Read Blogs. They Make You Feel Normal.

13 Jul

And they make you feel like your fear of heights got nuthin’ on so and so’s fear of heights. You also find out that you’re in a group of people that feel the same way about “perfect moms” (wherever they are, I’ve never seen one). You find out that there are people out there WAY more neurotic than you. That they freak out about little things more often and kinda make you feel better about yourself that you didn’t rush your child to the hospital because he has a tiny rash. Because some women do that. Some women “think” that their son “maybe” swallowed something so they rush them to the ER to get X-rays. All I can say is they must have awesome insurance.
What you also find out is that they have these blogging conventions where all these neurotic, fear of flying, fear of crowds women get together and I think just end up hiding in the bathroom together. But somehow make it out to make awesome speeches that other women faun over and say to themselves “I could never do that.” But really? They could. Because why else do they go to these conventions? If not to meet new people, but then they say all they want to do is hide in the corner. It makes no sense to me. If you’re putting yourself out there, why the fuck not PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE?! And stop talking about all the Xanax that it’s going to take to get you through the flight and then how much alcohol it takes to get you through the convention. If you don’t like crowds why go? And if you’re just exaggerating then QUIT IT!

I know that I’m speaking to the wrong crowd because I blog to my family and friends and the majority of you don’t read blogs, that I know of. But honestly there’s a whole world and a whole network of people JUST LIKE YOU! And Twitter makes it all the more fun. I’ve found more blogs then ever, and I have found people more like me. It’s an amazing world out there and even though I probably will never meet these people in real life I like knowing that I’m not alone.

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Posted by on July 13, 2010 in Angry Ranting, blogging


One response to “Read Blogs. They Make You Feel Normal.

  1. fracas

    July 31, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Oh Randa. You are so much more entertaining (and smarter) than you give yourself credit for.

    Haven’t blogged much lately… (had a death and some other family stuff) but I have missed you. ❤


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