I was Supposed to Check in or Something Right?

10 Aug

Ugh. I hate working.

I’m not in a good mood. Apparently I have seasonal depression but my season is summer time. Even though I love the summer time. I like being hot more than I like being cold. I hate frozen feet. Sweaty feet I can deal with. But yeah I’ve been in a mood. My last post was kind of a give away to that I hope.

Checking in:
No soda all week! And one maybe two, no wait, just one sweet tea. I love the sweet tea.
I don’t recall going to a fast food place but I could be wrong. My brain hasn’t been working properly lately.
I got a hysterical birthday card from my mom. The best was that my nephew signed the envelope. And my niece, signed it twice. It’s one that sings when you open it. Oscar LOVES it. He keeps asking if it’s his birthday…

I asked for Oscar’s birthday off, because, you know, it’s a kind of important day right? Well they or I should say my assistant manager in charge of scheduling denied me. Because his birthday is on Labor Day. So of course I have to work on LABOR day. fuckers. That’s right. I said it. So I have to work from 2pm to 11pm on his birthday. I’m all sorts of broken up about this because well I might not be a mushy mom and we might not have much planned as of yet for his birthday but I would like to spend the day with him. And maybe get him a cake. We’re not going to have cake at noon for him. That’s ridiculous. Don’t tell me it’s not.

It’s my oldest nephew’s birthday today. I don’t know if he’ll call me on it but I didn’t do a whole post about him. I know! But because I love him I will tell him HAPPY STINKING BIRTHDAY CHRISH! He’s so old! Which in turn makes the rest of us so old. I was certain he was only like 7 or something but no he’s 19 now. He’s almost 20…wow. Hey sister, how does that make you feel?! hahah!! Sorry.

So I’m not finding too many positives about life lately and I’ve tried to find them. They’re just not there. Or they are they’re just smaller than the huge ass negatives happening around me.

My only wish is that I could better handle these things. I also wish I had a quicker wit about me. Because I always come up with things to say to people way after they say mean things or yell at me at work.
There’s an old man at work that is a people greeter. He needs to either quit or die or something, I can’t really be sure. But I will tell you that I wish a painful death on him every time I have to work with him. He’s old and slow and he hates women. And he hates women in authority positions even more. So it’s just soo fun being his “boss.” I use the term “boss” very lightly. I don’t boss people around at work. I ask them to do things for me and they do. And I give advice and I help with problems. Anyway that’s besides the point. The point is this old man is a dickhead. And needs to retire. I love my old people. I love the old ladies that work at my store. I have decided that they are actually running the store and we just do their bidding unbeknownst to us. I think they’re like mob bosses or something. Anyway this old man going back to him decided to berate me in front of other associates and customers for not being “at the podium when I got here” so he took it upon himself to go to the door of his choosing which was not the door that I had him scheduled for. No big deal. I don’t mind, but when you yell at me about it, that pisses me off. Where was I going with this? Anyway I was told after he did that what I “should have said” and by then it was too late. He had already gotten his way like the big old man baby he is. And then I told an associate to go “give the grumpy old man a break” (yeah probably not the smartest thing but whatever I was still mad) and he said “do you want me to tell him you said that?” and I said, because I was still mad, “yes, please tell him I called him a grumpy old man” and when that old asshole came back from his break he says “I want to ASK you a question.” me: “what?” him: “Just what type of grumpy old man am I?” and I just rolled my eyes and said “A regular old grumpy old man.” And that was it. I would love to get called into the office for that. I would LOVE IT! Fucking old man needs to quit or die already.

Ugh. Sorry. You see this? This is what happens. This is what happens when my seasonal depression hits. I’m going to go crawl back into my hole now.


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2 responses to “I was Supposed to Check in or Something Right?

  1. Katie

    August 11, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    So yeah, having a son/child turn 19 is no big deal when you feel 12 on the inside! Sunshining smiley faces!! It’s GREAT to be the mother of a 19 yr old jobless son. “oh what’s your son doing? Oh where did your son go to school? Oh didn’t he graduate last year? Oh what’s your son going to do?” How the F! do you answer these asinine questions? No clue, No where, Yes, No Clue … that’s what I usually say. “Why don’t you make him get a job? Why does he not fight fire? Has he thought about the military?” Why the F do they care? They don’t have to support him and have they thought about the military? Yeah that’s what I thought! Do you want your son to go into the military? Right you do! Dumbasses! So having a son that’s now 19 I feel like a failure because he isn’t doing what EVERYONE else’s kid is doing!

    Now remind me I said all of this when I say or ask some dumbass thing in the future! thanks and good day! I am full of all sorts of angry today

    • RandaDawn

      August 11, 2010 at 4:36 pm

      OMG start a blog right now! Or just get a “tumblr” account. that’s a short version of a blog. I would read it. I would read your rants Katie. And send him up here. If you really wanted to he could stay with us. Jesse could put him to work and he could go to school. I’ll whip him into shape! hahaha!!


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