Pictures To Go Along With The Story

10 Jul

So we had a wonderful half a week in Portland. It was good to see my dad. I should have gotten some pictures of him, but that probably wouldn’t be very nice to photograph a sick man. At least he wouldn’t be able to chase after me! I did however get some excellent shots of his view from the fourteenth floor.

Isn’t that beautiful?! I want to just take that view with me everywhere. I wish I would have been there for the Fourth of July. Dad said a nurse came in and made him get up to watch and he saw the whole city light up with fireworks all the way around.
So there is a Sky Tram that goes from the hospital down to a building for doctors.

This is on our way back up. I couldn’t get any pictures on our way down because Oscar had a death grip on me and was sweating because he was so scared. I think that a fear of hights is maybe inhereted because my hands were sweating the whole time too. I felt like I was flying though. I have a fear of heights but apparently it’s not crippling because I am able to go on rides like this one with out having panic attacks. The good thing though if I did have a panic attack I was going right back to a hospital. Oscar loved it right after we got off of the tram. He wanted to go right back up again.

Someone had an unfortunate accident.

Here’s the station up at the top. The nice thing was that since we were visiting a cancer ridden dad we got to ride the tram for free. Oscar really liked his tickets, and held on to them very tightly.

While visiting dad was nice, it also gave me a chance to visit my friend Leslie, who I only get to see once a year or so, like most of my friends.We met her family on the beach at Pacific City. Thanks to GPS on my phone the trip was fairly uneventful. Except for one “make a legal uturn as soon as possible.”

The Oregon Coast is always cloudy isn’t it? Or is it just when I go?

Here’s Oscar, Aiden, Leslie’s Husband Bryan and Laila. Oscar is totally amused at the moment.

Leslie and I tried our hands at cloud bursting and it worked, but it took almost until we had to leave for the sun to come out. My shins got burnt. Laila loves me. She drug me into the waves, and then out of the waves. I love her, because she made me run. Not many people can do that. We actually got to park on the beach which was a first for me. Thankfully Bryan brought my car down for me but then it was up to me to get it back up. Scary stuff!

He’s totally playing dead. I swear!

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