I slept for like 100 hours

25 May

Apparently I hit a good thing by blogging about hoarders. Because my ONE post about hoarders has gotten over 100 hits this week. And apparently HOARDING is a very hot topic at the moment. I find that odd.What’s even more strange is that yesterday we were actually watching Hoarders on TV! (and cue the Twilight Zone Music)

I have been super itchy lately. Like all over my body itches. So I finally got some benadryl and instead of just being safe and taking one I wanted to knock the damn itching out so I took two. And then I took a coma. I mean a nap. I went into a stupor and then made Oscar rest with me. Thank God Barb was here so when he decided not to rest anymore I could still pass out. It took a bit to get out of it. But then I was back and cooking dinner. After working so much I really miss being at home to do this stuff. I kind of enjoy doing it. CRAZY!

New business: I got a “promotion” at work. I am now a Customer Service Supervisor. I know it sounds awesome! It’s a whole 90 cents more which is nice. It’s still part time which is fine, because their version of part time is anything below 36 hours for 3 weeks at a time. So who knows I might be putting in 40 hour weeks here and there. Which will be nice for the bill paying situation. I’m actually pretty happy to be moving up and what not. I don’t think I want to ever be an assistant manager there though, they never look happy. Anyway, it’s a good change and I’m hoping that maybe it will help me not hate work so much. I’ve been sick of being on the register. I don’t understand how people can just be a cashier ALL the time. Ugh.

Well that’s it. I’m waiting for Glee to start now. Maybe that might get me more hits. I might have to profess my love for GLEE. Glee is the best musical show ever. OH! And they’re doing Lady Gaga songs. And not to sound like everyone else on the internet but SQUEEEEEEEE. Eww that made me kinda sick.

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