Paranormal Hobo Ghosts Cats Glee Halloween!

25 Oct

You got that?

I didn’t sleep much last night. You wanna know why? Because I watched Paranormal Activities before I went to work. And then! I watched two episodes of Paranormal State. Which is way worse then the movie because IT IS REAL PEOPLE! Ghosts are real mmkay. And all night I kept waking up expecting some invisible hand grab my leg and drag me out of my bedroom. And what’s worse? Is that if that did ever happen…Jesse would probably sleep through the whole thing. That scares me. I would be drug out to the back yard and killed by hobo ghosts and he would wake up in the morning all refreshed. Jerk. And then when I tell him that I didn’t sleep at all and why he says that he’s not going to tell me anymore because he has before and I ignore his warnings. I have a problem. I have a scary story problem. I’m ready to admit this. Yet I’m not ready to stop listening to the stories.

Another problem that I have with the night time is two cats who have been named…get this…they’re very very original names: “Oscar’s Cat, and Oscar’s OTHER cat.” Yup. I tried to name one Chowder, but Oscar vetoed it. “NO THAT IS OSCAR’S CAT! NOT CHOWDER!” They like to fight with each other all night long. I have scratches on my hands from them trying to hold on when I fling them off my bed. So it looks like the ghosts have attacked me in my sleep but I really know that it was actually my stinking kitties.

My love affair with the show Glee is slowly burning out. I’m just not impressed and dazzled anymore. Now its just like a bad show about high school with songs thrown in. And most of the time the music isn’t all that great. The last new episode I didn’t know any of the songs. Lame. And I’m worried after reading the reviews about the newest one that they do an homage to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m not a huge fan of the movie, but I liked it enough to know when it’s been done wrong. So there’s that.

I have to work the mid shift on Halloween. I’m not too upset about this because Barb wants to take Oscar out trick-or-treating which is great because I hate it. I have always hated it. I don’t like getting dressed up and I definitely don’t like going to other people’s houses unannounced and asking for things. We just don’t have a costume for him. He wanted to either go in his jammies or go as “Lightnening” and when I said “Lightening McQueen?” (from Cars) he said “NO! LIGHTENING GUY!!” Who is a character from a PS3 game his dad plays. The guy doesn’t have much of a costume. Just a leather jacket and jeans. Oh and electricity shooting out of his hands…I don’t know how we would do that for a 4 year old. So he might just have to pick one out at the store. I wanted him to go as a fairy princess…but he shot me down. The boy does not love me at all. On another note I apparently really need a baby girl in my life. Anyone wanna donate one to me? ha!

I have finally stepped it up and got myself a blue tooth for my phone. But my blue tooth is pink. So I call it my pink tooth. I wore it all day even though I didn’t talk on my phone that much. Okay I didn’t wear it ALL day, because in all honesty it kinda hurts my ear. I don’t know how people can keep those in their ears all day.

We took a terrible turn as parents and put an old playstation in Oscar’s room. He loves it. I had to work until 10pm the first day he had it and the next morning he crawled in bed with me and told me he played his game “all night long!” and I said “all night?! did you sleep?” and he said “Yes mom…I was playing my new battle game FINAL FANTASY!!” And he threw his fists in the air. Adorable that I’m raising such a game nerd. My future is bleak. He doesn’t play it all day long though which is good. And I know, we’re terrible parents. I get it. We’re rotting his brains.

I had a co-worker tell me that she doesn’t want kids because they’re all annoying. And I agreed with her. My son? Annoying. But then she had to talk about how he was annoying at this party we went to because he kept going in and out of the house. And then even more annoying…he kept calling for his mom! I mean the NERVE of that three year old! Calling for his mother?? Can you imagine?! I don’t know what she expects.  I get it. I get that people don’t want kids. But what does she expect? So I tell her all the annoying things Oscar does to convince her even more not to have kids. I didn’t really want kids either, but it happened. And I love him to death, I do. But if any parent tells you that they’re kid isn’t annoying at times…is a fat liar. Kids are a pain in the butt. The only person I know that didn’t have a problem with any kid is my mom. And she’s a freak of nature. Or a saint. I’m leaning towards freak of nature though. She still I’m sure thought that we were annoying at times. Just ask her about my sister throwing screaming fits…hahah!

So there’s my update. Nothing new to note. Just that I am SUPER FREAKING EXCITED about Thanksgiving. It’s going to be tons of fun. I love being with my family. Maybe I’ll be able to get a flip camera before then to document the craziness.



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