27 Aug

No one? No one comes here and says “hello? I thought you were going to post every day?!”
I see how you are.
I hurt and apparently I’m having an anxiety attack today. Which my sister lovingly pointed out happens once a month. Which brings me to this: I am now referring to my period as “The red headed kids coming out of my corn field.” For no other reason other than that is some funny shit right there. I’m so putting fake kids in the corn field in our front flower bed at halloween. Children of the corn here at our house. “OUTLANDER!”
I will probably at one point, not tomorrow tho, because I have to work at 10am to 7 tomorrow after working till midnight tonight…
Add pictures or do a whole new post about the children in the corn.
But now I have to go to hell. I mean work. Where I get yell at by associates and customers. YAY ME!
Someone find me a new job fast. I’m dying.


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3 responses to “What?

  1. Melly Moo

    August 27, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    OOOH Randa I love you! I am so sorry to have to point out the obvious to you on FB! haha! 🙂 I am teasing! I had major I mean MAJOR melt down the middle of this month and it was even got to witness me crying so hard I stopped breathing! Lovely, yes! Hang in there sweetie! We are definately going to be up there for a long weekend over Thanksgiving! And how fun to go south for a bit to visit your friend! You need it!!! Love you!

  2. Ann Choate

    August 28, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    I can hardly wait! I love corn! I love kids! I especially love red headed kids. I still melt down. I still have periods! This last has been 3 months long, I am the luckiest person in the world. Yes we are coming for thanksgiving, don’t know how, don’t know all the details but I have decided we are coming. I need to tell Joe to stick around cause he will have his dad. Or your dad and my dad can stay and take care of Jan’s animals and Jan can come. Can Julie come? I will wait with bated breath for the next post. I love you Randa!! Mom

  3. Katie

    August 31, 2010 at 6:13 am

    I always read … and don’t always comment ~ why oh why can’t I ever be consistent? I love all of your blogs because you write how I wish I could write and it looks effortless ~ can writing a blog “look” effortless ~ yours does!
    Love the “children of the corn” idea makes perfect sense … I am waiting for my red headed children to visit me ~ oh wait, I have one that actually lives here! shit! what do I do now?
    I need to tell Joel again that we are going to Spokane for Turkey day ~ maybe he can stay with Dad & Pops? ha! JUST KIDDING! I love it when my husband comes with me on trips out of town because he’s sooooo much fun! Yes that was sarcasm and no I don’t like it when he goes with us because he’s a wet blanket! That’s right .. A Wet Blanket, we all know how nice a Wet Blanket is!
    Keep blogging … you do have readers ~ even tho we are family!


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