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First: Is anyone seriously confused by my blogging right now? I’m falling in love with my WordPress blog and I don’t know if I’ll keep this one up much longer and just transfer all the posts over to the other one and toss this one. Think about it, I’ll come back…

Second: If I were to say tell you uhm…”Hey do you like to scrapbook?” And you answer “No, I have a ton of pictures and supplies but no time.” And I reply “Well would you pay someone to do it for you?”
What would you say? Okay now what would you say if that person were me?
I’ve been rattling it around in my head for a while. But I think that I am pretty decent at scrapbooking and I like to do it and if I could actually do it for other people I think I would get more out of it. So let me know okay! You few and seldom readers! Not your fault I know! With all this moving around and changing places, it’s my bad.
Anyway there you go. Short and sweet. If you want long and crazy posts just go HERE

Love you all and GOODNIGHT! 

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Word to your Mother

I have Ice Ice Baby stuck in my head all of a sudden. I had to switch titles. My title was boring me. Not of this post but as you can see of the whole thing. No more talk of depression. That’s depressing. I’m on to being weird and obnoxious. Yay! I went to a scrapbooking store today and spent way too much money. Its like a candy store but for ladies in dog/horse sweaters. That’s what I think anyway. I have yet to get my dog/horse sweater, I’m waiting for my friend to knit me one. She’s also knitting me a bikini, yeah because they have patterns for bikinis…they do!! I bought a whole crap load of scrapbooking shit and I got to work tonight making some more pages. I’m awesome.

We had our very last b-ball game tonight and the girls surprised me with a card and a gift certificate to get my nails done! YAY! I teared up a little bit. I did, you know I did. And Emily said “YOU BETTER USE IT!” and I said “Oh I will, check out these terrible nails, you know I will!” and her mom laughed for me. Seriously this was the best thing ever for me. I am so happy that I did it, my mental state is worlds better then it was three months ago, I’m losing weight! I went from 242 to 225 since November! That’s almost 20lbs people!! And I want to keep going, I wish I had more basketball to play. I wish I could just keep going back to the school. We’re having a pizza party next week though so I will get to see all the girlies again. We had a good season, we didn’t win a damn game but we learned a whole bunch. So now I get to get my nails done and possibly my eye brows! Which have never been done before.

I’ve been in good moods a lot lately, and I’ve been remembering to tell my brain to quit it when it starts thinking crazy thoughts. I’m getting excited for Melly to move on and get out truely on her own. I am praying that she makes it and that her kids make it. And that she doesn’t kill them or they kill her.

Jesse has yet to work…three weeks now! And no unemployment! Uhm why am I in a good mood?? I have no idea. The unemployment office made a mistake and they have to take 3 weeks at least to fix it, the good thinkg is that he will get all the back pay from the weeks that he called in and didn’t get a check, we just don’t know when that will be. In the mean time our tax returns are holding us over…by a thread. I keep looking at our dwindling supply and wonder “why did I pay off the couch so soon??” But its okay, things will work out, I have my positive thinking cap on and I will continue to do so, almost annoyingly. I’m almost ready to by a lotto ticket, we have to be one of those stories “they only had $10 left in their bank account, they found $5 and decided to make a bet…” And then we will have millions of dollars and live happily ever after! I do have to say that if we ever did win the lottery people would be hard pressed to try and find us…we’d be traveling…a lot. I think we would be nomads for a while, just so we could see everything we’ve always wanted to see, and spend time with people we can’t spend time with now. And my friends would be well cared for, that’s for sure.

Enough dreaming, I have to shower and go to bed. This cold is going to kill me. I will though, if its still around on Monday, call the doctor, I like to wait till its good and serious before bugging the professionals.

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The President Writes with the Wrong Hand!

I haven’t been sleeping so well lately. I’ve been taking sleeping pills and yet I’m still waking up. Last night I did not take a pill because I wanted to stay up a little later then 9pm, so I was up all night listening to noises and my ipod. My ipod gave out on me around 4:30 and then I was stuck with the noises. I’ve been hearing footsteps in my bedroom…yeah that’s right, I’m still being stalked by a ghost or something. You know how footsteps on carpet sounds, that soft padding sound? That’s what I hear all the time…
Maybe I should back up…Three nights ago I went to the movies with my aunt and uncle. We had a great time, we went and saw The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button, it was a great movie, and yes I cried. Not as bad as I thought I would but yet there were tears. So I get home and everything’s okay until about 11 when I start bawling uncontrollably. No reason, no thoughts just crying. Crying so hard that I started retching, and dry heaving. It was terrible. I cried like that for an hour and a half, trying to get myself to calm down and not freak my boyfriend out too much, then I started hearing the noises…first there were scratches and sniffing going on in the wall, and then the footsteps. The footsteps didn’t start until after Jesse came to bed and was sound asleep, so I had to frantically wake him up. “was that it?” “no, shut up!” “was that it” “oh for god sakes now they’re not doing it, go back to sleep” It started all over again. So I was up all night over that. Now I’m paranoid. I’m losing my mind.

Jesse got an email about that job, he was not qualified, apparently there was a clause on the application that said that you had to have a security background, but it was invisible to me. So I replied to the rejection email. Basically telling them that they are missing out on one of the best security personnel ever. I was a little upset. Mostly for the fact that I spent a lot of my time filling that out then printing out all their b.s. and no where on the application did it say that he needed a background in security…if it had, I wouldn’t have filled it out. Why say “everyone can apply” when that’s not really the case.

Someday soon I am going to record a phone conversation between my friend and I and write it out. I told her yesterday that we sould have a blog of our phone conversations because they consist of very odd things. Oh sure there are times when we don’t say anything at all but then there are other days when she calls and says “I was watching tv and I noticed that President Obama writes with the wrong hand…JUST LIKE YOU!!!” Or our talks about the FBI listening in on our conversations because we’ve intentionally said “terrorist” over 20 times. Her husband is in agreement that we are nuts and that other people would find our conversations humorous. No one truely understands us though, well as far as we know. Maybe if we put it out there, someone would get us.

I did a couple more pages of a scrap book, my only problem is now, where to put them. I have big 12×12 pages but no albium (intentionally spelled wrong) to put them in. I was thinking of hanging them up in my room but I need something like a clothes line to do it. I have noticed in comparision to other scrap booking stuff, that I am a minimalist when it comes to scrap booking, I like my pages not so layered as others.

The boy child decided not to take a nap today, and I am not so happy about that, because when he naps, I nap. That’s right, I nap! I don’t do what other mom’s do and get shit done while he’s sleeping, no I sleep right along with him. I’m TIRED! GIVE ME A BREAK! This is what happens when you don’t sleep at night you have to get it when you can, and when he doesn’t nap I don’t nap and we’re both bitches because of it. So I messed around on the computer for most of the day and he watched movies. Oh I got a lot of new music that’s what I’ve been doing. I need to have CDs in my car because I don’t have a fancy ipod hook up for my car, and I hate the music stations here.

I’ve been a bad girl and not been able to pay my capital one bill, and they’re calling me everyday. I know it’s them, I’m just not answering because I don’t want to hear it from them. I know I haven’t paid, I’m only a week late for crying out loud. But I don’t have the money and if I tell them that they won’t believe me so I just go on ignoring their phone calls. They’ll get paid off when I get my taxes back and then I won’t have to hear from them ever again. So there! They won’t leave a message though, and I know its just some guy or gal in India making the call and they can never pronounce my name and that makes me even more irritated. So that’s it I just keep hitting ignore, they even called today, on a Sunday for crying out loud!! I should store the number in my phone and block it or something. I know I’m a terrible person for not paying my bills on time. This is what happens in a one income home when that one income gets laid off and screwed out of unemployment by his employers. You kinda have to pick and choose what gets paid and really its the big three, home, car, and food. Sorry Capital One.

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