Writing for the Sake of Writing

14 Oct

Uhg. I apparently can only write when I’m PMSing. The title has nothing to do with anything that is going to make it on this page. Because honestly I don’t know what to write about. I don’t like the writing prompts thing that I started and could only manage to write two posts on. The questions are just “meh” to me and I don’t have the urge to write. I would be a fantastic blogger if I could have the hormonal rage going through me all the time. My life however would not be very fun.

An alternate title would be:

My cat’s make me look like a cutter.

And I know that’s not funny to some people because some people are cutters. Yeah and now that I brought it up it makes it seem even worse. But they do! I have scratches on my arms and hands that look self inflicted but I swear to GOD they’re not. I am having a lot of fun with my kitties. Except when the big one which we either call “dickhead” or “Archer” decides to purr in my face at 4am and refuses to get off my bed. I threw him off my bed I think 10 times.

As I announced on FB the other day, I went and bought the long awaited Just Dance 2 for my Wii, we have been dancing ever since. Oscar and I danced to 7 songs this morning until I was out of breath and sweaty. He however only dances to one song and then complains about being sweaty. And I call him a liar.

I had my year evaluation at work the other day. I’m gonna let that sink in. I’ve been at WalMart for almost a year. And I haven’t killed myself or another person. But I did come to the realization the other day that I really do like to work in retail. It just fits. So ugh. I might just be in for a life time of W.M. I got the typical raise and high praises for what I do and blah blah blah. I’m awesome. haha. I’m kidding.

So yeah, I have five days off, so maybe I’ll get more motivated to think of things that I can write about.

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