April 08 Whew Maybe I should write about my trip now!

April 08

Whew Maybe I should write about my trip now!

I’ve been back for over a week now, and I really haven’t had the chance to write about my trip to San Diego.

IT WAS AWESOME!  I’m still in a wonderful mood from it.  And even reject letters from Macy’s can’t change this mood.  I think it was the thing I needed.
Okay so to start off, this was the view that we have from the back of V’s house, off her veranda.  100_0926 Beautiful!  Do you see that in the back there…that’s the ocean!  Yeah!  So our first day there was Easter Sunday, we had a great time, wonderful food prepared by V and her mom.  Oh and by the way, when we got to the house and I saw Vs mom, I cried.  I’m such a baby…but I was so dang happy to see her, it was wonderful.
100_0930 This is Oscar with one of my bestest friends The Lush we call her.  She’s awesome and Oscar loved her instantly.  He did love V too I think, I didn’t get any photographic evidence to back that up though.
Our next day was our big trip to Disneyland.  Okay for future reference we will definitely do Disneyland in at least two days next time.  My feet couldn’t handle packing my fat ass around for over 12 hours.
100_0946 The front gates!

100_0949 Oscar had no fear of chipmunks big or small.  I missed the perfect photo op of him hugging “Dale”
100_0951 Here are Oscar and Jesse infront of Sleeping Beauties’ Castle.
100_0960 this is Ashlee, she’s my friend Kellie’s little girl…she’s a princess…and she knows it.
100_0965 OScar is fighting with his mickey ears…they were cool it was the skeleton from Nightmare before Christmas!  He doesn’t like hats no matter how cool.
100_0980 Yes Oscar is trying to lick my face…That’s the Lush, Ashlee, Jesse, Oscar and Me!
100_0984 Oscar Jesse and the Lush,
I don’t think she’s grabbing his butt!! 100_0985 haha She is now!! hahah!
100_0986 This is Kellie, her husband drew and their little boy Jack, who’s a month older then Oscar.
100_0987 A wonderful side view of V’s face!
100_1008 And he’s done with Disneyland.
Our next day was a trip to the Zoo, it was fun, but I needed a wheel chair but didn’t get one.  Feet were hurting pretty bad!
100_1011 Here’s Oscar checking out the Flamingos!
100_1025 Jesse and Oscar riding a polar bear!
100_1037 Then looking at some lizards.

Overall the zoo was fun but I think we’ll go back when he’s a little older and my feets don’t hurt as much…

Our next adventure took us to Sea World!!
100_1044 I think we almost make that horse look normal sized…
100_1055 Here’s SHAMU!!  No we did not sit in the splash zone…I’m a wuss!
100_1063 Oscar liked the tide pool and wanted to dive in.
100_1082 This is what Jesse gets for not wearing sun block!  hah!

I’m not the best picture taker in the world, and I don’t remember to take a lot of pictures…but it was again the best trip for us.  We had a blast and want to do it all again, next time when Oscar is old enough to run around and not be so scared on the rides…
So we’re back now, and I’m applying for jobs.  Macy’s said they didn’t have any openings that would suit me right now…oh well, I don’t know if I really wanted to work retail anyway.  I just wanted the discounts.  Mom was bummed because she always shops there and she wanted my discount.  So I’ve put in my application else where.  Hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

My sister Mel is coming to live in Spokane, I couldn’t be happier about this.  Its going to be wonderful to have her right here!  We’ve been talking on the phone at least 3 times a day since I think January or so, I can’t remember.  But its been a rough year so far for her and I’m hoping that with this move it will make things go a lot easier for her.  We’re trying to figure out how we can do daycare for each other so we don’t have to spend our hard earned money!
Well its after 10 and I’m sleepy…I better get going off to bed now.


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