to lay him down to get four shots. So today he’s being pretty mellow and has a bit of a fever which is to be expected. And pretty nice for me that I don’t have to worry about him messing around.


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Pictures To Go Along With The Story

So we had a wonderful half a week in Portland. It was good to see my dad. I should have gotten some pictures of him, but that probably wouldn’t be very nice to photograph a sick man. At least he wouldn’t be able to chase after me! I did however get some excellent shots of his view from the fourteenth floor.

Isn’t that beautiful?! I want to just take that view with me everywhere. I wish I would have been there for the Fourth of July. Dad said a nurse came in and made him get up to watch and he saw the whole city light up with fireworks all the way around.
So there is a Sky Tram that goes from the hospital down to a building for doctors.

This is on our way back up. I couldn’t get any pictures on our way down because Oscar had a death grip on me and was sweating because he was so scared. I think that a fear of hights is maybe inhereted because my hands were sweating the whole time too. I felt like I was flying though. I have a fear of heights but apparently it’s not crippling because I am able to go on rides like this one with out having panic attacks. The good thing though if I did have a panic attack I was going right back to a hospital. Oscar loved it right after we got off of the tram. He wanted to go right back up again.

Someone had an unfortunate accident.

Here’s the station up at the top. The nice thing was that since we were visiting a cancer ridden dad we got to ride the tram for free. Oscar really liked his tickets, and held on to them very tightly.

While visiting dad was nice, it also gave me a chance to visit my friend Leslie, who I only get to see once a year or so, like most of my friends.We met her family on the beach at Pacific City. Thanks to GPS on my phone the trip was fairly uneventful. Except for one “make a legal uturn as soon as possible.”

The Oregon Coast is always cloudy isn’t it? Or is it just when I go?

Here’s Oscar, Aiden, Leslie’s Husband Bryan and Laila. Oscar is totally amused at the moment.

Leslie and I tried our hands at cloud bursting and it worked, but it took almost until we had to leave for the sun to come out. My shins got burnt. Laila loves me. She drug me into the waves, and then out of the waves. I love her, because she made me run. Not many people can do that. We actually got to park on the beach which was a first for me. Thankfully Bryan brought my car down for me but then it was up to me to get it back up. Scary stuff!

He’s totally playing dead. I swear!

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Heartburn Pretty Much Ruins Everything

Deciding to blog about nothing is pretty tough. There’s a lot of ideas rolling around in my brain but they never seem to translate on to paper. Or screen as it is. And I know the picture has nothing to do with the title. And the title has nothing to do with what I’m writing but again. It’s my blog deal with it.

So that rose came out of our pretty rose bush out front. Oscar has decided that he now has to bring me in flowers. Thankfully he has a grandma who knows how to cut them. I have gotten a handful of grass as a “flower” and was forced to put it into a “vase” and I use that loosely because it was actually a cleaned out chocolate milk jug from McD’s. Yup we’re class. Don’t tell me you’re white trash and you have a vase. Because we don’t. I also don’t own any curtains. What? You know what else I don’t have? Throw pillows. And I’ve lived with white walls for so freaking long I couldn’t even imagine what color on my walls would look like. I don’t have any decoration in my bathroom. And we have no matching towels. I have a closet full of towels, and most of them are old. I think we have 6 towels that we actually bought ourselves. Yup.

Oscar got a new little play area in the back yard. Jesse actually worked in the yard. It was amazing to see him not playing video games. I kid. I do. Okay maybe I don’t. Barb was the busiest in the yard though. She got all the stuff she wanted done even through bad joint pain. The woman amazes me. Oh and I helped. I DID! I put rocks around the front garden. That was my contribution. I know shocking that I can help out a little.

See all those rocks?? Yup that was ALL me. That’s pretty much the extent of my yard skills. I didn’t want to do anything else, you know show anyone up. So if all goes according to plan we will have uhm veggies in our front yard!


Major Blockage Going On

My brain won’t let anything out lately. I know you’ve missed me blogging about nothing here, I apologize, I do. So uhm yeah I got nothin’ so here are some pictures of things going on around here!

Oscar hurt his toe…You wanna know how to cripple a 3 year old really fast? Put a band aide on his toe, it’s just like putting tape on a cat’s paw. HILARIOUS.

This is how they play all the time.

Enjoying the sunshine out the back door.

He’s already a baller, shot caller.

After the Walk for the Cure, Oscar had to wear my numbers. He wore them the rest of the day. And ran around.

And even Blaze ‘n Butters love the nice weather.

Hopefully I’ll have something to talk about soon. Something might be on my mind enough to actually let it all out in my lovely word vomit that I spew on here.

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Having Family Here is Fun, Now GET OUT!

Well, my sister is leaving me for good. I made her move here almost a year or two ago, and now she’s leaving me. Which will leave only me out of my hometown. It doesn’t make me sad. That town was never for me. We had some good times though here this week with my mom and oldest sister here. Oh and my three nephews too. My mom somehow got my brother to let her bring his 4 year old up with her, so Oscar got some good cousin time…He’s not selfish like Jesse. Jesse won’t let them take Oscar for a week, because he thinks it’s too soon for something like that. For HIM not for Oscar. He “couldn’t handle it” but he forgets all those times that BOTH Oscar and I were gone for ohhh a month at a time. But whatever. It’s not like I’m trying to get rid of my kid for a week or anything!

The boys made me do some Wii Just Dance almost every night. And uhm can I just say that I KICK FREAKING ASS at Just Dance? Yup. High scorer all around. My sister is mad because apparently I was the only one of the girls in the family to get any rhythm. My youngest brother is a good dancer too. We pretty much tear it up on the floor.

So here are some pictures of the dancing, and maybe some video, if I can get it working. Not of me of course, because although I am a good dancer, I’m too fat for photos or video…you understand.

Okay and if this works right…Here’s the boys dancing to Who Let The Dogs Out on Just Dance.


Because Birthing Horror Stories are FUN! (everybody’s doing it!)

Do I come off as a mommy blogger? Or just a regular old run of the mill won’t shut up blogger? Which direction should I take? I’m thinking today I’m going to scare the crap out of any sort of would be mom. I should take this on the road to every high school just to scare girls out of having unprotected sex. Or sex at all. Because in my mind sex is not better then violence, sometimes it leads to violence.

(note to people who have heard this story a billion times already, move on, don’t read. Nothing has changed.)

My Story of Oscar’s Birth:
It started out terrible. After I found out I was pregnant I started throwing up. All day every day. Morning, night, it didn’t matter. I had a nice 8 hour day job, and everyone loved me, and then I got pregnant. They stopped loving me, because somedays I couldn’t show up to work because I was puking too much to leave my bathroom. And then when I did show up I spent half the day in the bathroom puking. I even once got this comment from the Sales Manager. “Hey, what’d you eat today?” Me: “UHM Nothing” Him: “well it sounded like tacos.” The worst was there was another girl in the office pregnant but a little farther along then me, and she had one of those easy breasy pregnancies, and everyday I was thinking “man they probably think I’m faking all of this.” And by all rights I would have thought I was a wuss too. There was one day I hurt so bad that I called the dr. in a panic because I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me. Constipation. That’s what was wrong with me. By the time I got to my ninth month I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t sit and I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t do anything. So I left work early, well like a week before my due date. Oh and then he decided not to show up until we forced him out a week after his due date. I went in on my due date. I was only at 1 inch and my dr. said “well we can wait up to two weeks. And I said “NO! I will wait a week tops, I will not have a 11lb baby” And she said “Oh he won’t be that big.” (FORESHADOWING!) So we made a date to get induced on the fifth of September. I went in at 9am, a week after his due date, still only at a 1. YAY! So they put in this little thingy that “softens the cervix” and it felt really awesome! Wait no it didn’t it felt like someone had given my vagine a good paper cut. So I hung out at the hospital watching TV and sitting around, then walking, and then taking a bath around 10 pm because I couldn’t take a bath with the paper cut thingy in my hoo-haa. They checked me again and I was at a 2. Yay! So I got some sleeping pills to help me sleep to get me ready for the next day. (They didn’t help) The bed they had me in was an airbed and it kept refilling with air and waking me up. Oh I got another paper cutty thing in over night too, to help me along. Wake up in the morning and I think I was still at a two. So I hung out. The contractions started kicking in during that time and we were excited. They didn’t hurt, my mom who is an awesome coach was there to tell me when to breath and keep me focused. I think around 4pm my water broke. It was the weirdest pressure release and then I was wet. And the nurses were excited, and had to check me before they would let me get up and change the damn sheets. I was at a 4. I remember just saying “OH! I think, yup! My water just broke!” And then my mom got her game face on. And the contractions started getting more intense. (Oh yes I had pitosin too..didn’t do much) At one time Jesse had to tell on me because mom wasn’t around and he told me to breath and I said “I AM breathing DAMNIT!” And he said “ANN!! She’s not breathing and not listening to me!” (He’s such a tattletale!)

I don’t remember anything remarkable except getting told that I was strange because I was laughing and making jokes in between contractions. But that’s how I deal with pain, I joke. I think around 9:30 or so I was fully dialated and ready to go. I had a nurse and my mom on my sides and Jesse at my head. The nurses were telling me to push and then I look and my doctor is quietly telling me to slow down so I don’t rip…I didn’t hear here. I said “FUUUCK” And pushed and pushed, and ripped. And I think after his head came out I told my mom “Okay, I’m done, I want to be done now” and she said “No sweety, you have to get his shoulders out now.” “No, mom, I don’t want to, I’m okay” There wasn’t a lot of screaming an gnashing of teeth it was just pushing and then breathing. I had big lapses of time between pushing contractions. So I caught my breath in between. When he was finally out the doctor who was helping my doctor said “where the hell were you hiding him?!” He failed to realize that I’m 5’9″ and kinda big. Oscar weighed in at 9lbs6oz before he peed on the scale, he went down to his official weight of 9lbs5oz.

Can you imagine if I would have held him in for another week?! So then the doctor that was helping said “We have to get the placenta out.” I had always heard that the placenta comes out by itself just after birth, no one ever mentions this part of birth by the way. My sisters don’t recall the placental birth, because they had their babies in their arms. Me? Nope. I had a doctor in my hoohaa up to his elbow digging out my placenta because he decided it was time and it wasn’t detaching. Then the half hour it took to stitch me up and my dr. saying “Just one more” and me saying “Shit! Are you sewing me shut?!”
So that was at 11pm. At the hospital where he was born every time a baby is born they ring the bells, so we went by the bell button and rang him into the world. The next week I would hear that bell a lot…I was the start of a wave of babies.
The aftermath is the best part of my horror story. The next day I got up to go to the bathroom, and passed out trying to stand up from the toilet. Yes, to the ground, passed out. Okay reminding you, me: 5’9″ 200lbs at the time. Nurses: 5’1″ each and maybe 170 combined weight. Yeah they had fun getting me into the chair. Passed out again on the chair. Realizing that the bed well, the bed, had a lot of blood on it. Lots of bustling and talking and then a nurse coming up to me with a catheter.
Me: “what the fuck is that?”
Her: “A catheter, we need to empty your bladder to help your uterus”
(by this time I was done. Done with pain)
Her: “Yes, I have to, you are hemorrhaging, that means you are bleeding really bad and will die, I have to do this.”
Me: “fine. whatever.”
More pain insues while getting a catheter shoved in me. A young male doctor comes in looks in my hoo-haa and says “give her some pain meds, I’ll be right back to ‘clean her out'”
They gave me pain meds that only last to their word a half hour. Right when he left. He was gone for 45 minutes. He comes back and I said “can I get more meds” “NO you’ll be fine” And proceeds to shove his hand into my body. I swear I looked down at one point and he was up to his elbow…And that’s when the screaming started. My mom was on one side, my doctor was on the other. I think I might have said FUCK at least 20 times. Mom said “Breath Randa, remember to breath.” and I said “I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING BREATH ANYMORE. GET YOUR FUCKING ARM OUT OF ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” And then I was worried about having to get stitched up again. They had to hold me down because I was trying to kick away from the deamon doctor. In the end yes he probably saved my life. But could he have drugged me up? Yes probably. I was a couple of quarts low after that, and they wanted to give me some more, but my dr. and I talked about it and decided that I was alright and it would have made my stay even longer if I would have gotten the blood.
I was in the hospital for a week. What was supposed to be an easy 3 day trip to the hospital ended up 7 days of me getting poked with a needle every hour and Oscar as well, because compared to me they thought he was dangerously yellow. I wanted to say. “hey I just lost a lot of blood and am naturally pale, you think that anyone would have color next to me.” We had to convince the doctor to let me go home after a week, they wanted to keep me in for another day or two because they thought I was going home to an empty house. We had to continually tell them “No I have help, I will not be exerting myself, I will be okay” They wanted Oscar back in to do yet another blood test the next day, and we refused to do it. When we went in for his 2 week check up the doctor noted how good he looked. “Yes because he was never jaundice to begin with” When I got pregnant I was 230lbs. When I went in for my check up I was 205. Best weight loss EVER! That was the only nice thing about it. Oh yeah and this little baby boy…So there you have it folks. Hey girls. Don’t get pregnant. It sucks. And now I don’t want to have another one! YAY! I cured myself! And I managed to get through this without crying.


Amazon Makes It Too Easy

So as per a suggestion from Fracas I went to Amazon and bought a book. She should get paid for this. I also bought two other books because Amazon makes it too easy for me to buy cheep books. The shipping cost double what three books did. Awesome. But in the end I got three books for about $5 each. Which is pretty damn good.
Starting a weight loss journey takes a lot of baby steps. And I appreciate any suggestions you all might have. I am going to, money permitting, go to my “Oz Fitness” which is used to be “24 Hour Fitness” and get signed up there, to do a couple other baby steps. The one closest to me does not have a pool though, and I actually really like to swim and it’s the lowest impact for someone as out of shape as myself.
Listen, I’m not a 300lb person. But I am desperately out of shape. I think a 300lb person could out run me. Hey I’ve seen the biggest loser, I would be having a heart attack daily if I had to do what they put those people through. My muscles would rip from my body and run screaming from the room.

Anyway. It’s all about baby steps for me and weightloss. I did learn on The View today that it is all about the fiber. Or as Fracas spells it (Canadian…eh) fibre. And then I read my comments and learned some more! YAY FOR COMMENTS!!
This short little post has taken all morning to write for some reason. And that reason is: a 3 year old boy. Who seems to always want to sit on my lap when I’m at the computer. Oh he’ll leave me alone when I’m not on the computer but oh no, not when I actually want to do something! I am thinking of renting him out to depressed people, he makes me laugh, even when he’s annoying.

I’m off to search the net for good ideas to talk about. Maybe even with pictures next time…who knows!


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