June 27 Back Blogs from my MySpace…

June 27

Back Blogs from my MySpace…

I’ve been bloging on my Myspace page more then here, and since more friends are on myspace well that’s my excuse for not writing here.  But Anyway here are some back blogs…
Date: 6/27/08

So this is what happend this week…
Sunday, I was showing my Uncle Joe the new place, and we were walking down the stairs to the basement.  The stairs are nicely carpeted and very smooshy…I say to him “aren’t these stairs nic…” WHAM BAM!  I’m on my ass at the bottom of the stairs.  With what feels like a broken arm.  Crying.  Yeah, Okay so when did I become like the biggest wuss when it comes to falling.  I remember in high school I got tripped running down the b-ball court, landing on my knee and bouncing my face, twice on the floor, rolling and getting up.  Not a tear not a wimper.  So yeah I have this huge huge bruise on my forearm because apparently I tried to catch myself with my arms instead of hands…I’m retarded.  So Jesse accuses me of trying to get out of packing up the rest of the apartment.  Uhhh yeah I figured breaking my arm was a better idea then just helping pack things out of the apartment.  So the packing goes well, Mel and I clean the apartment in record time.
Moving on to Tuesday…
Dinner time…Oscar is bolting out of the house out the back door, I’m holding his plate of lasagna, and figure “hey it will be really smart to run around the other way and cut him off.”  My pant legs had another idea…Hey lets get caught on her foot!!  And another big fall insues…Fall flat on well, my right knee…really freaking hard, and then on my face, do I try and catch myself?  NOOOOO…I have a dish of lasagna!!  Thank God there was a cushion on the floor that saved my face…and my glasses.  But no cushion to save my knee.  Again with the crying uncontrollibly like a baby…freak all three kids out, scare the crap out of Mel because she thinks I fell and hit my face on the bricks…Can’t talk because I’m crying hysterically.  Can’t move my right leg at all…kicking the other one in pain.  So the knee blows up to about three times the normal size, we sit and ice till Jesse gets home and says “uhhh yeah you fucked that knee up, you should go see someone”  So off we go to urgent care.  I hobble up to the door just as the bitch is putting up a “we’re closed sign” “Thanks cunt!”  So off we go to the ER.  Spend sometime in the ER, oh by this time I’m giggling uncontrollably…weird…I can’t stop laughing or I’ll start crying.  Get some drugs, get some X-rays…not broken yay!!  Go home hobble downstairs..yeah that’s right down the stairs…go to bed.  My knee thankfully has gone down to almost normal.  I have a beautiful bruise all the way around the knee cap.  Oh side note…after the dr. looks at my knee he spies the arm bruise… “did that happen at the same time?”  “uhh no…that was Sunday when I fell down the stairs”  hahahahhaha laughing laughing…
Thankfully the rest of my week was uneventful except for the extreme moodswings.  I’m in on tuesday to get my knee checked by the doctor and hopefully the number of a really good therapist.

Date Wed. June 18th

I’m thinking Arby’s!

So Mel and I had our usual drink after the monsters went to bed and its 10 pm and we see an Arby’s commercial.  Mel looks at me I look at Mel and we suddenly have the Arby’s sign over our heads.  God I love the location of this house!!  I run down stairs “JESSE!  Me and Mel are thinking Arby’s!”  Complete with me miming the Arby’s above my head.  “Uhm okay…how drunk are you?”  “WE’RE NOT DRUNK PSHHHH”  Its soo nice having someone with me when I want to leave the house at 10 pm.  Its also nice to have someone yell at kids with.
Jesse has gone yard care crazy.  We’re taking picking up toys every evening before the kids go to bed, and buying a weed whacker.  WHACKER!!  haha.  And a push broom, a man has to have a push broom to keep everything clean out there.  Oh and he’s a little to anal about the garage, and a little annoying too.  We bough sprinklers and we handed them over to him to put in “his garage” and he says “I don’t have room for this”  “UHMMMM You have a whole garage!!”  “Well I don’t have room where I WANT to put this”  “JUST FREAKING PUT IT IN THE FREAKING GARAGE YOU ASS!!!”  I swear to god I”m going to punch him in his weiner.
I haven’t driven my car in a week I think.  Since we put it in the garage, or before, I can’t remember.  I need to clean it up all nice now. Then store it away.  Its a lot easier to cart around three kids in a van then a four door little car because well then they’re not right in your ear, and we put the two loud ones all the way in the back.  Ryan is funny because he as soon as we get in the car starts making noises.  Really Really annoying noises…and doesn’t stop, I think he takes a huge breath right before we get into the car and doesn’t breath just makes funny noises.  So yeah.  I need to stop saying whore…its getting really bad…every time I talk to someone that’s the first word that comes out.
Ugh these kids are psycho, they’re out playing in water and its not all that warm out.  I need a video camera for all the funny stuff they do.

Date Sunday June 15th

Hiding from Kids in Mel’s room

SHHH I’m hiding!  We are almost moved in.  Mel’s moved in except a dresser and a freezer.  My child and boyfriend are driving me insaine and well the two extra kids aren’t helping the situation.  I swear to god if I get asked a three year old question one more time today I’m going to loose it.  Seriously.  LOSE MY SHIT.  I can hear Oscar out there whining and I feel bad but I don’t want to go out there, my back is all tensed up.  I’m trying to just breath.
I’m looking at my stats on my blog and I have 1000 total views exactly!!  WOW!
I need more pizza I don’t want to go out there.  I wish there were some way to get Mel to read my mind.  We’re close but not that close yet.
The kids decided to fill the pond today and play in it.  Pretty funny and nerve wreaking at the same time because well yeah babies and water scare me.  Especially when there are trycles involved.
Okay I think I’m better now.  This is all because of PMS I’m just sure of it.  I like being on the patch because I know excatly when I’m PMSing.  It does sorta take the fun out of it though.  “Why am I so bitchy!?”  Oh yeah, that’s right.
I really don’t have much else to say really.  I’m sleepy and I want to go to bed and its only 6pm.  Oscar has however started sleeping in till 8!!!!   No more waking up at 6 am!  yay!
Alright, lame blog over.

Date Sunday June 8th

Dressing Jesse/Packing to Move? and other BS

We went to the good ol’ JCPenny’s today because well they gave me credit and Jesse is in serious need of shirts…do they not know that big people exist??  Yes I know they have a big and tall section, but that consited of Polo Shirts and t-shirts that said “I’ve got 99 problems but my size ain’t one”  uhh I don’t think Jay Z intended for that lyric to end up that way…so we went normal size, sized him up and the XLs were looking promising.  Of course he didn’t try them on he’s a guy! and they’re t-shirts!!  So the one he comes down stairs in, is well, a baby t.  Awesome!  He was totally showing off his guns, and can I say that I’m glad I made him get boxers because well it was a little short…He swears the others fit way better.  We looked at the big and tall shorts and the cargo shorts that were his “style” had freaking flowers on them!!  ugh.  why do we have to be big people.  I told him to shrink.  GET SHORTER!!  We also got Oscar some pjs because he was in need of them…size 4T and they’re just right?!  somethings wrong at JCP.  I was good and didn’t get anything, mostly because well they don’t really have a good selection for fat girls, and plus I just don’t like shopping for clothing right now.  I need to start dressing during the day I have been told by several people and how it will help me be more productive and blah blah blah.  I like my pjs okay!  I like being a sloppy fat housewife.  LAY OFF!  There I said it.  And I’m being totally sarcastic at this point in time.  I uhhhhhh lost my train of thought.  Crap.  So we’re moving Melly in on the 10th!  YAY!  And we’ll probably be in this weekend.  And cleaned hopefully next week.  We looked through all of our lease papers and it says nothing NOTHING about the length of our lease or what would happen if we broke it.  So if it says nothing do we even have a lease?!  I’m surprised Jesse hasn’t started packing, I think he’s holding back because we have no boxes…he mentioned something about me packing all week, but all I heard was BLAH BLABH BLABH  I don’t pack.  I hate moving.  I just end up going through everything and getting side tracked.  Plus I’ll only get to do it in increments of time because I’ll have all the kids here.  yay for packing!
I’ve been up since 5 today with maybe a half hour cat nap.  I hate Oscar somedays.  But amazingly enough I got up with little protest…I think it was because I thought it was 6 and not 5, and when I saw it was 5 it wasn’t so bad.  We were bad catholics and did not attend church today, hopefully God won’t smote me.
My brain just died and fell out onto the floor.  I gotta go get a broom.


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