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First: Is anyone seriously confused by my blogging right now? I’m falling in love with my WordPress blog and I don’t know if I’ll keep this one up much longer and just transfer all the posts over to the other one and toss this one. Think about it, I’ll come back…

Second: If I were to say tell you uhm…”Hey do you like to scrapbook?” And you answer “No, I have a ton of pictures and supplies but no time.” And I reply “Well would you pay someone to do it for you?”
What would you say? Okay now what would you say if that person were me?
I’ve been rattling it around in my head for a while. But I think that I am pretty decent at scrapbooking and I like to do it and if I could actually do it for other people I think I would get more out of it. So let me know okay! You few and seldom readers! Not your fault I know! With all this moving around and changing places, it’s my bad.
Anyway there you go. Short and sweet. If you want long and crazy posts just go HERE

Love you all and GOODNIGHT! 

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Getting to It

I wanted something to snack on. Really bad. Like I had just smoked a fat bowl. I’ve never done that before I swear. I don’t do drugs. Hugs Not Drugs.

Sometimes when I see annoying things on Twitter I think “gah, that person is annoying..” and then they tweet something that makes me say “DAMNIT! They like the same freaking TV as me.” So they’re still annoying yet I start to think to myself that maybe I’m that guy. And yes at times I have admitted to being “that guy” but at the moment I don’t feel that way. I just wish they wouldn’t like the same shit that I do and in turn like all the annoying crap that they like. Oh and I don’t understand what is everyone’s obsession with the word “hubby.” And then I start to wonder, maybe it’s my obsession. It probably is, and one day I’ll get over it but for now. STOP SAYING HUBBY AROUND ME OR YOU WILL GET CUT! YOU HEAR ME!?
Whew. I feel a little better now. (I just totally typed “bitter” when I meant better. Awesome)

I have tomorrow and Sunday off. My sister said something about coming over to visit, but I’m not holding it to her. So I’m hoping to get some transcribing done at some point in time. I am going to do my assignment for sure tomorrow. I’m kicking my own ass on this right now. I need to get it done. I got attacked at work by a guy with an internet biz and now I’m paranoid. I don’t want to get sucked into another scheme like that. I’m done with those. So I will be politely declining the invite when his “wife” calls about the “meeting.”

So in other news! My friend is coming next month from NYC to visit me! We haven’t seen her in a year! I’m excited. Thus the reason for all the exclamations! haha. She’s going to stay with my sister though, because we have cats and she’s deathly allergic to cats. Last time she visited and we had cats she almost stopped breathing. I learned from that. It’s not good to kill your friend with pet hair. I don’t know though, I’m having selfish second thoughts about having her stay at my sister’s house. I’m very, very selfish when it comes to people in my life. It’s MY MOM. And MY FRIEND. And I don’t like when people try and hone in on my people. But it was my idea for her to stay at my sister’s so I’ll deal with it. I’m hoping to not work so much while she’s here and hopefully get at least two days off so we can hang. And by hang I mean recover from drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Jesse got a ring for me at Christmas. We’ve been calling it my friendship ring. Because it’s funny. And at first it didn’t fit, it was too small and my finger would turn red and then I would freak out and think my finger was going to fall off. So I was going to take it in and get it resized, but then I tried it on the other day again and it fits now! So apparently I lost weight in my fingers! HOORAY!!

Okay I think this is enough of a random post for everyone. I know it’s a bunch of crap and I thank you for getting through it!

P.S. I’m totally waiting for some blogging backlash and drama now since someone that everyone is supposed to love but we really don’t got a TV deal. Let the bitching commence!! (vague enough for you??)

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Shakira scares me more than Lady Gaga

Well I guess that’s all I need to say because the title does it for me. But yeah, I just watched Shakira’s video “She Wolf” and apparently she is some sort of contortionist who can’t control her chest or something. Her boobs are bumping out all over the place. It’s creepy. I thought Lady Gaga’s video for Bad Romance was scary but it’s no where near Shakira. At least I can understand Gaga. I don’t think Shakira is singing in English or Spanish.

I’m a Gaga fan. I think she’s wonderful. I heard her first single over a year ago and fell in love. Because seriously I “Just Dance” all the time anyway. So what’s not to love. And the longer she’s around the weirder she gets and she doesn’t appologise for it. Or tone it down for anyone. Even Oprah. She is just awesome. She’s pretty much my crazy dreams personified. And I get sucked into her videos, and I sit and just say “Gaga is crazy!” I think she’s wonderful.

Shakira, well, I used to be a fan but now all I see is the same weird pop your boobs out move all the time, and I’m bored with her. She has big hair and she can put her foot behind her ear…yawn. I need more! And I need to kinda understand what you’re saying in your songs. That’s all I ask. I’m not asking you to solve the world hunger crisis. Just sing so we can understand you. And stop with the terrible dancing. It’s like your having a stroke or something. Seriously. I think Oscar dances better then she does. It’s like when P. Diddy says he can dance. That makes me want to cut someone. Can you tell how much I love P. Diddy. I almost want to get on that show “I want to work for Diddy” and then some how win him over and actually work for him and then one night sneek in and cut him. And I’m not talking baby cuts either people. The dude is horrid and needs to be taken care of by professionals.

Wow. Sorry about the Diddy tangent! I’m glad I got that out though.

Things that annoy me today: a tweet that I just saw “starting to plan our fifth wedding anniversary, (it’s in two years).” I’m shuddering.
and Facebook updates that are just recycled from other people on Facebook. Yes sure I have done this a time or two. But now I’m done with it, and I’m bored already. People. It’s bad enough that I’m ready to take a permanent break from Facebook.

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iThink iCarly is Awesome

Did that make any sense to you at all? I have no tweens in my house. I have no teens in my house. Yet we still watch iCarly. A fun tween show on Nickelodeon. I like it. I don’t find the kids to be over-actors or bad actors. The scenarios are a little far fetched but they’re fun. I mean really? To have that kind of life at 13 must be some sort of awesome. I even got my friend Leslie to start watching, and loving iCarly. I have a slight crush on Carly’s brother Spenser. Who happens to be cute and hilarious two of my criteria for crushes. Anyway so here I am on Monday watching iCarly instead of How I Met Your Mother. When did my life turn to this? And why am I blogging about this?

It was like the Exorcist here at the house yesterday. Both Jesse and his mom were puking all day. It was all sorts of awesome. And for some reason again. I can not puke. It’s like I’m immune to puking. I’m not complaining about this either. Just a little strange. This happened the last time the flu came through the house. Everyone else puked except me! YAY! I think maybe because my “quarterly” as I am calling it now, is here and that trumps any sort of stomach flu. Cramping is way worse. haha. Okay not really. No one will ever accuse me of being bulimic.

Anyway nothing has happened in the past 24 hours to really blog about. Nothing but annoying twitter that I could bitch about but really? You don’t want to hear it.

Peace out homies


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The BEST cookies EVER!

I was watching Paula Deen last week and she made cookies and some other stuff with lots of buttery goodness. And I thought, “Man those look like good cookies.” And they were super easy to make too! So I tried it out. And I made one batch that only made maybe 20 cookies or so, which is not enough for this fat ass family. I did it again. And I have photos to prove it! YAY FOR PHOTOS!!

Edited: Okay here’s the recipe! I forgot the first time around and was reminded.
1 cream cheese
1 stick o butta
1tsp vanilla
1box of chocolate cake mix
Powdered sugar

Cream Cheese and butter need to be room temp. Mix those two together. Add the egg. Add the Vanilla. Whip them up good. Then add the cake mix and blend it up.
Throw it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. If you don’t cool them down the cookies will flatten out. Use a spoon and scoop out a little bit. Paula says “No bigger then a walnut.” But I went bigger. Ball it up in your hands. Then you toss into a little dish of powdered sugar and dust with the sugar.
I am not sure if you can add chocolate chips to them, but hey it won’t hurt!
Bake at 325 for 15 to 17 minutes. (that’s what I did)
And last, eat them quick!

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Avoiding Transcription, and Other Things

This is the “Best” way to avoid doing anything responsible.

The other night I got into bed and said “Shit! I forgot to blog!” and Jesse said “Ha! are you going to die now?” “No, it’s just that I wanted to blog everyday this month, and I’ve already failed.” “Well you always have tomorrow.” Thanks sweety! bleh!

Want to hear a list of the best complaints that I have health-wise going on with me at the moment? No? Well I will tell you one weird thing. My ear keeps popping, but not really, it’s more like a dull thud or something. I can’t explain it. This is why I don’t go to the doctor, that and no med. insurance. I can’t ever explain my pains. “well it’s like a rrrr rrrr sound!” My right arm has a weird shot of pain going through it every so often today too. Oops that was two things. Then I was rubbing my arm and it felt like there was a huge bruise but nothing is there. And now! It’s gone. And it’s just the ear thing, which throws me off balance, and weirds me out and I hope that I’m not going to have Minere’s Disease like my mom.

We had to go on an all out hunt for shorts for Jesse today. I know. I’m rolling my eyes too. Shorts in January, but apparently he’s not the only one according to the sales girl at Macy’s where we finally ended up finding shorts. Which is the last place we expected, because we don’t like it there. haha. Oh and even more surprising he managed to buy two pairs of shorts for $21.00! CRAZYNESS! So we got out of the house just the three of us. It was nice. Oscar charmed some women at the “Flaming Wok” even though he wouldn’t say hi to them. One lady called him “handsome” hahahahah. I love that.

Hm. What else?

Oh! So, yesterday I lost my phone. ALL FREAKING DAY. And it taught me nothing. I say this because I know some people who would take losing their phone all day and learn something from it, like spending more time with the family or taking time out to really appreciate not being attached to something. But honestly it was like a day spent at work. Because I can’t have my phone on at work, so I didn’t learn anything from it. Just that I missed being able to call Leslie when something dumb happened, and I had to Instant Message her instead. And that’s not as fun. But then at the end of the day, I found my phone. In the pocket of my robe. I had no idea. I couldn’t even remember that I wore my robe the night before, that’s how out of it I was. I am awesome!

No more messin’ around, I need to get some “real work” done.

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So here comes the commenter’s special of “Best excuses of why I didn’t post” THE LAST TWO DAYS!

First is when you have a three year old, he usually doesn’t let you hang out on the computer long enough to post. So you say to yourself “I’ll just post after work, I get off at 7!” And then you go to work, and find out that you are indeed a dumb ass and actually have to work until 10. By the time you get home you’re exhausted and you’re feet hurt and just want to go to bed because you have to be back to work at 9 the next day.

Second is you go to work at 9am and come home at 5 sick or something because you feel like you’re running a fever but you’re not, you’re face is just super freaking hot and you feel like you’re going to pass out. So you go to bed at 7:30. Yeah that’s right I went to bed at 7:30. I’m feeling better today though so that’s good.

I’ve got the next two days off so I’m hoping to get some posts set up a head of time to get them posted just in case I decide to do this again.

I got new shoes the other day! I went with the Reebok Easytones. I tried on the Nike Shocks but they didn’t feel good on my feet, even though Leslie swears by them. My feet didn’t like them. So I asked the sales person if she had the Reebok Easytone and she only had one pair left. And lo-and-behold! They were my size! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!! And I tried them on and it was like standing on air! They’re super comfy and I love them. Oh and my legs love them. Walking back and forth just from the front of the store to the back wears me out now…well it did before but this is a little more strenuous. Especially if I walk faster then normal, my legs really feel it. I figure this is the best way to get me started on doing something for my body, something completely minimal to help me on my way.

I’ve lost my phone, and this time for reals. I know that I came in the door with it because I made Leslie talk to me until I got home just in case I passed out on the way home. And then it disappeared! I haven’t seen it since 5pm last night. Oh and the ringer is off because I have to shut the ringer off while at work. I’m really supposed to shut it completely off at work, but the damn thing always just turns back on somehow. Honestly. So I just turn the ringer off and lock the keyboard. Still a couple times my vagina has called my aunt and Leslie. (from my pant’s pocket).

So here’s to a quiet day of no phone and doing laundry. Thanks to Rory The Racing Car for keeping Oscar entertained for the past 30 minutes so I could get this out!

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