What Time is it?

14 Apr

There is a new cartoon love in our house. And it’s called Adventure Time with Fin and Jake. It’s about a boy and his dog who love adventures. It’s on at 8pm on Mondays There have only been two episodes and I WANT MORE DAMN IT! Oh and it’s not just me. 2 million people watched the first episode. I don’t know how many watched the second, because I don’t do research for this blog. But if you want to watch something hysterically weird you should totally check it out on Cartoon Network. Oscar is totally into this show and I really don’t know why, but he will totally block everything and everyone else out while watching this show.

What have I learned from this show? You can’t break Royal Promises. A little Elephant named Tree Trunks is the sexiest Adventurer alive, oh and old and bonkers. It also has given us new one liners like “I’m farts!” and “MATHEMATICAL!” and “Oh HOLY COW” “Don’t squeeze me I’ll fart!”

You should totally watch this show. You probably won’t love it as much as I do though, so don’t break my heart and tell me I’m crazy.


2 responses to “What Time is it?

  1. Sabreena

    April 14, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Do you know around what time this show is on? I am dying for some new cartoons as Dora the Dumb Whora and Team Umi Doomi have worn out their welcome. We have Directv and I have not seen this anywhere. Please fill me in.

  2. Leslie!

    April 14, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    I just realized that Tree Trunks is old and bonkers.

    The show is on Mondays at 8pm on Cartoon Network.


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