February 29 2 Things

February 29

2 Things

Two Names You Go By:  Randadawn and Chode

Things You Are Wearing Right Now:  my intramural championship shirt and jeans.

Two things you want (or have) in a relationship:  Some people would say humor but I’ll say good sex.  ha!  I truly and grossly have everything I want in a relationship so much so that I can’t type it out.

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:  hmm…doing absolutely nothing and playing basketball.

Two things you did last night:  Took a shower and played on the net

Two people you Last Talked To:  Jesse and Oscar.

Two Things You’re doing tomorrow:  I don’t know, I might go to Jane’s and drop my son off, and the who knows.  I never know.

Two Longest Car Rides: Spokane, WA to Albuquerque NM. and well Spokane to Pocatello, ID.

Two Favorite Drinks:  Ice Tea and Milk.  Whole Milk.

Two Things About Me you may not have known: Oh come on!  Everyone knows everything about me!

Two jobs I have had in my life:  Summer Janitor at the high school, and uhm a creepy graveyard worker at the gas station.

Two Movies I would watch over and over:  The Big Lebowski and uhm uhm Tommy Boy.

Two of my favorite foods:  Pork Chops, and Steak

Two places I’d rather be right now: In a room full of money.  In a place of peace.

Love and hugs!



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