April 20 Bloggin’ Sporatically

April 20

Bloggin’ Sporatically

I don’t think I spelled that right.  Who knows.  I am getting ready for my sister Melly to come and live here in Spokane.  I am more then excited.  It is going to be be wonderful and fun and crazy.
I have been found by a friend that I lost touch with about 5 years ago and we’re calling and emailing like old times.  She and I got in a stupid fight and like 5 year olds we couldn’t say sorry for a couple years.  But its been great talking to her again, we do a lot of “remember when we did this!!” and laughing.  I think its been good for me.  I’m still feeling pretty good about myself, even with the crazyPMS.  I just take it out on Jesse like usual and he rolls over and takes it for a week and then I say sorry and he says “Its okay I put up with it because I love you” how sick is he?!   But its not like he can go running screaming from me every month.  He’s kinda stuck here.
I have been having weird dreams lately.  The ones while i’m on my monthly are always weird and usualy are about Jesse and I breaking up and me yelling at him a lot.  Then last night I keep falling asleep and having dreams that ghosts were in my room and touching my neck and pulling my hair.  Oh and toys comming on by themselves and Oscar getting out of his crib and out his room by himself.  I had really bad heart burn last night too.
I didn’t sleep so well after 3 last night.  I should go take a nap with the boys but I don’t really feel like sleeping for some reason either.
I have a confession to make here.  Hi my name is Miranda and I am a Mariah Carey fan.  Yes, yes I am, some of you all ready know this and hate this but its true.  I used to have all her cds but they got stolen.  So now I just have her newer cds.  I’m slowly getting the old ones back.  I had an old friend when I was like in 4th grade or so that showed me Mariah and I loved her instantly.  Then my cousin and I used to sing all her songs off key and loud.  Now with her new CD she’s beat Elvis for number ones.  and I say TAKE THAT ELVIS!  So I tourtured Jesse on the way back from Best Buy yesterday and made him listen to the CD.  The only one I didn’t get was Glitter.  I didn’t watch the movie because I didn’t want her poor preformance to kill my love for her.  I’m not all crazy and writing her letters and I’m not a part of her fan club but I do know most all of her songs, and when American Idol had the contestant sing all her songs, I was disappointed with most of them.  Except the girl that sang Vision of Love.  She did a good job.  But how do you compare to Mariah?!  You can’t.  Its impossible.
Okay now that I got tha out of the way.  I think I’m going to lie down for a bit.

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