11 Apr

I want to quit my job.
Not for any real reason like I hate it there or it’s sucking my will to live but just because I’m lazy.

I want to blog about fantastic things like current/pop events.
But I have no real things to say about these events that haven’t already been said.

My kid does terrible things to me right before work and then I carry these terrible things and work sucks.
The other day Oscar decided to write all over in my bathroom sink with a Sharpie, oh and on his face too. YAY! He also thought it would be awesome to take my contacts and release them to the wild. And then shove my full bottle of contact solution into the drain of the sink and get rid of half of the bottle. He has no idea how much that bottle of salt water cost me…So I stood there looking at the sink and this boy…And wondering…Should I laugh hysterically? Or cry…I beat him. Yes, that’s right I beat him,(okay I spanked him, yes I spank) and you know what? He didn’t even cry. I know I’m a bad blogger and didn’t get a picture of the sink before I cleaned it but I will tell you that there was a lot of sharpie in that sink. Thank God for Magic Erasers! So really no damage was done. Well except the lost off a lot of saline solution and two perfectly good contacts.
Oh and then when I went to work, the very first customer I helped had a little cup of noodles and yeah I dumped it all over my counter…
Then the next day I got to work and half way to the door when I looked down and saw that I was wearing a pink and black shirt, and not the uniform, blue shirt…So thankfully I only live 7 minutes away and was able to run home and back and only be two minutes late! YAY!

I am so ready for a day off.


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3 responses to “Sometimes…

  1. Sabreena

    April 12, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I love that you admitted to beating (spanking). So many times we are pressured to go through all of these strange cerebral hoops to dicipline our kids that we are afraid to admit to a good old fashioned spanking. I wonder if anyone has noticed that reports of violent children have gone up since the whole anti spanking/over indulging movement. I was only spanked for severe behavior (such as abusing others property) as a child and I was not violent.

    It sucks that he didn’t cry though. That happens to me except mine don’t just avoid crying they laugh at me while I spank. Then I cry. I hope your day off comes soon.

  2. subWOW

    April 13, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    Sharpies. Ugh. I love them (I keep one in each of my bags) but they and children do not mix. NO WAY!

  3. fracas

    April 25, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Oh how I remember that stuff! I won’t name names (b/c they’re all old enough to be really embarrassed and mad at me if I did…) but there was a three year old here at one point, who covered themself in shaving cream head to toe. There was seriously almost not a place to get a grip on them to get him into the tub. Another day, the child *needed* to do ‘hair gel’ like mommy… only used vaseline. I can tell you it takes more than a week of washing the hair more than once a day, to get it all out so that the kid doesn’t look like a perpetual 50’s greaser. Then there was the blackstrap molasses ALL over the kitchen floor… and an entire can of coffee grounds spilled because the little chef was ‘making supper’. I can also tell you that dry coffee doesn’t vacuum up all that easily, it’s light and the vacuum tends to push it around more than vacuum it up.

    So Randa… it seems so awful now (mine did too…) but when he’s 20+ and you just have those memories (and a pic of him with sharpie on his face), you will be glad for them…

    I promise!



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