Good News and UpDates

01 Jul

So I know that I post about all this on Facebook and I could stop doing that so it forces you to read this to find out what’s going on in my life but then I like to repeat myself.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me that I passed my first test for Spokane Police Radio Dispatch. Which means I move on to the written test on the 14th of July. I am beyond excited. I was a little scared to open the envelope because I was pretty sure I did good on the test but I was a little doubtful. It was one of those “too easy I probably messed up somewhere.” So the man proctoring the first exam said that the computer based test was the hard one, to weed people out. He said only 50% pass the first test, and that the second test the written one is much easier. I would like to know what the second test is based on. But again I’m going into it blind. This job means a lot for me. It means a career. It means stability. It means 40 hours a week, good pay, and BENIFITS. It means I can possibly go to the doctor. So a lot is riding on this, on my shoulders. I’m fully prepared for it. Even though I really like my job at Wal-Mart it’s not one that I can hold my head high and say “YES I work at Wal-Mart.” I’ve been getting good remarks about my work though, so that’s nice.

Jesse also got good news today. He will not longer be an apprentice. After 6 years FINALLY!! The shop that he originally started with has had some hard times and work through them had slowed to a stop so his journeyman asshole went to other shops and drug Jesse along to be his work horse. Today he got a call from his former boss and now that the shop is getting more work they want Jesse to be their main drywall hanger. Which is good/wonderful news. This means that if they have hourly jobs he will get $20/hr. And if he gets paid footage he will get the footage rate which usually works out to around $30/hr depending on how big the project and how fast he goes. All of it helps us financially. He is still planing on going to school and working around it. The bosses are willing to do this for him. Which is wonderful as well. The only problem now is “breaking up” with his journeyman. I have a feeling the way it is going to go. And Jesse has his own theory. Which involves getting punched in the face. I suggested a phone call in that case. But either way it is a little stressful for him.

If I get the job as a dispatcher it will be even better because I would be making what we make together right now…(I know! How do we survive?) My only concern is my credit. Because they will check that and I have had some problems since last year. But with a good job I will be able to correct those mistakes and get my credit back on track fairly quickly.

My dad is now in the hospital in Portland starting his T-cell transplant. We had a family meeting to discuss his Advanced Directive. It was interesting, and very hard to listen to over the phone. Mostly because I couldn’t hear anyone but my mom because she has the loudest voice. But it was fairly painless. We discussed his options and if he wanted to be a vegetable or not. Just in case that would happen. Before the talk though I discussed with mom the finer points such as “how much money are we talking about when he dies?” ha! I’m kidding. Kinda…My friend and I were joking about the money thing and mom said that if dad dies my friend gets his storage shed full of scrap metal. My friend is ecstatic and is already making plans for a robot. We also discussed that if dad does die we think mom needs to fake her own death, dye her hair red and move to New Mexico and sell Turquoise Jewelry. The only problem is that I didn’t get a chance to get dad to put this all in his Advanced Directive before it was signed so it’s probably not going to happen. (insert sad face) This is how I cope with bad news people. I joke. I’m terrible I know. But dad is doing good so far. But the sickness is in the mail, it’s just a matter of time. I know that he’s going to make it through it, because a lot of Christians are pulling for him and that’s all that matters really right? A lot of people talking to God and making God do all the work. And I’m stopping right there before I get in trouble. I love my family and all they do for me, and that they take my joking so well.


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3 responses to “Good News and UpDates

  1. subWOW

    July 1, 2010 at 7:57 am

    I am thinking positive thoughts for your dad’s surgery. No worries about joking. That’s how I, and I believe many others, cope with stress in life.

    Congrats on passing test#1 and Good luck on your 2nd test! It IS a wonderful job with, as you said, awesome benefits and I believe pension as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Kudos to your hubby for getting promoted too!

    Now go plotting some more on how to get your mom to Mexico. 😉

  2. Ann Choate

    July 1, 2010 at 10:16 am

    Oh Randa! I’ve never been to Mexico. Your dad is and will do very well! Keep writing I love it.

  3. Sister Katie

    July 2, 2010 at 6:55 am

    I am glad you repeat yourself because I love to read what you write … I think you are an excellent writer.
    I like the red hair and moving to Mexico idea and making jewelry for mother … except she would have to take her 5 kids and 8 grandkids!
    Oh by the way … I have a bunch of my Christian friends praying that you get that job! (winky face) Jesse will heal quickly from the punch in the face .. but I am kinda worried about the guy that punches him ~ will he live to see tomorrow? Keep us posted … double post it!


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