I Want to have my own cooking show…

12 Apr

HAHAHA. That was funny. I got hungry for my favorite pasta salad last night, so after work I got almost all the ingredents and then today I finished off the shopping because I can never stay away from Wal Mart for more then half a day. I did manage to get out of there with out buying a hot wheels car for Oscar. That was a win for me!

So here’s what I made today.

Here’s the steps. Because you know you want to make this too some day and it is SUPER HARD! Just like the little smokies receipe that I did one time…

So you chop up all sorts of veggies. I don’t do too many because I don’t like a whole bunch. But here I have cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, celery, and snap peas. I forgot the bell peppers. I show you that later…

There they are! I used to use just green peppers and red bells but I didn’t like the taste of the green ones. So I switched and put these three pretty peppers in the mix.

So here’s the tricky part. While cooking the angel hair pasta, put some Italian dressing and sprinkle some Salad Supreme on the veggies.

Next, cook the pasta!

Okay angel hair is tricky, and you have to watch it the whole time. You don’t want it to get too cooked because it falls apart too easy that way.

So after all of that you drain the pasta, blah blah blah, you should know how to do this…
And then we have THIS!

And now I’m hungry again. I think I’ll go have another bowl. Yes it’s 9:30 pm. What?


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2 responses to “I Want to have my own cooking show…

  1. Mellymoo

    April 12, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    I hate you cause I want that now and I don’t have any of the ingredients!!!! LAME!! hahah! Love you!

  2. Wicava

    April 12, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Love the pics! I have never made this, but you have inspired me! As soon as I, you know, buy the ingredients. They should sell this healthy stuff at the liquor store then maybe I’d always have it in stock!


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