According to Astrazenica I am indeed Bipolar.

27 May

Okay maybe they need to have better then yes or no questions. But if I had a doctor I would definitely talk to him about being maybe just a little bipolar. And discuss why I have chest pains, that I consider to be indigestion. I’m sticking with that. But feel free to kick my ass if I die in the middle of the night. I also have wicked heart burn going on right now but that’s because I can’t stop eating enchiladas. Is anyone rolling their eyes at me right about now? Because I am.

I’ve decided why I’m writing this blog. And it might just become more personal. I’m writing to remember things. The weird thing is that I kept a journal all through high school and most of college and the things that I have in that journal are pointless things that I didn’t need to remember. But I remember important events that happened in my life.

Like the first boy to break my heart into thousands of pieces and made me realize that I didn’t need to throw myself into non committed relationships so easy. I remember that, I didn’t write it down anywhere. I remember hiding under my desk in my dorm room bawling about it. I didn’t write that in my journal. I did write how I cried. I don’t remember what he looked like though. I don’t remember what most of the boys I was with look like. Huh. Yeah out of all the boys that I was “with” I remember what maybe two of them looked like. Is that blockage? Or a bad memory? The guy that I lost my big V to? No idea what he looked like. I remember that he was a little shorter than me. But I can’t remember his face. Hell I didn’t even know his last name.

So if I start writing more about the weird things that Oscar says or does just skip over it. Because I kind of want to remember that last night I was on the phone with my brother Baba and I told him that Oscar is now saying “What-EVER” to me like a 13 year old girl. And right after that Oscar started saying “Blah blah blah” and flapping his hands in that weird hand talking motion. Apparently I really do have a 13 year old girl. Maybe what I’ll do is set up a page just with weird things that Oscar does. So that I don’t have to torture everyone.

Things I found out by reading other blogs:
Sunscreen is bad and doesn’t work at all. Your Mama
I will probably not watch Sex in the City 2 with out a lot of self loathing. BurkasNBirkins
Everyone has a reason to blog, except me. Wait I do now! Blogging for Blogging
You need to have your own Red Dress. I’m still looking for mine. The Traveling Red Dress

Things that are bugging me on Twitter:
When people talk shit about someone like they’re talking to them but they aren’t really because their tweeting about it.

Oh and a last thing. I think I will be blogging about my dad again soon. Mom says they’re getting ready to do his second T-Cell transplant next month some time. You know what a T-cell transplant entails? Well it’s when they take a huge dose of chemo and kill off your immune system and all the bad cancer cells then wait a bit then put your t-cells back into your system and cross their fingers. Basically. Dad told mom that she could stay at home since he’s been through it before. Guess what my mom said? Well now, after a couple of months of him being on steroids I wonder if she’s thinking about staying home. I would. hahaha! Sorry mom!


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3 responses to “According to Astrazenica I am indeed Bipolar.

  1. Lindsey

    May 27, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Well, of course AstraZenica would. Though I gotta say, the criteria for diagnosing BD is kind of retarded. Pretty much anyone can be BD. Works out pretty well for AstraZenica.

  2. subWOW

    May 28, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Love this quote “Everyone has a reason to blog, except me. Wait I do now!” I do too suspect that I may have some bipolar tendencies. And I can’t remember a lot of shit I thought I should After reading this post, I tried to picture when my ex boyfriends looked like. Nah. Nada. Can’t remember them.

  3. Jenny, Bloggess

    June 5, 2010 at 7:27 am

    According to WebMD I have testicular cancer. Those things are never right.


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