Happy Birthday to my Sister…Yesterday…

14 Nov

I had to work yesterday all day. And then I got drunk after work, so I completely dropped the ball on writing a Happy Birthday Post to my sister. So today I’m going to take some time and do what I should have done YESTERDAY.

My sister, my biggest oldest sister is 40 now. Well she’s not the “biggest” sister. That would be me. I can’t choose favorites when it comes to siblings because I have two sisters and two brothers, so I can’t say that she’s my “favorite” without my other sister getting mad.

Growing up I got to share a room with my oldest sister. Well I got to have my bed in her room. I think this was because she and my other sister didn’t get along very well, but I don’t know for sure. I just knew that it was an amazing room that I was really only allowed to go in when it was time for bed. (These are my own memories, it might be different…) Anyway! I remember she had posters of Micheal Jackson on the ceiling above her water bed. She had stuff in the closet that I was not allowed to touch EVER. But I did. I was really good at putting things back exactly the way I found them. I loved her Micheal Jackson doll and her Sasha doll that would probably be worth millions by now had a dog not gotten a hold of it.
I think my favorite memory was when I got sick one time, she let me sleep in her bed. It was probably the best sleep I had during that time. It was comfy and felt like I was sleeping in the ocean.

I was a fourth grader when she graduated from High School. I remember my other sister and I sneeking drinks from our drunken aunts and uncles. I remember going for rides in her Charger and I could never place the wonderful smell of her car but I always liked it. And when she moved away from home I loved being able to go and stay with her in her apartment, it was always a great adventure to be in Bend with out my mom or dad.

I remember when she moved back home. With my nephew. Who LOVED me. And I loved him too obviously.

There are so many memories I could write out. It would take forever.
My oldest sister might be the best sister I have.
But don’t tell my other older sister.

One time she told me that it always snows on her birthday. And you know what? Yesterday I looked out the doors at work and there it was…our first snow of the season.

My whole family is going to be here NEXT WEEK. I am beyond excited about this. This is a momentous occasion. This house is going to be full of my family and I’m going to love every minute of it.

Happy Birthday My Oldest Sister. I can’t wait to give you a big hug next Wednesday!


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to my Sister…Yesterday…

  1. Katie

    November 14, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    awwww … This made my eyes puddle up! Randa you were so right … you were only allowed to sleep in my room .. and I did know that you touched my stuff but I didn’t say anything unless you didn’t put back right where I had it. Do you remember I used to write on my yellow desk in that closet? I had written a really sad poem about Dad and I left there hoping that one day he would read it and love me again. I wish I had kept all those Michael Jackson posters that I had .. those would have been worth .. pennies! ha I still have my Sasha doll, sadly she was bitten by a dumb dog and then played with by rotten boys and therefore no longer worth anything. I know what you mean by the smell of the Charger … that was always there even when I was a little girl I remember the smell of that car.
    I am beyond being excited to see you and that sweet boy of yours ~ oh and I guess that big baboon you love! I love you so much my sweet sister Randa!

  2. fracas

    November 17, 2010 at 9:21 am

    No matter how many sisters a person has, it is always so wonderful to share an extra special bond with one. I’m glad you have that Randa… and Happy Birthday to your sis from me too. If Randa thinks the world of you, I shall too!


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