February 06 Babies and Puppies

February 06

Babies and Puppies

I’m going to try and blog while Oscar is loose and running.  We’re at Janes for the day, Jesse had to drop us off because he’s working up in the snowy woods and I for my own sake do not drive in deep snow.  I’ve never been stuck by myself and I don’t intend to, so I do a good job of avoiding.  I am so excited, we should have our taxes back by the 15th, I love my friend Kellie, she’s wonderful.  And then its off to San Diego around the 22nd of March!  YAY!  YAY!
Oscar and I were down for a week with the flu.  It wasn’t fun.  He was running a fever for three days and then I take him in the dr, and the next day he’s fine!  And me, well I wasn’t.  I’ve been lazy ever since, I really should have stayed home and cleaned…hopefully Jesse wasn’t lying when he said he’d be done around 1.  So we’re here making a mess at Jane’s house.  He never takes naps when we’re here for some reason.  I bought a computer game and I couldn’t get it to work on my computer so Jane fixed it and now I’m addicted.  its a “bejeweled” type game, and its terrible.  I am on level 100 and its never seeming to end.  Between two puppies and a boy this house gets messy quick.  I’ll have to clean before we leave!
Anyway just a quick note, I’m off to find flights and rentals for our trip!


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