MMmmm Not Real Mexican Foood…

18 Aug

I make what I like to call “fake enchiladas” because I’m sure they are nothing like “authentic” enchiladas. But what ever they are they’re freaking damn good, and I love them. And get super bad heart burn eating them but I don’t care. I still eat them all the time.

So first you get a bunch of frozen chicken breasts. I used three big ones. I like ’em big. And you “cube” them. And then you put them into your pan with a little oil so they don’t stick and cook them up until they’re no longer pink. See? No pink. And then I drain off all the juice and everything because you don’t need it.

Then you get two boxes of Hamburger Helper “Mexican” Cheesy Enchiladas. And add to the chicken like it was beef. But get rid of the topping crap. You don’t need it. Cook according to the box. You should know how to read…right?

Don’t forget to tear off the box tops to give to your sister in Burns. With all the intentions of one day sending them to her. Hopefully before that little expiration date that I just noticed.

So then you gather up the canned goods that you use for this little dinner. I use the mild because I’m a wuss bag. I added corn? For some reason because I was being an idiot. It wasn’t terrible just not what I usually do. I usually put olives in it. I have no idea where my head was.

Oh and then you have to take a break and have some Sweet Tea. That’s an order. Because I’ve stopped drinking soda I have to get my sugar from somewhere. I get it in small doses now. One or two a week. I could really go for another though right about now…

So here is a very blurry picture of the almost finished product. I added a little bit of the enchilada sauce to the mix. I also forgot to add the canned cheese. Which is a wonderful addition. Anyway not pictured is the fact that I put enchilada sauce in the bottom of my glass cooking pan. And then you get tortillas. Pronounced tor-till-a-s. And you put the enchilada stuffs in the tortillas and then you roll them. Rolll them up! When you’re done doing that. Sorry for no pictures of all this. You put shredded cheese on the top and throw it in the oven. WAIT! Don’t actually litterally throw it silly. And then you keep checking it every minute or so to see if the cheese has melted. Once the cheese is really melted, you take them out and

There they are!! And they’re ready to eat for the next three days! And give you heart burn for the next three days! Oh and I also made a little one that I kinda made into a “casserole” of sorts. In a round baking dish, for later.

Look at that presentation! I’m amazing!! And now I think I’ll go finish them off. I get heartburn just thinking about them…

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Posted by on August 18, 2010 in Its really tuesday


One response to “MMmmm Not Real Mexican Foood…

  1. vd

    August 18, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    i burst into laughter when i read the bit about the box tops to send to your sister. my gawd you’re witty. also i find some bits of this recipe repulsive but if you dig ’em i’m all about it. also, today i had a quesadilla (kay-sah-dill-ah) at a place called “Moe’s” in Albany, NY. totally the real deal. totally. :p


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