December 13, 2005 Changing Tag Lines..Warning this is extremely long and not entertaining!

December 13

Changing Tag Lines..Warning this is extremely long and not entertaining!

I want to change the title but I think people would get lost or something…So I’m changing the Tag line…just a warning…I’ll be changing it probably four times daily which not too many people will notice because I’m the only one on here constantly.
I was having some deep thoughts this morning while getting ready for work and thinking about putting them out there for the blogging community but then I pretty much lost them.  I think my brain is too full of nonsence to hold anything pertinant in there.  “…The rest of it is clogged with malted hops and bong resin”  (Tommy Boy).  I didnt want to get up this morning.  I really wanted to lay in bed all day and i tribute this to not being able to sleep in at all this weekend.  I usually sleep till 11 or 12 on saturday and sunday this after going to bed at around ohhh 10pm the night before, because I dont have a night life…unless Nick drags me to the bar…no pun intended…okay maybe a little.  But yeah so then last night I dont go to bed till 11 and I needs my sleep people!  I cant be going to bed at 11!  tryin to wake up at 7! it just doesnt work for me.  I’m too old for that crap.  I’m an old old lady.  I can just see it when I am old…I’m gonna be going to bed around 4pm waking up at 5…because i will still need all the sleep I can get…but I’ll just get bored around 4 and go to sleep.  I do that now.  I get bored around 730 or so and just go to bed because there’s nothing else to do.  well nothing entertaining..i could turn into super cleaner and have a spotless house for my roomates to mess up but who wants to do that?  okay i’m branching off onto a side rant about my roomates.
WARNING EXTREME RANTING!  (if you want you can skip this part!)
good people i’ll give them that…but BUT seriously its not our house alone people we are not the cleaning crew…but we have to be if we dont want to live in filth.  Nick never ever picks up his stuff…he comes home from work dumps everything on the kitchen table makes chili mac leaves the huge ass pot, that he doesnt need to use for chili mac for one person on the stove with chilimac still in it…then puts his dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is completely empty…then!  the best is when he comes home makes a huge mess then goes and visits his mom for a whole day comes back makes another little mess with the shit he’s brought back from her house and then goes to work.  never cleaning up anything…we leave piles of his stuff nice neat piles of his crap on the table on the corner, tell him…there’s your stuff…its on the table.  “oh okay” and does nothing with it!  So here we are Jesse and I…we pay half the bills, half the rent, half the utilities, the whole cable bill, buy most of the food, and then we’re stuck with the cleaning too?  and mind you we’re not bitching about paying because we could afford to live in the house by ourselves…they couldnt…so we’ve been nice and pay for the food and the cable and all that nonsense but honestly why do we have to do all the cleaning as well?  neither one of them amy or nick have swept or mopped the kitchen floor or vaccumed anything since we’ve moved in.  nick i think has done the dishes a whole 3 times.  and even when he does them he washes maybe half of the dishes.  amy is really good, she barely ever makes a mess then she does the dishes pretty regularly for what her schedule allows but the reason for her doing the dishes is she’s guilty for eating the food…which i find funny.  i think the main issue is the cleaning which is funny because when i was in college i was not the cleanest person.  and v can attest to this our house was not the cleanest house in the world…but it wasnt like one of us was cleaning all the time…am i right?  or was i a horrid housemate?  I’m still not the cleanest person in the world but I dont like to be the only one cleaning.  And I absolutly do not want a “Job Chart” we are not children.  I dont want to be treated like one and I dont want to treat anyone else like a child.  I mean it sounded like a good idea to have roomates in the begining to save money and all, but really I dont think we’re saving all that much in the long run of things.  and man is it a long way to august.  I like having roomates because there’s other people to hang out with and if we didnt have them itd be just me and jesse…which isnt a bad thing because i loved it when it was just us but i like having other people in the house some days. SOME DAYS not every day.  And i feel bad because i feel like i pushed him into the whole roomate situation, he really didnt want to do it but i was just trying to help a friend out and figured it would be benificial to us as well.  i always do this…i tend to make bad decisions.
Okay i think i’m done with that rant.  This might just turn out to be a mini novel of a post!
I’m thinking of getting a new tattoo…I only have one.  who only has one tattoo honestly?  oh wait my mom only has one…but she started late and she wants to be that one person who only has one tattoo just to be different.  sure you have tattoos but everyone has tattoos…to be different yet the same you have to figure out how to be different…that made no sense.  haha.  yeah so i have a tattoo and its a big one.  its a cheetah and hes running on my right shoulder.  his head starts on the front of my lower shoulder upper arm area..then he stretches back on to my back.  it took four hours and the tattoo artist was really impressed that i would pick something that large for my first one.  hey i figure go big or go home.  and yeah it didnt really hurt all that bad…not like pass out pain…obviously because its finished.  I have to get him re-done though, he’s a bit faded.  i think its been three or four years now that i’ve had it.  but i dont know what to get.  i kinda want to get my nick name “chode” in japanese characters because in japanses chode means “super angry” and i think that’s hilarious.  because i’m never really super angry.  v. and i asked my nephew one time where i should get a tattoo and he being four and of infinate wisdom said “on your foots” (he liked to talk in plural all the time) and we were thinking “super angry…on my foot…excelent!”  cause then when i kick someones ass…haha.  but on my foot would wear off easy and then i wouldnt get to look at it.  my brother alex just got a new tattoo he’s gone tattoo crazy..because his friends g/f has a tattoo gun…he just got the superman logo…in light blue on fire on his shin.  now i never knew my brother was alll that into superman.  he’s never really said anything about it before.  but i think and this is just personal opinion that tattoos should actually mean something to you.  I got a cheetah because my whole life i have loved cheetahs i did a report on cheetahs in third grade… i’ve always wanted to own a cheetah and since i cant own one i put one on my arm so he’d be with me!  so apparently my brother with his flaming superman has to have some meaning to it but i think it was just because his friend bought it for him.  he also has a “tribal” that looks like a sideways praying mantis also in a turquois blue color…then our last name in kind of kid type lettering down the back of his arm.  i think it was supposed to look like asian water type or something but seriously it looks like he let one of our nephews write on him.  not that jesse’s tattoos are any better…all of his are home made, with a needle and some ink and one is by a homemade tattoo gun…you know the jail type one.  yeah so i’m thinking for christmas he’s gonna get a tattoo done by a real tattoo artist.
holy lord this is long.  i didnt think i had this much in me.  but really its only two topics.  i’ve got much more going on inside my peabrain today…
i actually got up enough nerve to ask my parents for help last night.  usually i beat around the bush then just give up because i hate asking for help with money…but i did.  jesse needs new tires and we cant afford to get them right now and he needs them right now and les schwab wont give him or i a line of credit because we are terrible terrible people who cannot be trusted with money…so i broke down and asked my dad if he could please put the tires on his account and then we would pay him the money every month.  we can affort 100 bucks a month to someone we just cant afford $400 right now.  i hate that.  i hate not having credit.  well i have credit its just in the toilet…and jesse doesnt have credit and now has no bank account because well he’s fighting with us bank.  plus he hates establishment.  he’s such a weirdo.  if i anyalized it enough i’d start wondering why we’re together. so i dont think about it much because i would end up breaking my heart.
anyway the asking went well and dad’s gonna help us out.  which is nice because if we do good and pay him off quick then maybe when we need help to get a new car they’ll helps us with that endevor too.  we tried asking jesse’s dad to even just co-sign with us and he wouldnt even do that.  we pay our bills people!  i have bad credit because i get mad at places and dont want to pay.  like the “mental health” place that i had to go to when i was taking antidepressants i was supposed to be on their “sliding scale” and yeah it slid to the expensive side so i ended up with a $650 bill when i had no job and i got mad and said “no i’m not paying it” (they didnt even really help me with anything the “counselor” mostly told me about her problems!) and then there’s the phone bill that a psycho meth head roomate racked up talking to her boyfriend while he was in jail…$400 that i havent paid.  because i’m mad about it…but really i paid off all my other things.  the only things that i’m paying on are my student loans and i havent been late on them for over a year!  i dont know why i’m talking about this crap its just on my mind.  kudo’s to you who have gotten this far!  anyway all i’m saying is i dont understand why we cant get credit…every time we go to rent a house we get the same thing “well we should make you pay a higher deposit because of your credit…but since you have good rental history…”  we have yet to be late with a payment on this place that we’ve been in since august and the last two places that we lived in we were no later then a week late…once at each place.  anyway the point is i wish we could do the whole credit card thing because there are things that come up that you need and you dont have the money for it right away no matter how good you budget.
i love it the sales manager comes to me and wants a picture of a board (billboard) and says “i need this picture..blah blah” but he just goes off on something about sending pictures to people and sometimes i really dont understand what he means and he doesnt explain himself he just leaves.  weirdo people.
I just did a cut and paste on this to see how long it was in word…yeah its three pages…almost to the fourth.  huge.  and i think i’m done.  i’ll be back if i have more thoughts today…well deep thoughts

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