Heartburn Pretty Much Ruins Everything

14 Jun

Deciding to blog about nothing is pretty tough. There’s a lot of ideas rolling around in my brain but they never seem to translate on to paper. Or screen as it is. And I know the picture has nothing to do with the title. And the title has nothing to do with what I’m writing but again. It’s my blog deal with it.

So that rose came out of our pretty rose bush out front. Oscar has decided that he now has to bring me in flowers. Thankfully he has a grandma who knows how to cut them. I have gotten a handful of grass as a “flower” and was forced to put it into a “vase” and I use that loosely because it was actually a cleaned out chocolate milk jug from McD’s. Yup we’re class. Don’t tell me you’re white trash and you have a vase. Because we don’t. I also don’t own any curtains. What? You know what else I don’t have? Throw pillows. And I’ve lived with white walls for so freaking long I couldn’t even imagine what color on my walls would look like. I don’t have any decoration in my bathroom. And we have no matching towels. I have a closet full of towels, and most of them are old. I think we have 6 towels that we actually bought ourselves. Yup.

Oscar got a new little play area in the back yard. Jesse actually worked in the yard. It was amazing to see him not playing video games. I kid. I do. Okay maybe I don’t. Barb was the busiest in the yard though. She got all the stuff she wanted done even through bad joint pain. The woman amazes me. Oh and I helped. I DID! I put rocks around the front garden. That was my contribution. I know shocking that I can help out a little.

See all those rocks?? Yup that was ALL me. That’s pretty much the extent of my yard skills. I didn’t want to do anything else, you know show anyone up. So if all goes according to plan we will have uhm veggies in our front yard!


One response to “Heartburn Pretty Much Ruins Everything

  1. Katie your sister

    June 14, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    the front of your house looks so good!! you guys are doing great with the yard … I bet the neighbor guy appreciates your efforts too!


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