Ignoring Housework to Write Nothing…

09 Dec

I think that the place that I work at needs a daycare center. And I think furthermore, that they need it to be free for employees. That would be awesome. And then? I wouldn’t be missing work today. Not that I’ve been missing it Bob. (Office Space) But yeah I know that it sucks when people call in and it’s the season for call ins lately. But I really don’t have a choice especially when I don’t have a person to watch my kid. Jesse is still gone. And won’t be home until probably the 15th now. Hopefully. BUT! He will be bringing home decent money and that will be wonderful. We will be able to catch up on bills, which I already have with my paycheck and get some Christmas stuff. I’m planning on getting him a waffle maker. Yeah he’s a weirdo. I want to get his mom a digital camera. She needs one. She likes taking pictures but she still has one from the dark ages. It’s time to bring her into the now. Me? I have no idea what I want.

What I really want is to be free from my addiction to Facebook. It’s so infuriating yet engrossing at the same time. I’m so conflicted. I love keeping up with people from the past and present and my family but some people really get me agitated. It’s like crack. It’s like I want to bitch about everything lately. I’m going to have to get back to being positive about everything. I’m bitching about little things and it’s kinda dragging me down a bit.

I also really want a real office desk and a desktop computer. But that’s a little out of the budget at the moment. I’d settle for an XBOX360 and a Kinect.

I want to lose weight now. I don’t know if it’s just my current mood and it will pass like it usually does but I really want to. I have a co-worker who lives on the base and wants to get back into working out and we’re going to try and get together so I can go out there and work out for free with her. They have a pool and a basketball court. I think that would be good for me. I could go swim when my feet hurt and play ball when they don’t! Or just play anyway. And try to walk on a treadmill or something. But I am getting really tired of looking at my fat body in the mirror.

I only miss Jesse when I look around at my messy house. Ha. I’m terrible. But thankfully I have a sweet little boy that will pick up his toys and his messes when he wants to play video games. Oh and I have finally explained Santa Clause to him and he said “OHhh I can’t WAIT for Santa to come!” And he told his grandma that he was excited to have a Christmas tree. Which we got for free from my uncle. I love having a hoarder uncle who has friends that come to help him clean out once in a while. It’s a 7ft fake skinny tree but it came with 10 strings of lights. 10! Three need bulbs replaced but that’s not bad. I don’t think I’ll need all of them. He said “pre-lit” but it really wasn’t, I had to take all the lights off and de-tangle them. That was fun. But now I have to wait for Jesse to get back because I don’t know where to put it because it’s 7ft tall and there’s only a couple places to put it…like right where the TV is. And to move the TV I would have to move the movie cabinet and then try and move the TV myself is not a good idea. I want to decorate the house before Jesse gets back, but I have no idea where he put the decorations. And I think I’m going to need more than what my mom gave me because well it’s a big freaking tree. And Oscar kept asking about putting a star on the top. Not a blue star. A yellow star.

Well I think that’s it for now. I really need to get off the computer and get to work cleaning the house. It’s finally driving me nuts. Plus I have clothes to fold and a room to clean. Ugh. This “mom” thing is really tiring! hahahahha!

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