14 Days

01 Dec

When Jesse and I first were together ohhh holy jeeze almost 8 years ago people…

We spent every moment we could together. Saw each other every day, every night, worked at the same place together and when I had to leave him for four days to go visit my friend I thought it was the hardest thing I had to do at the time. I know right?! Vomit!

Now eight years later, I can’t live without him still…for other reasons. He does a lot at this house. I mean a lot. He vacuums, he does the dishes, he washes clothes, folds clothes. The only thing he doesn’t do is the bathroom. He has left that to me. Which I think is a raw deal because I’m not the one peeing all over the base. So when work says he has to go to Montana for 14 days I don’t look at it as a “break” or anything like that. But it is nice to not have him always at home like he has been. But it’s hard because I have to shovel snow now. I have to clean up the living room and the kitchen. I have to be…a mom…I don’t know how I’ll survive. He really does spoil the crap out of me. And not in a materialistic way which is sad but wonderful. I’m much more of a baby about things now. “I can’t do that! I’m tired!” He makes it too easy for me. So by the time he gets back…I’m going to be my own woman here and have my own way of doing things and he’s going to ruin it. So basically he has ruined my life.

The worst thing about when he gets back is that we don’t know if he’ll be working on anything. He’s afraid the shop is going to just shut down for the winter. I’m ready to pimp him out on craigslist. But I can’t figure out the wording without making women think he’s available for “more than advertised”

In other news…

We’re ready to have another kid. This is just the prelim thinking about, because I want to be below 200lbs before having another baby. And after discussions with Jesse we really want him to be done with school and in a career. I’m also thinking about possibly clawing my way up to middle management at my job so there’s that too. My biggest personal thing is my weight. As usual. And as usual I’ve eaten two bowls of potatoes today. I really need to do something about this. I think I might be hitting rock bottom soon. I finally weighed myself and I don’t like the numbers. They’re scary. I’m going to have to take the Wii back to the living room and get the Wii Active and any other workout program I can get my hands on. I want to really do this. I just wish I could hold myself accountable for it.

So tomorrow I’m going to go food shopping and start my healthy eating while Jesse is gone. And maybe I can loose some weight while he’s off working.
I honestly don’t really miss him yet. But check in on me. I might change my mind.
Oh and I’m going to try and blog a little more maybe.
I’m sure my mom misses it. If she’s ever on Facebook to see that I’ve written anything.


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One response to “14 Days

  1. Talia

    December 1, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Randa you are hilarious!! I love this one!


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