This Morning

15 Aug

Oscar was up before 6 today. So he watched Tom and Jerry for I don’t know how long because I was sleeping. Then he got up out of our bed and went into his room. I passed back out, woke up to check on him. He’s watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force in his room. Awesome. Yes I went back to bed.
He’s still watching now. Three hours later. With a break for some french toast thanks to dad.
I was woke up from a dream about he and his older cousin getting into a fight and his older cousin bawling about Oscar hurting him. But he wouldn’t say what happened so I asked Oscar and he wouldn’t answer so I started shaking him and throwing him around screaming at him. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?” and he still wouldn’t answer so I told the cousin. “Well if you won’t say what happened and he won’t say what happened, nothing happened, so I can’t punish him.”
Even in my dreams I’m awesome at this stuff. haha!
So this morning Jesse is in the living room playing video games, Oscar is in his room watching cartoons and I’m in my room watching TV and doing what I do best. Annoy the masses.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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