Hoarders…It’s back on…

26 Feb

A long time ago I posted about a show called Hoarders. And I even put up one picture. For some reason this post about hoarding is the ONLY post that gets any hits. As of right now it has 49 views, just for today. I don’t know if they are from real people or not. Because the post in itself ended up being about my eyebrows and not about hoarding at all.

I still watch hoarders when I get a chance…but I have to watch it alone because it bugs Jesse too much to watch dysfunctional people. My thoughts are that it hits too close to home. nudge nudge wink wink.

I can always tell when Hoarders is back for a new season because my views spike. I don’t have regular enough posts to have that many people interested in my lovely life. I just wonder what people think when they’re googling Hoarders and hit on my post and then see pictures of my eyebrows before and after. “I want to read about hoarding! aaww aww! It’s just some weirdo talking about her facial hair…boooo”

Even better people are googling “badgers” and coming up with my post about a badger being in my hoohaa. The internet is a beautiful thing.

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