08 Oct

Today on Twitter I saw a link to this story:

I had heard earlier in the week about Glen Beck and his “producer” or “c0-host” making fun of someone who had their house burn down due to a brush fire and the fact that the man didn’t pay a $75 fee to the fire department so they sat and watched the house burn down with animals still inside. The story alone broke my heart. Back years ago we lived next door to a big house that burnt down, and had that kind of “fee” been set up here, we would have lost our two cats and all of our belongings…you know had we not paid a fee or our neighbors not paid the fee…even though we all paid taxes. It’s a terrible story to begin with but then to have someone mock you on a radio show. Someone who touts themselves as a “Christian” and who has MILLIONS of “Christian” followers to sit and mock and tell that person that they deserved it, is just wrong.

I figure that Glen Beck is as close to the devil as possible. You know through “Christian teaching” that the devil comes in many forms, and is very presuasive. So I put this to those “Christian” followers of Beck…how do you know he’s not the devil? Besides the obvious, he could even make the devil cringe…

So my twitter friend and I decided that we needed to blog about what we thought hell would be like for Glen Beck. I said I hope he goes to the great planets in the sky as is the belief in his “religion.” So that he wouldn’t be any where near “MY heaven.”

Hell for Glen Beck would be a very lonely place I believe. Where no one could hear him. No one could hear his vile rantings and his mocking and his fake crying. He would rant and rave and mock all day long and no one would be the wiser. Because he would be in a lonely little box. And every time he said something that he thought was “godly” or “christian” but truly wasn’t, he would get attacked by an assortment of small dogs that no matter how much he kicked at them it wouldn’t hurt, and they would just keep biting his ankles and knees, until they knocked him down and then they would bite out his eyes. But then everything would regenerate and he would go through it all over again every time something vile came out of his mouth.

Everyone who believes in “karma” thinks that it is coming for Glen Beck. I say it’s not coming quick enough. People need to band together and realize that this man is not a Christian. He is the Devil in disguise. And not a very good one at that. He is a vile hate spewing monster that needs to have his mouth permanently taped shut.

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One response to “Hell4Beck

  1. Absence of Alternatives

    October 8, 2010 at 7:13 am


    Reading this is so cathartic.

    He needs his own personal hell since even Lucifer is cowering with fear that he may be in the same room with Beck for eternity. He’ll be locking the gate to hell on the day when Beck dies. “No HELL for you!”


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