Loving Myself.

06 Oct

I’m doing a 30 days sort of deal but not all at once because I can’t think that much. So you’re getting them when I wanna give them to you. So “day two” is

“Something you love about yourself”

I love that I have empathy for people. Well almost all people. Like my high school AP History Teacher said: “I am only bigoted towards bigots.” It’s hard to have feelings for everyone, it’s hard to look at someone and say “I haven’t been through what you’ve been through but let me feel for you.” I like that I can do that. I like that when a person yells at me for empty shelves at a store I have no control over and tells me that their battling cancer, all I focus on is the fact that they’re battling cancer, and forget that they’re mad at “me.” and I like that all I really wanted to do was hug that woman. And tell her it was going to be okay, and that she was a strong brave woman. I love that I’m sitting here crying about it just typing it out.
I love that I I can take people’s pain into my own. And that I can listen to people, and really feel emotions.

Something else I love about me? I can let go of things. I truly look at things as “small things” and tend to let go. Sure I will bitch and complain for a bit. But then after I get all that out, I will let go. Unless it’s a big deal. If it’s something near and dear to my heart I will not let it go. I will hold on to it in my heart and not let anyone know it is bothering me until I explode. Which isn’t something that I love, but it’s something I do.

I love that I can deal with any type of person. I have a high tolerance for stupidity. I will talk shit about the stupid person. But I will tolerate them. Why? Because sometimes it’s just easier. I don’t look for fights but if a fight comes to me I won’t back down. I also like that about myself.

I like that I will have the ability to teach my son tolerance, and love. I love that I will be able to tell him honestly that it’s better to love everyone then to carry hate and to bully. I love that I can smile on days when all I want to do is sit and cry for the world. It’s hard to do, but I do it. I smile all day long and try my hardest to make at least one person feel better.


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5 responses to “Loving Myself.

  1. Kali Capps

    October 7, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    It seems we have quite a bit in common. I, too, am very open minded and consider myself to be pretty good at moving on and letting go. I treat people how I want to be treated (or they want to be treated, if there’s a difference in the core things). BUT, not so good about the smiling. I smile, don’t get me wrong. I smile all the time. But it’s usually on the inside, with just a creep of a straight faced smiley turned the slightest bit upwards.
    The kid makes me laugh every day. My husband – well, he makes me laugh too most times. The monologue (and sometimes even dialogue) constantly running in my mind? Cracks me the hell up. But I think I’m “too cool” to really let go out loud or something. I don’t know. But I do know that as I mature and become more secure within myself, it will all come together. I’m 29. Still have a billion things to learn before I get outta here. Smiling is a top priority.

    • RandaDawn

      October 7, 2010 at 5:29 pm

      Smiling even though I don’t want to is pretty tough to do. Especially at work. But I found out a long time ago that if I don’t consciously smile, people think I’m angry. It’s the basic structure of my face or something, I don’t naturally look happy. Or something like that. I dunno.
      It’s kinda awesome and weird to find someone who is almost the same age as me and with commonalities AND who also has a 4 year old. I’m going to go back to your site and steal your button. So I can add it to the list.
      Thanks for visiting, I love (like most bloggers) when people comment when visiting.

      • Kali Capps

        October 7, 2010 at 8:38 pm

        Of course we love comments! If for no other reason than to know someone else is actually reading what you’ve written, comments are always encouraging and welcome. I used to look at people funny when they’d ask for comments on MySpace or something. For some reason – this is different. I didn’t pour my heart out on MySpace or spend time putting words together that made sense, even. lol.
        Thanks for adding my button. I’m definitely a regular here now.

  2. Ann

    October 9, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    I so love all those things about you too. Then there is so much more but I am a mom and you have to forgive me for thinking so highly of a daughter that was at all times a joy. Most moms don’t get to say that.


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