14 Aug

I’m going to start just updating my blog whenever I feel like it, like a longer twitter update. And better then a FaceBook update because well it’s not FB. Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that if Jesse ever threw a grasshopper dead or alive at me, I will leave him. I would also punch him in the balls. We’ve just discussed this tonight.
Also when I blow on Oscar to tickle him without tickling him he says: “Don’t BLOW me mom!” And then I called Leslie to tell her this and he’s right by the phone saying “BLOW ME MOM! BLOW ME!” Awesome-sauce right there.
Hot Tub Time Machine is a funny movie. I heart the shit out of it.
This is what is going to happen on my blog. And no one is going to read it except the family.
I’m a little worried that I’m trying to be like other blogs and people are going to read other ones and then read mine and say “she sounds just like…” and then think I’m copying them. So if I sound like your blog just remember I have no original ideas really, and you? You probably don’t either. Okay maybe you do. Look at me all hopped up on sweet tea and a two hour nap!
Okay there you go. Late night Blogging that no one is going to catch.
And I’m out!

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One response to “JerkFace

  1. Joice V

    August 31, 2010 at 8:31 am

    I really like your writing style.Keep it up.


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