And Already Work is Getting in the Way

13 Aug

You see, when I don’t work I have time to sit and think and write about different things. But then today I had to go to work at 10:30 and that means that I tried to stay in bed for as long as possible. Which was 8:30. I had to pee. And I got tired of hearing “Uhhmm mom? I’m kinda really thirsty”

So last night I was listening to my iPod on random and it fell on Nick Swardson who is a very funny comedian. Oscar was sitting on my lap and asked “who’s that guy?” and I said “Nick Swardson” he’s a very funny comedian.” and Oscar said. “No I don’t like him, I want to punch him in the butt.” And then he danced to Ke$ha. There’s something wrong with him I think.

I’ve gotta stop looking at my stats on my blog. Because it shouldn’t matter but then I see that my views go from 30 something to 2 today and it makes me sad. But then I remember that everyone I know read my post yesterday.

And then I post this late at night so no one will read it.

Until tomorrow.

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