Hospitals are too quiet

09 Jul

Dad is sleeping. I just heard Oscar out in the hallway. It is too quiet in here. He’s too excited about life. Oscar not my dad. Typical three year old never concerned about all the cancerous men and women on the floor. He just wants to WASH HIS HANDS!!!

When you enter the floor you have to call in and then someone on the other end opens the doors for you. Then you go through another set of doors and there’s two sinks and you wash your hands. Dad’s room is just opposite of this little station so I can hear Oscar yelling at Jesse “ARE YOU ALL DONE!?” Now he’s in here doing his best stage whisper. He’s such a good boy. Just outside the door, his voice returns to normal.

I am very germ free at the moment. All you do is wash your hands and sanitize your hands. And don’t for the love of GOD sneeze or cough. Oscar sneezed…twice the first day we visited. I told him he was killing his Poppa. He took me very serious. Today he had to start coughing because he choked on his own spit. He’s got plans to get at dad’s money or something. I don’t know why he wants to kill him so bad.

Dad, to me, is doing very well considering what is going on. He does a lot of sleeping and then sits up and talks with me and jokes with the nurses and they walk out not knowing what he was talking about because apparently they weren’t taught sarcasm in Nursing School. The one doctor on Dad’s “team” that I keep seeing is awesome. She’s very up beat and fast-moving and looks at everyone in the room when she’s talking. Not just dad. She includes everyone when she is telling us what is going on. I haven’t seen any other doctors so I can’t compare but I find that quality very comforting.

Jesse’s job in Astoria only lasted two days. We thought it would be three. He’ll be back soon to do the rest of the “phases” So basically his working for two days just paid for the trip. Which I think was worth it. It’s good to see dad. I was really worried given our money situation and what nots that I wouldn’t have been able to see him. Oh I will be adding pictures as soon as I get home. Or doing a whole post with pictures when i can down load them off my phone. I got to go to Pacific City yesterday to meet my friend Leslie and her family for some fun on the always sunny Oregon Coast. (That was sarcasm) It was not sunny, not until about an hour before we left. I still managed to get sunburnt. We had a good day though. It was nice to see her. Even if only for a little while.

I also got to spend an evening out with another friend from GU and have some beers and have a wonderful time just talking. Life problems were sovled! haha! Kidding. But we did have a very good conversation. It makes me miss my friends so much, and makes me wish we were all back together again.

We’re now waiting for my sister and brother to get into town tonight. And then we will head back to Spokane tomorrow. Then it’s back to work for me. BOOO. I really like not working. I’m such a lazy ass.

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