Happy Birthday To an Old Friend

21 Jul

I’m going to have to re-do the other birthday post after this one. I’ve got a new idea for this. Instead of just saying “happy birthday” I’m going to actually write a post about that person. Trying really hard not to use their name, unless they want me to. So last birthday person?? I’m going to re-do yours later. That post might take a while! hehe!


I’m not sure if he reads my blog, and I’m not going to flatter myself and believe that he does. But thanks to the pushy-ness of Facebook I know that today is a his b-day. I should thank my cousin Leona because had she not moved to Burns, I probabaly wouldn’t have been friends with him.

The rule in a small town is when a new person moves to town they are considered “fresh meat” and all the people of the opposite sex have to take a crack at them. And all the people of the same sex hate that person with a passion that burns like the sun. When I was in high school my cousin Leona had to move in with us. I’ll spare the details because it is a long drawn out story. She garnered a lot of attention, because she was cute and exuded soemthing that I couldn’t ever figure out. So there were boys at my house. BOYS…I Know!! Guys that didn’t give ME a second glance were now talking to me and hanging out in my house. I knew why they were there, they didn’t fool me. She ended up with one of the boys and the other quickly lost interest. Possibly because I was painfully plain and shy and lacked any sort of ability to attract teenage boy attention. Anyway, “b-day boy” became friends with my cousin with the hopes of “getting with her” I’m sure, but they ended up being friends, and as a by-product we also had a friendship.

We were buds, we had the same sense of humor, we joked about everything. We would sit in the hammock in my back yard and tell jokes and laugh and then knock each other out of the hammock. I don’t even remember all the things that we did…I wish I could. And of course I didn’t write any of them down. He introduced me to the boy that I loved. He got called “the fat kid” by my crazy old grandma. My mom taught him how to drive, and let him use our van after he got his license. He was over at our house all the time. And it was fun.
When he “dated” girls I would get secretly jealous. Because he would disappear, and leave me. When he took another girl for a ride in MY MOM’S CAR after getting his license I was PISSED. When I went to my Jr. Prom he was there with someone else and went to my mom and told her my date had his hands all over my butt. (Which he totally DIDN’T!) When I went to my Senior Prom with his best friend he told my mom that we did dirty things. WHICH I only WISH we did. But we didn’t.

We’re all grown up now. The last time I saw him was over 4 years ago. Way before Oscar was born…He has kids now, and he looks happy in all his pictures. Sometimes I wish I could go back and change a few things about my past, but being friends with him? I’d never change that.

Happy birthday to my old friend. I just want you to know you were an important person in my life.

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