Easy Like Wednesday Morning

18 Aug

I haven’t done anything today. That post that I did before this one? Was done a couple days ago, I just didn’t post it.

Okay maybe I did something. I kind of organized my shelves a little bit. I took all my bills out of my desk area and threw them into a drawer out of my sight.

Oscar has been watching his video all day. Video of Mario and Luigi, in his room. He does come out every so often to play “Lemme find.” On this dry erase thingy that I got for him yesterday. I also got him a work book with letters. His attention span makes it to D before he’s done. D is for Done. But he likes to find pictures of things on the other thing that I go him. I know! I can’t describe it right to tell you what it is.

My co-worker made me go to a comedy club and we’ve been talking about getting up there ourselves ever since. I told her this would be my comedy show: It would just be me telling a story and not getting anywhere then saying “you had to be there.” and then starting another story. That’s pretty much how any story I tell goes. I would also just like to get up there and imitate other comedians. That would be fun.

I really need to do something else productive before work. I feel like I need to, but yet I’m still on the computer. It’s a blustery day here and it makes me want to take a nap.

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