Back in the Day…Part 1

22 May

A while back I asked my mom and sister to do me a favor and get some pictures of the old days for me and scan them. My mom and sister are WAY too busy for this kind of work. So while I was at home I took some pictures of pictures to start off my whole “this was me when” saga.

Look at me! That’s me as a baby! Awwww! So the story goes that I was the quietest baby in the nursery. No crying no fussing. As a baby I was very easy going. Legend has it that I didn’t start walking or talking until later because my sister Melanie would pack me around and talk for me. But when I did start talking whoooo…well those of you who know me! I didn’t stop talking.

Okay so this was me at 7 I think. I had a rat tail because my oldest sister had one and I wanted to be just like her. Except she dyed hers and mom wouldn’t let me do that. And yes that is a sailor suit. See that Cabbage Patch kid? Yup I think she’s still around somewhere.

I love this picture. That’s me and my brothers. Thankfully we still love each other just like that picture. See I’ll show you!

There we are again…This was taken early college years I believe. Look how boyish and skinny I was!!And if I had one of all three of us recently I would post it, but I did get one of the whole family, which is just as good!

There we all are! At a bar in our home town. We’re a fun bunch, you should totally drink with us sometime! Except don’t get in a slap fight with us, because we would rule your ass!

Okay back to the days of yore…

This is a friend that I grew up with. Whenever she and I got together we would usually end up doing something goofy, kinda like stuffing as many blankets in our clothes as possible. Little did I know that this was a precursor to what my weight would someday be.

Okay so I’ll stop right there. I’ll give you more boring pictures later…

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One response to “Back in the Day…Part 1

  1. subWOW

    May 28, 2010 at 7:53 am


    It is nice to have siblings that you can hang out and goof around with. And a best friend from way way way beyond? Priceless!


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