I Keep Trying…

27 Jul

And trying to write something. But I keep failing. I have one in the works. Then I delete it because it’s no good. And now I honestly don’t have anything to write about. Because all I’ve done today is watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E. Which honestly I like for some reason. Probably because they’re uber rich but still funny and real at the same time somehow. But while watching they keep showing ads for a “new” show with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. Called Twisted Family or something like that. It should just be called “Yet another trashy show about people in Jersey just to make Jersey look all the more appealing.” The one thing they keep showing is the wife in the car yelling “WHO FARTED?!” and then they cut and come back with her saying “IT’S MUTHERS DAY!” Like that really would stop an asshole from farting. Pun totally intended. So with all that said I will probably not be a fan of Dee Snider’s new show.

So I have two days off and I spent the first one doing as little as possible. We did happen to go to a park and do some playing. And then I did some laying on a blanket. And then the rain kind of started. So we went home. And I did some more laying around. All in all, a pretty successful day.

So the other day on twitter I said something about milestones and how I’m not really affected by them. I didn’t cry when Oscar “transitioned” from his crib to a bed. He didn’t either. I didn’t cry when he got his first tooth. I didn’t save his hair when we cut it for the first time. I won’t be over joyed to have to attend “kinder-grad” and first grade grad and second grade grad because apparently now you “graduate” from EVERY grade. Ugh. I’m just not that mom. I do take pictures of him all the time. If he ever, God forbid, goes missing, I have an array of pictures in different outfits and in different positions. Plus he has a couple very good identifying scars, thanks to that mirror falling on him. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that I’m not a milestone mom, and sometimes I feel bad and devoid of emotions because of it. I don’t look at him and say “where’d my baby go?!” and then drop to the floor and cry. Because he honestly will ALWAYS be my baby. And he already knows that…

In other news it sounds like Jesse will be going back to Astoria for a little longer next week. So that means good money. It also means I have to find someone to watch the boy just one day, because my schedule works out pretty well that Barb and I can handle it. Which leads me to say that yes some people have problems with their in-laws…but I do not. She is wonderful. You should see the garden!! I need to take pictures. The bugs are loving our veggies too. But we’re nice and sharing a little. At times I wonder how long it will last but I enjoy having her here.

I was going to add fancy pictures to this post but my computer is being a bitch. Now it’s off to find some sort of virus detection to clean the bastard up.


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2 responses to “I Keep Trying…

  1. kris

    July 28, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Wait until one of these milestones is monumentally important to your son. Wait until he rides a bike for the first time, or goes on a roller coaster even though he’s afraid, or is brave in the face of emergency room stitches.

    There are milestones and there are milestones.

    Some of them? Tug at your heart.

    You’ll see.

    But the fact that he will always be your baby? And that he knows that fact?

    That’s awesome.

  2. Sabreena

    August 4, 2010 at 7:31 am

    I just wrote a post on my blog about my son starting preschool and in it I discuss how I am not a sentimental mom and it often makes me feel like something is wrong with me (especially because I am surrounded by the type of moms who fall to the floor bemoaning the loss of their child’s babyhood). After reading this I don’t feel so alone. I love my kids but I just don’t get all choked up with each new thing they do.


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